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After months of outcry, city officials move to increase oversight of Milwaukee Housing Authority properties (

The agency exists in a regulatory gray area. It is not a city agency, although the city appoints its board of commissioners. It’s not federal, either — but it receives tens of millions of dollars in federal funding every year, and those funds come with additional rules and oversight....


"We know that 17,000 Black and Latino families are ready to purchase their first home, but there are only 1,000 available.”

Where are they getting this projection from?


It’s unfortunate that the child porn has started to creep in.


If there was a course in carpentry, I would take that.


I have a circular saw, a miter saw, a small table saw, an oscillating saw, a square, and a drill. (Among other tools.) I’ve been able to learn how to install trim and flooring, replace deck boards, and build shelving.

At some point I’d love to learn how to make a bench.

Planned Parenthood will resume abortions in Wisconsin after court rules against 1849 ban (

“This pre-Roe statute says nothing about abortion—there is no such thing as an ‘1849 Abortion Ban’ in Wisconsin,” Dane County Circuit Court Judge Diane Schlipper wrote in her July ruling that rejected a motion filed by a county district attorney to dismiss the case.


You severely underestimate the number of people who lack ambition, life skills, discipline, and financial responsibility. It may seem easy to you but to people without these things, it’s like climbing a mountain.


It only makes sense to those who are illogical.

People love to hate what they don’t understand. People have been hating other people and things they don’t understand for thousands of years.


At Gencon several years back, there was a cookie Catan event. All the tiles were decorated cookies!


The mention of “chads” in various comments makes me think of those articles about incels. Is that where you were going?


There’s not enough engagement/subscribers on the Lemmy equivalent of the primary Reddit sub I visit.


The studs are probably mostly good and it just needs some renovation. Those who aren’t in construction would have a hard time seeing the potential.


Typically when you build with the existing frame, you don’t need to re-permit for the framing which will have to be brought up to existing code. So the cost would be less.


Various T-shirts:

  • My Little Pony DJ Pon 3
  • A couple Star Wars shirts
  • My Hero Academia
  • Demon Slayer
  • Naruto

There are (or were) definitely some subs that were harder to moderate than others I’d imagine.


Federal rental assistance programs provided states with $48.5 billion in 2020.

The federal government spent $90 billion on housing assistance 2021.

Eyes on Milwaukee: Market-Rate Apartments Planned Near 76th and Brown Deer (

The new, two-building complex would replace a former farm along N. 76th St., less than a half mile south of W. Brown Deer Rd. and the former Northridge Mall. It would have approximately 220 units and 330 parking spaces. Nearly 60% of the apartments would have a one-bedroom layout, with a third having a two-bedroom layout and 7%...

Community Development Alliance meets with stakeholders about 'forever' affordable housing in Milwaukee (

There are small single family houses for sale in Milwaukee under $100,000. I’ve brought this up on the Milwaukee Reddit and the people on there seem to believe the only worthwhile places to live are in Wauwatosa, Bay View, Shorewood, etc. But not in Milwaukee.


That’s the exact negative attitude I was describing above.


The land trust means that the homeowners only own the house but not the land.

The average size of houses in the United States has increased from 831 square feet in 1790, to 945 square feet in 1910, to 2,496 square feet in 2019.

Over the same time range, the number of people living within each house as decreased. The average number of people per house in 1790 was nearly six, but by 2019 the average number of people per house had dropped to less than 2.5.

Additionally, newer houses have to be built to more strict code requirements and include newer technologies. These are some of the reasons why houses cost more now than in the 1950s.


If more good people move into a neighborhood and are vigilant, the gangs won’t want to stay. If the houses are run down, they can get fixed up. Neighborhoods can turn around.

There’s a pervasive view by people on Reddit (and I’m guessing Lemmy now too), that if the neighborhood contains mostly black people, it’s somehow bad.

I’ve lived on the Northwest side of Milwaukee for over a decade. Some people hear “North side” and they immediately think it’s a crime ridden place. My neighbors are a mixture of black, white, Asian, and Hispanic individuals. I think some people need to let go of their misguided perceptions and give different areas of Milwaukee a chance.


Gangs aren’t necessary going to leave just because a nice, white family moved in next door.

A “nice family” doesn’t have to be white. A nice family can be of any race or color.

The alternative is a developer swooping in, strip all the properties outright, and just putting in what he wants with bribes to the city under the guise of “fixing the blight”.

There’s no “bribes to the city”. The city already offers developers the ability to buy blighted properties for $5,000 each. There’s deed restrictions for selling it and development restrictions on needing to get work done in a certain timeframe.

Homeowners probably won’t be able to do this alone. It would take a combination of the city to provide the properties and subsidies for renovation, developers to renovate them, and homeowners to purchases in that area.


