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😂 Elon Musk just crawled from under a rock and discovered something that has been bothering people for years. It is just too funny not to share this one.

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Dude is selling AI product an offshoot of Tesla, definitely has ulterior motive @nixCraft

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@nixCraft To be fair though, he's probably mentally stuck in the 1930s still. Even now with this tiny glimpse into 2024.

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After thinking more about AI making programming obsolete.

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@carnage4life Corollary: If a significant amount of your software product can be reliably developed via AI, many others have already developed that product. You are not unique or innovative. You’re merely practicing commodity arbitrage.

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@carnage4life now I'm wondering if a neural-network-based (not an LLM or anything so wasteful and stolen) compiler would be a funny project... Probably not a good idea, but potentially funny

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from now on when people say they like using vim i'll be looking for additional context clues

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@cstross when is NeoVim doing... what? :blobcateyes:


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@alinanorakari you should also be wary when they say they use emacs


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🗳️ We continue with the vote 📍Pro Belly Rubs v. 📍Anti Belly Rubs 🗳️

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I adore a good conversation as you all might have guessed, but there is something to be said for people you can sit in companionable quiet with, reading, drawing, or whatever you like to do, just an energizing presence who feels comfortable in silence.

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@RickiTarr When two hyperverbal extroverts cohabitate with two cats, this silence never ever happens unless 3/4 of us are unconscious.

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@RickiTarr My best friend used to be able to do that with me, just sit in silence doing quiet things. Now she just scrolls Tik Tok and that makes me sad.

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In Mexico, the biggest transphobic ideologue is a woman named Laura Lecuona. We didn't interview her. We glitterbombed her. Then we glitterbombed her again. We exposed her when allied cis journalists infiltrated her private talks, not by asking for her side. We got her talk at the Guadalajara International Bookfair cancelled, then got Siglo XXI to cancel her book altogether. And despite a drastically higher level of physical violence faced by trans people than the US, we aren't facing the legislation you all are facing. So far, we've managed to stop it. Take some notes

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@ErickaSimone @violetmadder @julieofthespirits

I tend to look at the OP sentiment more as encouragement, just as I felt like we in the US could take note of the French rebellion to Macron’s retirement age changes. In that time, a young French MP urged other people to lend support (verbal that sort of thing).

The outrage at the far right should be voiced in terms of (hopefully unified) global dissent.

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@GhostOnTheHalfShell @violetmadder @julieofthespirits I’ve always said the French got it right a long time ago, and they still keep that energy. Black Panthers, specifically, Fred Hampton was really great with unification, which is why he was assassinated.

The point still stands. Taking notes is cool but unification against the oppressor is key. Some people want to make it all about them and THEIR individual struggle. No. We are in it together.

dangillmor, (edited )
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How can we prevent Wikipedia from crumbling under the weight of "AI" garbage spewing, and disinformation specialists' gleeful use of the garbage?

@molly0xfff says you can help best by becoming a Wikipedia editor.

It's not difficult. We all need to participate.


(I'm assigning this to my students.)

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@dangillmor you cant stop it. 90+% of the entire web will be written by bots in the coming years.


@dangillmor @molly0xfff geesh, what could possibly go wrong

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Every time the execrable Mike Johnson appears on television, I break something. And I am running out of somethings. I don’t understand why the entire Republican party is not in jail for racketeering. I just don’t. And I’m sick of wondering why. I honestly feel that #KeithOlbermann is the only person reacting rationally to our predicament. We should all be screaming from the rafters and demanding DoJ investigate all of these gangsters and their ties to Russia. Stat.


@shoq What about playing a system built by like a don't you understand?

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Same here!

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Trump went off the teleprompter in an eruption of particularly demented fear and loathing. And he did it at the major "conservative" -- that is, right-wing extremist -- conference that welcomed Nazis and featured a social-media nutcase who said his ilk would finish the job they were doing on Jan. 6.

You would not know about all of this if your source of political news is the Washington Post, or the New York Times.

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@dangillmor @GottaLaff THIS is how every single one of his speeches should be covered, plastered wall to wall, broadcast from the rooftops.

The authoritarianism and fascism on display are horrifying…and then there’s this: “Nobody can ramble like this“?? I mean, wtaf is happening and why are people cheering???? (Note: I do not want an actual answer to that question)

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@tiamat271 @dangillmor What’s that from?

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If I wanted a Ford this Mustang E-Mach price would be very tempting. Don’t like the interior styling, no real hatch back and the rear seats are tiny. Nope.

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@linnefaulk @cabel @gedeonm And fireworks of an esoteric nature.

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@Wraithe @gedeonm IKR!? Mach-E is a perfectly good name! 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Via Lisa Rubin:

Important for folks to understand that the entire judgment (not just the parts himself’s on the hook for) keeps generating interest each day at 9 percent annually.

NY AG James
+$114,553.04 = $464,805,336.70

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Well, it looks like that'll fall around December 29th. I guess it'll be an early start to NYE.

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@jztusk Hahahah, that's okay by me.

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I guess I need to repost this. I posted it once, people keep sending it to me as if I didn't.

H/t: @JonChevreau


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I knew this wretched day would come: a perfect sunny day and I can’t go for a bike ride because the shifter battery that costs an extra $1k is dead

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@rebeccawatson Yeah these days using a phone/smart watch has basically all the same hardware, it's just different software feature. The bike computers are more focused on bicycling relevant things like hill climb displays (upcoming inclines, time remaining) or following routes on a map & showing upcoming turns, or in this case warning when a sensor battery is low. There may be 3rd party apps that do it on phones/watches, but the main fitness apps aren't as focused on this use case yet.

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@jasonmolenda I def saw the appeal on my climate ride. phone ran out of juice pretty quickly when running strava or ridewithgps

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It will always blow my mind that Fundies use the Bible to explain why women should be submissive uneducated stay at home baby machines, while the Bible's own description of the "Perfect" woman is a Land owning female boss who is praised by her husband and her city for her contributions.

@melissabeartrix@aus.social avatar


Giggles @ "fundies"

Hugz & xXx

averagehousewife, (edited )
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@RickiTarr As a woman who went to college but ultimately decided to be a stay at home mom (but kid is now a senior so I’m having a crisis), I really think the certain government people who push for women to stay at home should incentivize it by allocating at least an extra $20k or so tax refund to said women. Then us stay at home moms would be happy to stay home and also have the pleasure of not constantly stressing about sacrificing an income in order to do it.

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"Slaveowners sexually assaulted and abused their women slaves—and demanded reproduction from them. Rape was used as a tool to both force the women into submission and increase the profit of slaveholders through breeding. The slaves did their best to resist and rebel against such violence, while white women failed to oppose the gruesome behavior perpetrated by their husbands."


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@MeowMeow This person is a bad person.⬆️

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