Hello Games is re-running 2023 Expeditions + Cartographers from 2021!

“Hello Everyone!

Another busy year for No Man’s Sky is drawing to a close, and this holiday season we are pleased to revisit our tradition of running remixed editions of this year’s expeditions.

Across the following dates, 2023’s community expeditions will be available once more, taking place in new sections of the universe, offering explorers another opportunity to experience these stories and events and earn exclusive rewards.

In addition to the 2023 expeditions, we are also bringing back a limited run of the community favourite Cartographers, from 2021. The bundle of rewards includes some of the most popular items from across a number of past expeditions, including the coveted Golden Vector starship – an exciting opportunity for players who missed out on the chance to earn these rewards during the original expedition runs.”

The link then provides examples of the content which can be unlocked during these Expeditions.

Good journeys travelers!


Still nothing for Mac, sadly.


Anyone else unable to play on Mac, you can try this. github.com/…/leodium-ReLive-NoMansSky-Expeditions…

Unsure if the rewards will be available to your future saves or not. I plan to try and get my old windows laptop running long enough tomorrow so i can update it and get the seasons json file over to my Macbook and hopefully run the expedition.


I really wish all previous expeditions were always available. It would be nice to do them whenever, with no deadline.

@Kushia@lemmy.ml avatar

You can run all the previous ones but it’s a little hacky to do so. They should just be available in game imo.


@mihnt@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, it’s kinda pissed me off. I played the game a lot over the years but I just stopped playing when I was realizing I missed all the cool shit even with a few hundred hours into the game.


But how would they capitalize on the FOMO?

nocturne213, (edited )

I was really hoping they would not do 2023’s but older expeditions. I am guessing there is some issues with newer updates and the older expeditions working together. I am excited to get to do Cartographer though.

Utopia: 8th Dec – 15th Dec Singularity: 15th Dec – 22nd Dec Cartographers: 22nd Dec – 29th Dec Voyagers: 29th Dec – 8th Jan

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