2% of kids and 7% of adults have gotten the new COVID shots, US data show

A month after federal officials recommended new versions of COVID-19 vaccines, 7% of U.S. adults and 2% of children have gotten a shot.

One expert called the rates “abysmal.”

The numbers, presented Thursday at a meeting held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, come from a national survey of thousands of Americans, conducted two weeks ago.

The data also indicated that nearly 40% of adults said they probably or definitely will not get the shot. A similar percentage of parents said they did not plan to vaccinate their children.


Just got mine today. There were a couple hiccups for me though.

First is communication. I didn’t know these were available until a family member mentioned it. The pharmacy has signs for flu shots, why not covid?

Second, supply. I tried making an appointment a week ago, but they didn’t have any, so I had to wait until now.

Finally is insurance. My provider is fantastically opaque about whether they’d cover it. I didn’t know if I’d have to pay for the shot until I saw $0 on the receipt.

To say this has been fumbled would be an understatement. I’m not convinced that any agencies or companies are even trying to get people vaxxed.


Regarding insurance, the CDC has a program to provide free vacinations to those who are not covered by insurance. All you need to do is go to a participating pharmacy. They will bill the CDC program if they cannot bill insurance.

To find a participating pharmacy, go to www.vaccines.gov and select the Bridge Access Program filter after making the search.



When I got to the pharmacy I was sent to by the .gov website, I at first couldn’t find my insurance card in my bag, and they weren’t going to give me the shot, even though the .gov site said it wasn’t needed.

And even though I had entered all the correct insurance information asked on the website form in order to book the appointment.

Eventually I found my old card and it had enough of the right information (prescription bin, specifically) that they were able to bill my insurance.

So, if you don’t have insurance, be sure that’s known when you book the appointment. If you do, bring your card.

I also had 4 appointments cancelled because they were out of vaccine. Even the tech who was only able to give me my flu shot was upset, because she and her extended family were planning on getting their Covid shots and couldn’t, so we bonded over our distress.


Fuck, wish I had known about this a month ago before I paid out the ass for my shot. Oh well.

Doing good work helping other people not get screwed like me lol.


This is super helpful. As somebody without insurance, I was hoping to not have to pay out of pocket for it. Had no idea about this program.


Once the government bowed out of it, the private sector just completely bungled it. My pharmacy said I was much easier and productive to buy from the govt. My kids doc said it’s been a nightmare dealing with these companies (the rsv one too).

Logistics aside, you are right about comms. People have no clue there is a new one. It doesn’t have a good name. At least “bivalent” distinguished between the OG vaccines and the new one.


What did they think was going to happen when they stopped operating public vaccination sites?


We didn’t do it like the first round. There should just be public centers established and people go there. Now they are saying you can only get them at pharmacies and with insurance. So of course it is a failure. The harder you make something the less people will do it.


While the daily number of cases and deaths are announced every day, why did the governments not disclose the vaccinated/unvaccinated rates in the number of cases and deaths, so that we could understand the difference (if any) ?


I only got the shots I got because I had to now that it’s optional I don’t bother but it’s the same with the flu shot. It’s not that I’m anti anything I just don’t get them.


Yeah I feel that. Not like I go outside anyways so why bother. Despite that I still got the shots cause my mom told me to.


I have been trying! All the CVS near me don’t seem to have it and Walgreens canceled my appointment last week and I had to reschedule for weeks from now, im assuming also due to supply issues.


The Walgreens near me have been struggling to even keep regular hours for prescription pickups for over a year let alone doing vaccines.


Something, something free market.


Definitely not many options around here. CVS doesn’t exist, Rite Aid has one remaining location staffed about as well as Walgreens. There’s Walmart, but Walmart can suck it, which only leaves Costco but it’s about a 20+ minute drive across town. All the smaller or independent pharmacies have shut down over the last decade or so too.

Walgreens is the only business with an actual presence around town (probably half a dozen or more locations) but they seem terrible to work for as their employees are striking currently and it’s always been clear when interacting with the employees that they don’t want to be there.


I was waiting until a little closer to Thanksgiving, but I just had a long extended exposure, so now I’m just waiting 5 days so if that if I just got exposed i can wait for Christmas to extend my immunity


I guess I am stupid but I thought we were supposed to wait until the critical risk group got them first. Well, alright I will get the 5th booster this weekend.

Thanks lemmy

WoahWoah, (edited )

I have small children. I’ve had COVID three times (that I’m aware of; the last time I got it I just thought I had allergies and did a home test on a lark that was positive).

Having small children in daycare/early grade school, where if your kid has covid means parents have to take five days off of work to stay home with their kids to follow the isolation protocols means kids are always being sent in with covid and parents don’t report it, because then they have to follow an isolation protocol instead of their best judgment. Every time I’ve got covid, I caught it from my kids, who get it from other kids. I imagine I’m about as immunized as you can be at this point.

When our kids are positive, we keep them home and follow the isolation protocols, which is a privilege we have. But, I’ll be honest: seems pretty fucking pointless. And each time they’ve gotten it, we only know because we randomly test them when I hear other parents mentioning they had covid but the kids seemed fine so they sent them in. They’ve had symptoms once. They’ve had several colds that have been AWFUL, but none of those were covid.

Covid for my kids is a positive test. That’s usually the only symptom. I can understand why parents just send them in to school. Yet there are no formal policies requiring a pediatrician visit and a negative test for the flu, or for a bad cold. Just COVID.

It’s really, really absurd, and working parents that I know just treat covid like any other cold: if it’s bad enough that the kids are miserable, they stay home, otherwise, they go in. It’s not the case if you have an immunodeficiency or are very old, but that’s true of every illness for those groups. As far as I can tell, parents have moved past covid. It’s just another illness that kids get.

Young children get sick as often as 12-18 times a year. Acting like covid, which has been in the population for some time now, is still some big bogeyman does an injustice to the actual illnesses that cause disruption. Frankly, it’s a virus that has now become a political bellwether, which is incredibly, incredibly stupid.

Idk about everyone else, but this is getting ridiculous now for our family. We’re doing our best to continue to follow guidance, but even the pediatrics department basically rolls their eyes about covid, because overworked parents have to come in and get a permission slip to send their kids back to school.


In March of 2019 I made a comment online pointing out that US work culture wouldn’t respond effectively to COVID and that soon we would be right back to sending people to work sick because the God Economy matters more than public health.

The reason everyone is rolling their eyes is because no one ever really took it seriously. Those with the most money were able to get treatments and isolate themselves easily. They still are able to. The number of CEOs who demand return to office while also not showing up to the office themselves is quite high.

We were always disposable. There are effective ways to continue to handle this, but no one in charge wants to spend time or money on those things.

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I forgor 💀


I sure as hell got it. I’m no fool.

@Spyd3r@lemmy.world avatar

Won’t somebody think of Pfizers quarterly revenue gains!

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Won’t anybody think of big pharma?


I’d get it but I haven’t heard anything about where to get it


Pharmacies and general practitioners, just like any other vaccine



Check which company is in bed with your insurance provider before making an apartmen appointment.

If you’re uninsured, I believe it’s free, but don’t take my word on it.


Go to an independent pharmacy and get it. Thx.


I got the jab plus two boosters and I still got Covid twice. I credit the vaccine for helping my body prepare itself to fight it off, but I feel like my immunity is high enough at this point to not concern myself with getting an annual booster, especially if I have to pay for it out of pocket. Plus the side effects are pretty severe compared to the mild viral symptoms I usually experience.

@SirStumps@lemmy.world avatar

Agreed. I haven’t got COVID at all but had to get the vaccine for work. Worst week of my life.

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