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Maybe someone well-intentioned once thought we could make Portland into a biking town if we just hyped cycling enough and put some paint on the street. The problem is that the people making decisions were always people who had no plans to do anything but drive everywhere and park for free, they just wanted other people to ride bikes but didn't know how to achieve that, for lack of empathy, and skill probably, though maybe it was all malice.

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DoT should have a weekly meeting where everyone is required to share the place they walked/biked. Saying every week "back in sixth grade I walked to the local park" will quickly shame people into doing something just so they have something to share.

The city departmenst of transportation should have a rule that any officer worker who drives to work more than 5 days in a year is automatically fired. If you can't take a train, bus, bike, or walk to work then you don't belong in the office: either you don't live in the city, or there is a problem with your city that it is your job to fix. Officer worker is anyone from mailroom all the way up to director. (5 days is to allow for something weird)

Maintenance workers sometimes need to drive a truck with tools around, and it makes sense to take it home in case they are called at 3am on an emergency issue (if they are not driving tools around then they too should ride transit). Bus drivers may need to drive in because their shift is the first or last bus of the day (I'm a fan of 24 hour service, but there are reasons not to do that). They are not office workers though.

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