minioctt, (edited ) to webdev Italian

Poche ore fa ho scoperto per caso una , una cosa che proprio non immaginavo qualcuno avesse potuto portare alla piattaforma , e insomma, non credevo ai miei occhi… poi ho visto che ci sono anche i sorgenti e tutto, e allora ho dovuto crederci per forza. Hanno portato ben 4 versioni di al . Precisamente, ben 2 release, 1 beta, e 1 alpha, a quanto pare. 😭️, non sto parlando tipo delle eventuali ricreazioni sia ufficiali che non di versioni come la classic, ma proprio di quella del ricompilata con una strana VM verso JS+WASM. Talmente epica come cosa che ho dovuto subito metterla sulla , avevo immaginato per tanto tempo l’idea di riuscire a far girare queste versioni del gioco come per alcuni casi d’uso ma zero idee su come anche solo iniziare. Merda è infuocata. ❤️‍🔥️In tutta onestà, non è che giri granché, se sul mio fisso oscilla tra poche decine di FPS nonostante i dettagli tutti al minimo… e neanche a dirlo, ma sul (mio) telefono è inutilizzabile per quanto è lento, tralasciando il fatto che non ha controlli touch. (Ma vabbè, c’è Pojav lì.) Ma probabilmente è la release 1.8.8 (quella caricata sul mio sito) che è particolarmente pesante, le altre tre non le ho ancora provate e dovrei. Però è spacciato come gioco per Chromebook, e io vorrei davvero sapere come può mai girare in modo soddisfacente lì, allora… 👄️ (però comunque, un minimo giocabile lo è)

kura, to Minecraft

anyone interested in playing 1.18.2 modded (slightly modded stoneblock3) later with me?

i provide modpack as a prism instance and server

Alien_Sunset, to Minecraft avatar

Getting ready for Evening Playtime #stream on the Family's 1.20.4 #Minecraft Server

building the AFK “house” for the glowsquid ink farm.
Shout out to once again to Boscawinks for the amazing build

feel free to stop on by and say "hi!"

Now with bonus Platywilla Costreaming!

thomastospace, to random avatar

Slicedlime is getting close to 100K subscribers on YouTube. After years of work, and 1700 videos, it's absolutely well deserved.

See the livestream here:

And subscribe here:

thantropy, to pixelart avatar

Steve and Alex - Minecraft

ety, to Minecraft avatar

Are there any up-to-date (ish) servers out there running a (ish) modpack?

Ideally hosted by someone(s) well-involved with the fediverse community.

Was originally planning on setting one up, but spread too thin on running projects. Would like to play with others though.

Boosts appreciated but never expected. Thanks ❤️

GalactiCamille, to Minecraft French avatar

Ce soir dès 18h30 on continue l'aventure du superbe jeu d'infiltration .
Puis à 20h30, avec les ami-e-s !

PS : J'ai fait un jeu de mots avec la vignette, vous l'avez ?

2ndStar, to random German avatar


Ich kann Microsoft nicht leiden!

That’s it. That’s the tröt!

2ndStar, avatar

Warum das Ganze?
Ihr erinnert euch, dass meine 13er als Abschlussprojekt meine MC-Welt auf Vordermann bringen sollten - die lief noch über Technik-Launcher und auf 1.7. Version :-))

Das haben sie auch gut geschafft (ziemlich überarbeitet und modernisiert) und auch einige Aufgaben mit eingebaut.
Der MC-Launcher braucht dazu noch die 1.20.1 Forge, und dann steht den Hunger Games - ähm - Teambattles nichts im Wege.
Meine Schülys programmieren sich dann wieder durch die Trainingscenter.

Ab nächste Woche können wir dann endlich in großer Runde testen - ich freue mich schon darauf!


snoopy, (edited ) to Minecraft

Mineclone2 est renommé en VoxeLibre


Inspired by the core gameplay of Minecraft, the name MineClone2 was not a particularly good one and it seems the developers were aware and so it's gone through a rebrand to be now called VoxeLibre.

Built on the free and open source Minetest game engine, it's one of the most popular voxel sandbox open-world games around as an alternative to Minecraft. As they announced on their Git page about the renaming

#Minetest #Mineclone2 #Minecraft #Voxelibre #JeuxLinux #Jeuxvidéo

futurebird, (edited ) to random avatar

There are ants in Minecraft! That was enough to get me to find my password and download the game. This is part of "Alex's Mod" which is often paired with "#Minecraft Create" which is a popular new mod that adds trains and machines and many fun things.

