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The shootings in Milwaukee never seem to stop.

Really? I live in Milwaukee and have yet to witness one or be involved in one... so they can't be going on all the time. I agree with the "post less of this type of stuff" sentiment.


Just because you’re not a victim of a shooting doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. Don’t cover your eyes and plug your ears and think this violence isn’t still happening in Milwaukee.

It’s important to care, even if it’s not happening to you or your family. There’s other people in this city.

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I do care, and I don't ignore it... I just think that we can try to amplify the good things as well, if not more. The people who hate Milwaukee are always looking for more and more negative things, and those are some of the people who enjoy the benefits Milwaukee provides to the state of Wisconsin while at the same time condemning it.


If you want to amplify some of the good things about Milwaukee, then start making some of your own posts. I’ve already posted some good things on Lemmy.

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Looks like more positive things over here: https://kbin.social/m/Milwaukee


No offense, but can you post things other than fear-mongering crime reports? There’s 100% more relevant and thoughtful content out there that can actually be engaging to users like me who are interested in discussion about our town.

If I wanted to see a stream of live crime updates, there are better places for me to go look at that than on Lemmy.


This is what’s actually happening in this city. Shootings seem to be every day. It doesn’t make sense to bury one’s head in the sand about it.

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I would lower the rate at which crime stuff is posted. Yes, it is an unfortunate truth of living in a metropolitan area, but most violent crime involves people who have some sort of preexisting relationship; a random person is far more likely to get killed by a reckless driver than someone they don’t know. The reports often have almost zero information beyond the ages of the people involved and where the crime happened, so there isn’t much to be gleaned until weeks later when someone at a publication writes a substantial article about the particular case.

This isn’t to say there isn’t an issue. Homicides are down since last year but still up since the pandemic. But there isn’t much to be gained from the tiny blurbs news outlets put out immediately after a shooting.


The shootings everywhere never seem to stop.

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