No, owning rental property is not exploitative. It gives people a choice of where to live. No one rental property is required for anyone to live – there’s millions of choices in the United States alone for places to live.

And yes, camping is legal. People camp every single day in the United States. And yes, people own RVs. They live in them and travel around the country. This is legal. Both of these give even more options for places to stay.




Rental property owners don’t hoard shelter. The whole point is to provide housing to individuals and families.


Rental properties aren’t hidden. There’s no cloak of invisibility spell surrounding them. So your definition doesn’t apply.

Rental properties aren’t empty except during renovation or between tenants. So your second assertion also doesn’t apply.


They don’t own it.

And therefore don’t have to incur the burden of large expenses such as replacing a roof, a sewer line, etc.

if you can afford an $700k apartment

If you want to cherry pick an example of the most expensive areas of the country instead of the more reasonable examples of a $70k single family house. But then the person buying the property is responsible for all the repairs and maintenance.

doesn’t artificially increase demand and drive up pricing

The lack of housing development with increased demand creates a housing shortage. When there’s a shortage, pricing goes up. The United States is at least a decade behind where they should be in housing development.

That’s what a mortgage is for.

A mortgage just pays the bank for the loan. A mortgage payment does NOT pay for repairs on the property. If the furnace goes out in the middle of winter, it’s up to the homeowner to come up with the money – typically thousands of dollars all at once.


Home Depot is just one example. Any other example works.

People can grow their own food but choose to use the grocery store. The grocery store charges more for the food than they pay for it, because they’re providing a service.

Pharmacies sell medication and people buy from them. They are providing a service of having all the medication in one place.

People trade money for goods OR services. That’s how the economy operates.


Paying rent is trading money for a service.

Owning a property means shelling out money, sometimes unexpectedly. The furnace goes out in the middle of winter? Better fix that quick. Don’t have the money? Let it get to freezing now your pipes burst and that’s just thousands of dollars more to spend on top of the thousands of dollars to replace the furnace.


When someone is on a lease, the rent amount cannot increase during the lease period. At the end of the lease period, the person is free to move somewhere else.


Again, there’s no hoarding.

The article you linked is misleading. Houses are vacant for various reasons. Some are temporarily vacant:

  • some are undergoing renovations
  • some are between tenants
  • some are for sale

Some are more permanently vacant because they’re in such a state of disrepair that they can’t be lived in.

Rental property owners rent out properties, which keeps people housed and off the streets. However there’s been a lack of housing development over the past decade in the United States which leads to a housing shortage.


“Providing” = making available for use


emergency savings

Not everyone who owns a house has emergency savings. Not everyone is good at saving money.

Can’t say the same when waiting for profit-driven landlords to go through the script of checking it out themselves, finding some reason to claim its not broken, and then eventually pestering them for long enough that they do their damn job and hire someone to fix it in a couple weeks.

Not sure where you’re getting that false narrative from.

I’m sure I could build a nice doomsday-prepper shack in the woods somewhere for $70k, though.

Or a single family house in a Midwest city. The United States isn’t just the coasts, you know. There’s a huge portion of land in between.

And you don’t see how landlords—who are buying more real estate than they actually use—create increased demand?

People live in those properties, they’re not “unused”.


The homeowners who let their house rot because they couldn’t afford to fix it or they just didn’t care? There’s been so many foreclosures that were blights on the neighborhood until investors bought them, fixed them up, and rented them to families who wanted a nice place to live.


No, McDonald’s only provides food for those who choose to buy it. Not everyone eats at McDonald’s.

Rental property owners aren’t leeches. Leeches are the tenants who use the service the landlord provides and don’t pay for it.


It’s not exploitation because people have a choice of where to live. There’s hundreds of rentals in any given area and millions of rentals across the country. There’s not just one place for people to live. There’s also the option of living with family or friends.


No being a landlord is a good thing.


That’s incorrect. Houses need maintenance. They are not self healing. Things break, items need replacing, grass needs to be cut, light bulbs need to be changed, etc. Tenants also need to be managed.


I’m not “coping” with anything. I run a successful small business and I don’t steal from anyone.


Your experiences are not the experiences of everyone who rents.


Being a landlord is a job. There’s no exploitation with renting out properties. People expect to get paid for their job. This is an extremely simple concept. I can’t fathom why you’re not understanding. Maybe I need to make it even simpler?

  • Landlord = self employed
  • Self employed = Charges for services rendered
  • Rent = Payment in exchange for services

renting prices are effectively almost exclusively profits for the owner of the rented space

This isn’t even true either.


I have generosity, not selfishness. I don’t commit theft. How do you cope with being so incorrect in every way?


Because society agrees it is.

Because we’re using very basic factual definitions.

Job = performing work

explain the logical holes in your ideas

There are no logical holes in my ideas. I’m explaining basic facts.

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