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Boeing Removes Head of Its 737 Max Program After January's 'Door Bolts' Incident - On Wednesday Boeing "removed executive Ed Clark, the head of its 737 Max passenger... -

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Fantastic video on why we continue to support the development of unsustainable places. Sadly, the people who would most benefit from this, won't watch it.

@notjustbikes @philosophytube

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POV you're a white american male wishing something could be done about / / the collapse of .

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If you think is getting worse, you're right.

Matthew Shaer joins Krys Boyd to talk about his recent article "Why are American Drivers so Deadly?"

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Mercedes-Benz Backs Off Plan To Only Sell EVs By 2030 - In its fourth quarter earnings statement on Thursday, Mercedes-Benz said it is bac... -

FAA Adopts Carbon Limits For Airliners (

The FAA has issued a final rule that will require most larger aircraft built after Jan. 1, 2028, to meet new efficiency standards designed to reduce their carbon emissions per passenger mile. The new rule will cover all subsonic jets with a maximum takeoff weight of more than 12,500 pounds and turboprops with an MTOW of 19,000...

Air freighter taking off.
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: "Despite the widespread harm caused by cars and automobility, governments, corporations, and individuals continue to facilitate it by expanding roads, manufacturing larger vehicles, and subsidising parking, electric cars, and resource extraction. This literature review synthesises the negative consequences of automobility, or car harm, which we have grouped into four categories: violence, ill health, social injustice, and environmental damage. We find that, since their invention, cars and automobility have killed 60–80 million people and injured at least 2 billion. Currently, 1 in 34 deaths are caused by automobility. Cars have exacerbated social inequities and damaged ecosystems in every global region, including in remote car-free places. While some people benefit from automobility, nearly everyone—whether or not they drive—is harmed by it. Slowing automobility's violence and pollution will be impracticable without the replacement of policies that encourage car harm with policies that reduce it. To that end, the paper briefly summarises interventions that are ready for implementation."

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If your EVs aren't selling maybe that's because you're making giant fucking trucks and SUVs and hyper-expensive luxury sedans and the kind of people who want EVs mostly just want a compact car for getting to work and running errands.

Just sayin'.

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@tess The affordable, efficient, small most people want is an and/or which use 1/100th the amount of and other -intensive resources, costs less to own two than one year of car expenses, don't have to give up your old gas car yet, no worries for or grid-scale crisis about charging infrastructure. All we need are Engineers who don't fruitlessly waste every inch of city streets on cars, and some transit priority lanes instead.

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Waymo's Application To Expand California Robotaxi Operations Paused By Regulators - The California Public Utilities Commission's Consumer Protection and Enforcement D... -

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🚢 Wars in Ukraine and Gaza could soon affect our approach to the North Pole, researcher warns

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New study on "car harm":

"Since their invention, cars ... have killed 60–80 million people and injured at least 2 billion."

"Currently, 1 in 34 deaths are caused by [cars]."

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Why do people fall for fantasies like “hyperloop” ? Because reality is boring. Science fiction isn’t. We have good ways of moving people quickly at low cost across metro areas or between them. They involve trains and buses with dedicated lanes. We need to make them faster, cheaper, better, but … rats, that’s boring. Hey, how about those hyperloops!

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Perhaps slowing down might be an option.

Crash test data in the US shows EVs may be too heavy to be stopped by safety guardrails on roads

Electric vehicles (EVs) that typically weigh more than internal combustion engine-powered cars can easily crash through steel guardrails on roads that are not designed to withstand the extra force.

#News #Cars #EV #Travel #Safety

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Biden Administration Is Said To Slow Early Stage of Shift To Electric Cars - An anonymous reader shares a report: In a concession to automakers and labor union... -

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CALTRANS: SR150 CLOSED (Ojai/Santa Paula)

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Air Canada has to pay refund after AI chatbot’s made up policy - A passenger has won a civil case against Air Canada in a legal row over the validi... -

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Why Are California's EV Sales Dropping? - "After years of rapid expansion, California's booming EV market may be showing sig... -

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Warm winters put snowmobile season, and safety, at risk

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ODOT really hasn't changed, they don't blow up the literal whale anymore, but didn't learn any broader lessons from that episode.

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Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at Portland State University is conducting a study on . They are looking for parents of bike bus participants share their experience with the Bike Bus.
If you are the parent of child who has participated in a bike bus, please complete a short, 10-question survey:

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I've long said that 's problem is that we let the cars decide how we build & maintain our transportation network. If everything is decided by manual + procedures with no single person being held accountable for these choices, the bureau runs itself primarily by corruption / whatever forces are incentivized to maintain the status-quo. The smart move as commissioner is to pull the handbrake, but who can see that in the 1st year

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ICYMI, the commission seats are appointed by the mayor, with always being assigned either to his political rival, or someone planning to retire anyway. We voted to change this but a city manager and new bureau director are basically going to continue the status-quo unless the vast majority of council keep them under a lens 🧐 and demand specific changes ()

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Increasing heat, storms and coastal erosion threats all pose massive issues for EU trains — and no one knows just how much fixing it will cost.

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