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Salad_Fries, in The Hop sees continued increase in ridership since 2020

If the tiny downtown loop gets this much ridership, imagine what sort of ridership it could get with expansion.

hukaulaba, avatar

Right. Folks like to talk about how nobody allegedly rides it, whereas it actually gets a surprising amount for how limited it currently is. Let’s see if any of the planned extensions (Walker’s Point, Westown, Bronzeville, East Side) come to fruition. I know we’ve been denied federal grants several times for constructing them, but I am assuming that is due to us not having finished the starter set for so long and even needing an Act of Congress to extend the grant deadline for the L-Line.

I am a little suspicious of the max effectiveness of the proposed expansions (except the Bronzeville one) due to their seemingly short length, but gosh we need pretty much any size of step at this point for anything transportation-related. One of these days I should see if I can dig up the studies that are available for them and figure out the estimated impact each one will have.

Sparton, in See the city’s newest art installation :)

But does it have have a name?


There is a naming contest for it (i believe on instagram?).


Dog bless 🐶🙏🏼

rasterweb, (edited ) in In Milwaukee, Restaurants and Venues Worry of Seeing Limited R.N.C. Boost avatar

I'll be there to protest...

Lettuceeatlettuce, in W Michigan St redesign. avatar

Really excited for this and the 6th street work too. Great to see the city taking pedestrian safety more seriously.

JackFromWisconsin, in Milwaukee, Suburbs Partnering On Cross-County Trail avatar

Great stuff.

ieightpi, in Milwaukee, Suburbs Partnering On Cross-County Trail

Love more trails

Salad_Fries, in Milwaukee Film to take over recently shuttered Downer Theatre

This sounds like really good news!

ieightpi, in Ethan Hawke Is Coming to the Oriental Theatre

Ha cool. maybe Maya too? She’s cool too.

Jaysyn, in RNC Security Zone Revealed
Jaysyn avatar

I think they are a bunch of .

steinbring, in RNC Security Zone Revealed
steinbring avatar

My office is barely inside the security zone. The boundries are on the north and east sides of the parking lot. I suspect that I am going to be coming down with a heck of a cold that will keep me home for the duration of the RNC.


Haha that sounds like the way to go!

Im in a similar situation being right next to the perimeter… was kind of excited for the week though (something to break up the daily monotony)

Salad_Fries, in Kehr’s Candies Leaving Milwaukee Public Market

Sad news, but im excited to see what replaces it… hopefully something cool & exciting

Salad_Fries, in MKE County: Whitefish Bay Affordable Housing Development Approved on Appeal

The fact that such a building has to jump through so many hoops to be built is infuriating… glad that the rejection was successfully appealed.

eatallmyram, (edited ) in Transportation: MCTS Still Not Using All Its Electric Buses avatar

I have taken this line a few times but have yet to actually get an electric bus

Salad_Fries, in DOT explores options for Clybourn Street lift bridge if I-794 is removed

Im really glad to see such thorough consideration placed on the removal options… they are my favorite out of the 9 & im glad that they are sorting out the biggest potential issue with them (the bridge)…

I do wonder, what percentage of bridge openings are for boats that arent edelweiss or mke boat line?

I ask because i wonder if the cheapest/most efficient solution would be to just fund the replacement of the companys’ current fleets (what is it, like 4 boats total between both companies) with newer boats that are shorter.

Salad_Fries, in Milwaukee Will Build 45 Traffic Calming Projects in 2024

This is incredible! Ive been really impressed with the city’s safe street efforts & am glad to see momentum going this strong.

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