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We had a terrible traffic jam in . Especially in . Busses were late or they didn't arrive at all. Trams didn't work. The last time something similar was experienced in more than 50 years ago.

A traffic jam
Busses in trouble on the road

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Love this!

This is the "Muksubussi." A rugged, electric-assist cargo bike for up to 8 kids.

Specially designed to get out into nature, for more remote schools, or for going out on field trips without resorting to cars and oversized buses.


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The only joke that is not funny most of the year in #Finland:
"Finland's summer is so beautiful, last year it was Thursday"


#Spring #snow #HappiestCountry

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And I just spent the weekend swapping to summer tires. 🤣

#finland #winterIsNeverEnding

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says it has established a new brigade equipped with Iskander ballistic missiles in Karelia next to .

It will became part of the newly created Leningrad Military District (LenVO), along with two army corps: the 11th, parts of which are located in the Kaliningrad region, and the 14th, stationed in the Murmansk region.

Russian experts call the strengthening of the northwestern borders a timely and adequate response to Finland’s accession to

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Baltic gas pipeline ruptured by Chinese ship back in service after €40m repair job

The gas pipeline between Inkoo, and Paldiski, , was severed last October. The likely culprit was a Chinese ship bound for St. Petersburg, which dragged its anchor along the seabed.

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#Finland is on track to completely eliminate homelessness by 2027. Their secret -- give people apartments. The rest will take care of itself.

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Winter 3.0
April 21, 2024

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Wow. The top 100 songs in Finland completely obliterated by Taylor Swift fans. This is what we come down to 🤔

#top100 #spotify #finland #taylorswift #wow

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President Zelensky

"Thank you America!"

  • President Zelensky

Overcoming opposition from Donald Trump, MAGA, and Vladimir Putin, the House of Representatives passed $60B of aid to Ukraine!

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Treenipäivä ja siivouspäivä
Cleaning day and #workout day #workoutoftheday #gym #suomimastodon #finland #treeni #kuntosali #sali

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the nazi government speaks of justice and fairness while it steals means of living from the poorest and low income earners and then hands money over to the rich.

Li Andersson of Left Alliance. 👇

#politics #politicsFI #austerity #corruption #naziGovernment #LiAndersson #leftAlliance #finland #reverseRobinHood

The government's development discussion rhetoric about "fairness" is a big hoax. As a result of the new decisions, income tax for the highest earners will be increased by a maximum of €330 PER YEAR. This means that those earning more than €14,000 per month will see their tax bill rise by around €28 per month. Those earning €10,000 per month will see their tax bill rise by €20 per month. At the level of the MP's salary, there will be no tax increase at all. And that's not all. If you take into account the tax cut already given to the same group by raising the lower limit of the solidarity tax, these top earners will still be getting more our of it after all the government's tax decisions. Everyone earning more than €10 000 a month will see their tax burden LIGHTEN by at least €1 000 a year, and the reduction will increase as their income increases. At the same time, social security cuts are taking hundreds of euros from low income and low paid workers EVERY MONTH. Housing benefit cuts are taking €200-300 a month from many. The abolition of the child benefit means €150-285 less per month, depending on the number of children. The average impact of the graduation of income-based unemployment benefits is €330 per month.
When the cuts hit the same people, the impact is even greater. For example, if you are a person with two children and you’re earning €2,500 a month, who then becomes unemployed, the government cuts will take €565 a month from your unemployment benefit. For a parent of two children earning the same wage but working part-time, the cuts will take a total of up to €715 a month. On top of all this, the government deliberately chose to leave capital and dividend taxation untouched, even though this is where the greatest tax injustices are to be found. Or how fair does it sound that the owner of a wealthy family business can withdraw €149 000 a year in dividends as personal income and pay a tax rate of around 7.5%? Even for higher incomes than this, the percentage is very low. At the same time, the increase in general VAT will hit all small and one person businesses in this country directly, as not everyone will be able to pass on the increase in prices. The right-wing government's policies are very far from justice or fairness.

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I'm sure she will win the #Voice of #Finland and she will be new Tarja Turunen (#Nightwish 1996-2005)
Yön kuningattaren aaria (Der hölle Rache) – Laura Ruusumaa | Semifinaali #music #musicvideo #opera #heavymetal #heavymusic #suomimastodon #germany #germanmusic

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Eating light: startup begins making food ‘from air and solar power’

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Helsin­gissä kehi­tet­tiin maailman ensim­mäinen teko­ä­ly­kahvi – siis , jonka reseptin on luonut tekoäly. Kahvin nimi on -conic
In , the world's first artificial intelligence was developed - that is, coffee whose recipe was created by artificial intelligence. The name of the coffee is AI-conic

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Finland says Russia 'using illegal immigrants against us' and calls for EU help - Europe live

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