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Gardians and Elder Gardians in Mineclone2 (lemmynsfw.com)

I noticed in creative mode that there are eggs for spawning guardians and elder ones but there are no such mobs in ocean monuments in survival mode. So my question is: Is there proper ocean monument that looks like one in minecraft, and with guardians, or there is only this stracture that is much commoner, smaller and looks like...

Will streaming Mineclone2 with Minecraft Textures get me in hot water?

Hi folks, I’m thinking of streaming or making videos about Mineclone since I like it a lot. But I’m unsure if the textures I use will get me in hot water. I am helping with a Minecraft-like texture pack (NS-Textures) and using that normally since I dont like changes in visuals. I own Minecraft but mojang probably wont like...

Huge generated dungeon(s) (pixel.tchncs.de)

A huge generated multi-level dungeon in MineClone2 with a huge cave cutting through it. An amethystgeode was generated right next to it with two spawner rooms. The amethystgeode is cut open by the cave. One overlaps with the amethystgeode itself, which means they both cut through each other. The other one is directly below them....

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