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If you are a citizen of a European Union country, you can vote in the EU elections, even if you live outside the EU. You can use any EU country polling facilities (I haven't tested it).

In Australia, Poland is opening polling booths in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth on Sunday, June 9th, 7am-9pm.

You need to register by June 4th: (in Polish)

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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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#EU foreign ministers urged #Hungary on Monday to stop blocking measures to provide billions of euros in military aid to #Ukraine, as long-simmering tension with #Budapest boiled over.

#Lithuania's Landsbergis said Hungary was blocking decisions on EU military aid to Ukraine, the start of EU membership talks for Kyiv, and on #Georgia and #Armenia.

"We looked into this and apparently about 41% of resolutions by (the) EU on Ukraine have been blocked by Hungary," he said.

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"Baltic officials said they could send troops to Ukraine without waiting for NATO if Russia scores a breakthrough: report"

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and allied intelligence officials are tracking an increase in low-level sabotage operations in Europe that they say are part of a Russian campaign to undermine support for ’s war effort.

The covert operations have mostly been arsons or attempted arsons targeting a wide range of sites, including a warehouse in , a paint factory in , homes in and, most oddly, an Ikea store in .

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Lithuania President Nauseda wins landslide re-election in vote shaped by Russia fears


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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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"A Russian Defence Ministry proposal to revise Russia’s maritime border in the eastern was deleted on May 22 from an official portal after creating confusion and concern among members such as , , and . According to the draft decree dated May 21, the ministry proposed adjusting the border around Russian islands in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland and around

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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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🇷🇺 continues to gradually expand its occupation of settlements in the oblast front in and

🇺🇦 continues to resist and eliminated 1,300 🇷🇺 invaders

🇺🇦 shot down all 24 drones

🇺🇦 revealed it destroyed 🇷🇺 warship 'Tsyklon' on May 19th, a corvette worth $33 million, carrying Kalibr missiles, in the port of ,

🇷🇺 intends to unilaterally extend its territorial waters on the into territorial waters in 🇫🇮 and 🇱🇹

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intends to change territorial water boundaries in the Gulf of
The ministry plans to unilaterally change the sea border between Finland and .
aikoo muuttaa aluevesirajoja Suomenlahdella | |

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V Moscow Times:
is about to redraw maritime borders with and in the Sea: by making the “area in the east of the Gulf of Finland, as well as near the cities of Baltiysk and Zelenogradsk in the Kaliningrad region its internal sea waters”

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has declared an intention to unilaterally extend its territorial waters on sea in a way that collides with territorial waters of and . Russian Ministry of Defense (!) proposed to cancel the 1985 decision of demarcation of the sea borders and redraw them according to “new geographical references”, and then declare them “internal waters”.

Obviously, this looks very much like a poorly disguised attempt to create an strategic dilemma for by unilaterally opening a territorial dispute with two NATO members without really invading anyone yet. In case of NATO inaction the next step will be Russian actually enforcing their “new territorial waters” by threatening or sinking ships sailing to Finland and Lithuania. And if the inaction continues, the next step will be likely establishing “new geographical references” on one of the land borders of NATO countries.

Source: (in Russian)

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⛔️🇱🇹🇫🇮Putin illegally annexes parts of Lithuania and Finland. Russia unilaterally seeks to alter maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland. Russia's Ministry of Defense has prepared a document aiming to declare parts of the Gulf of Finland and waters near Baltiysk and Zelenogradsk in Kaliningrad Oblast as its internal waters.

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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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#Funcik with flower crown, earlier today.

Now he's cowering inside the house because the sky is falling down with rolling thunder.

#Dog #DogsOfMastodon #FediDogs #Summer #Lithuania

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Russia sabotage plot

Poland has 9 suspects detained & indicted, who are directly implicated in the name of Russian intelligence services of in Poland

They are Polish, Ukrainian, & Belarusian. They may have been recruited from criminal circles

Acts of sabotage include beatings, , & attempted arson, not just in Poland but also , , even . The group planned to set fire a factory in & in Lithuania

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