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@lgbtq_plus I'm a high school student in China,could anyone there be my friend??I'm so glad to meet some alien friends here💖💖💖💖


Hello from Mars Area 51 the United States of America!

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Your English is great!

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TIL that there's a pride flag to represent queerness itself.

"Queer is an identity in and of itself that more and more people are choosing to identify with. It is a sort of label for those who don’t want to put themselves in a box. Often considered a movement, queer people are those who fall outside of and/or renounce the cultural norms around sexuality, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

The word queer can mean different things to different people, but the most accepted definition is someone who is not cishet or someone with variant experiences with orientation, gender, and/or sex."

cc: @lgbtq_plus

Cube6392, avatar

It’s both in a way. Most people I’ve known who refer to themselves as queer feel that they either belong to multiple other categories, or don’t feel that any other label describes their sexual or gender experiences


Yeah, it’s both an overarching label for the LGBTQIA+ community at large and also a label that some people do identify personally with, as they may feel that no others really fit but they still are part of the community.

My wife, for example. I’m a trans girl, we married when I was still deeply buried in the closet. She’s ostensibly cishet - she’s more attracted to masculinity, she wouldn’t consider herself a lesbian or even bi, but nonetheless she’s happy married to another woman.

She’s doesn’t like saying she’s straight anymore - she says it doesn’t capture our relationship. She sees me for the woman I am, this isn’t a situation of her denying my gender, and she says it doesn’t feel like a straight relationship anymore. So if she has to pick a label she just calls herself queer and that’s good enough.

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@lgbtq_plus Straight people will say that LGBT education isn't age appropriate but will ask toddlers if they have a girlfriend.

GoatTnder, avatar

I understand your intent, but I reckon kids know really early on. My daughter has been boy crazy since 5, so I never bothered with “or a girlfriend” type comments. But we do instill in her regularly that love is love and partners come in all types.


As a late 20s asexual gay person, I was in complete denial until my early 20s about my asexuality and until my mid 20s about being gay. Not because my parents weren’t accepting, but because society is heteronormative. Always good to reinforce an open, positive attitude!

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Queers of Time, a podcast, is having an anniversary and charity livestream supporting the Marsha P Johnson Institute, which helps uplift the voices of Black Trans people.

The livestream is live right now!


hybridhavoc, avatar

For the books, honestly, not great. It’s a fantasy series from the 90s with a magic system strongly based on a binary gender system. In relation to other fantasy series of the time, I’d say that it’s fairly progressive. A diverse cast of characters, but sexuality is rather repressed in general. The books got problems, y’all. But we love them anyway.

The show, as a product of the 2020s, is luckily more progressive. There is also strong representation within the fandom.


Good to know. Will have to dial the show up, and maybe start the books between seasons are something if the show sells me on wanting more.

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