I might start a create/alex's mod server this summer. Would anyone want to play some low energy vidja games? I promise I'm NOT just starting a server so I can find a way to make the ants take over the world. (Sincere! I'm a very chill player!)

voidedmain, to Minecraft avatar

does anyone know any datapacks, or mods that can help with grief prevention? as well as helping new players when joining the server (by giving them a book with rules for example or stuff like that)?
can be forge or fabric, but please nothing that only works with stuff like spigot or bukkit.

I'm searching this for a server that I'm setting up with others for a future charity event and since it's gonna be a public server we want to make it as safe as possible.

voidedmain, avatar

ok fedi, now I need your help finding tons of gay ressource packs for 1.20.4!

we still need this for the future charity event :3

oh and make it family friendly/sfw pls

holarse, to Minecraft German avatar

BREAKING (das wollten wir schon immer mal machen): MineClone2 wird nach User-Abstimmung nun in VoxeLibre umbenannt.


minioctt, to Minecraft Italian

Ecco lo del più eccessivo e per Beta 1.7.3:

  • Il è in esecuzione sul mio , con
  • Il suo video è collegato al PC tramite scrcpy su USB
  • Posso usare la singola tastiera che già tengo collegata al PC per sia muovermi nel gioco, sia scrivere in chat comodamente, ma allo stesso tempo usare l’altra manina sul grosso touchscreen al posto del mouse
    • (A proposito… molti tasti in chat non vanno, non riesco ad esempio a scrivere nemmeno apostrofi, nonché lettere accentate, il problema potrebbe stare letteralmente ovunque quindi boh)
  • Non ho il mouse sul PC sempre bloccato nella finestra, quindi posso muovermi sul desktop e fare altro
  • Il gioco rimane visibile nella visione periferica quando metto altre finestre in primo piano per fare, ancora, altre cose (come scrivere questo post)

Erano letteralmente mesi (da settembre praticamente!) che non mettevo piede sulla , ora mi è capitato perché è tornato un altro player di vecchia data che aveva voglia di , e allora ho detto si, fammi tornare. Altra gente in generale ancora da meno tempo ci entra… sarebbe da ravvivare ‘sto , . 🧸

wqferr, to random avatar

It's been a little while since I've posted. I have nothing of interest to say other than @veloren is pretty great, even more so with friends.

blaise, avatar

Thank you for the link to
One of my sons is really into and I'm not a gamer, so I'm keen to learn about games (especially multi player) he can play in safe environments.

ArcanePigeon, to art avatar

Was working on making myself a personal color palette and ended up completely overhauling this piece. It ended up very fluffy

voidedmain, to Minecraft avatar

I'm late but did y'all see the new paintings mojang added in the latest snapshot? :3

Alien_Sunset, to Minecraft avatar

Getting ready for Evening Playtime #stream on the Family's 1.20.4 #Minecraft Server

pillager wrangling?

feel free to stop on by and say "hi!"

Now with bonus Platywilla Costreaming!

ai6yr, to Minecraft avatar

Oh, look, organized crime gangs ORGANIZED IN MINECRAFT AND ROBLOX.

dragfyre, (edited ) to Minecraft avatar

It's not every day that we're on Bahaicraft at the same time as someone else! Today we spent time hanging out with Jinyuaki, scoping out his latest builds, and getting lost in the nether.

thevglibrary, to gaming avatar

An exploration of performances, this book merges with performativity, revealing insights from Western art to digital storytelling.

Perfect for researchers intrigued by , , and nonlinear .


Taco_lad, to Minecraft avatar

First time I build a nether portal, it opens up directly under a lava flow. If you go through the portal, you die before the nether loads.
It's the death scene that showed me what happened.

bloodaxe, to Minecraft avatar

I've been making a hardcore modpack in 1.21.1 to play with friends. It's astonishing what you can find on and , the community truly are a force to be reckoned with! 🤩

jbzfn, to Minecraft avatar

「 They're going indie again and they've returned "$800k in remaining investor capital back to our investors". Why? The focus on "hyper-growth over maintenance" was causing issues for them, and "as we looked more into the future, we saw that the venture-backed cycle wouldn’t be the right path for Modrinth" due to investors naturally wanting a return and we all know how this goes 」

#Minecraft #Modrinth #Gamedev #Indiedev #Opensource

darth, to Minecraft avatar

Mojang should consider putting on . :giga_chad: Because why not.

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