Israeli Cabinet approves cease-fire with Hamas that includes release of some 50 hostages

Israel’s Cabinet has approved a cease-fire deal with the Hamas militant group that would bring a temporary halt to a devastating war now in its seventh week. The Israeli government said that under the deal, Hamas is to free at least 50 of the roughly 240 hostages it is holding in the Gaza Strip over a four-day period.


Good news, finally


Too bad for the 11,000 Palestinians that died while Biden was twiddling his thumbs


Yeah, there should have been continous condemnation of Hamas and stronger pressure on them to release all the hostages. Even after this deal, there are another 190 that may still be alive in Hamas’s cruel hands.


What? The whole point of having hostages was to negotiate for a ceasefire after the operation. It's Israel who didn't take rescuing hostages seriously (preferring to bomb them to death instead).

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I thought the point was more human shields to cowardly hide behind. It didn't deter Israel.


No, Israel is taking the russian approach to kidnapping after the last couple of kidnapping where they tried the western way. Seems to be working way better imo.


Huh, could it be that this ceasefire is because Biden wasn’t just twiddling his thumbs? Guess we’ll never know.


How does the US president not have enough leverage to stop the death before 11k people die?

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Hamas has 240 hostages, which is a lot of leverage to have.

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Perhaps they agree that Israel has a right to defend itself, despite collateral damage.


If you think they have the moral high ground as they wade through thousands upon thousands of child corpses resulting from levelling refugee camps and apartment buildings, I don't know what to say to you


This whole mess has been hugely funded and armed by the US empire for decades


So literally the entire time so many people were getting all pissed Biden wasn’t calling for a cease fire, he was working to get a cease fire, and he actually got it, and didn’t slip up one time to stick it to some reporter he hates.

I definitely would have spilled the beans and ruined everything.


And people are still mad at him.

Whether they admit it or not, they like the blowhard.


People calling for ceasefire have been continually dismissed and told only a pause is possible. Now that Bidens support is tanking there is at least a pause. We'll see what happens in 4 days,


He didn't. He got a 5-day pause. We'll see if he can extend it to a real ceasefire, but if after four days Palestinians continue getting bombed all criticism against him will still be valid.


I mean, a ceasefire is literally a temporary pause to fighting.

No one was calling for a truce or peace talks.


I mean yes but in the context of this particular conflict a ceasefire is more long-term (usually it falls apart as soon as Israel breaks it but that's beside the point). A 5-day pause to fighting is a different to a ceasefire because a ceasefire would mean this particular massacre comes to an end.


This seems like a good thing.

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It's a start, I hope this time is used to get civilians to safety or to negotiate for meaningful peace. I wonder if Egypt will open the Rafah gate?


The Rafah gate can only be opened with Israeli permission. They own part of it.

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They want Egypt to let Palestinians out that way, and have reportedly been negotiating to that effect.


Oh, that's what you meant. In that case, you want them to assist Israel's ethnic cleansing? No thank you.

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You think it's better to force Gazan civilians to stay in an active war zone against their will until the ceasefire ends and they start dying again? Gross. Let the people who want out of what critics keep calling an, "open air prison," leave, if that's what they desire. Forcing civilians to be Hamas meat shields or political pawns against Israel isn't a good deed.


And why exactly does it need to be Egypt taking two million refugees and not Israel ending their occupation? The logistics of taking that many people aside, you're talking as if this a natural disaster and not Israel wanting to steal Palestinian land.

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And why exactly does it need to be Egypt taking two million refugees

Geography and the fact that they control the only gate that leads to a nation they are not at war with? I saw plans floated elsewhere, (by Israeli right politicians,) to resettle them in multiple countries.

and not Israel ending their occupation

You mean blockade? Israel withdrew its occupation of Gaza in 2005.

you're talking as if this a natural disaster and not Israel wanting to steal Palestinian land.

I'm talking like this is a war, and refugees should be able to leave and not be held hostage. Not everyone values land above lives.


You mean blockade? Israel withdrew its occupation of Gaza in 2005.

Due to the amount of control the blockade gives Israel over Gaza, Gaza is widely considered to still be occupied by Israel. This is the position of the UN among others.

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