@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff Thank you, superintendent Walters, for your “thoughts and prayers…for the community” you White Christian Nationalist leper’s penis. (With apologies to any lepers out there.)

@wwiked@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff makes me feel bad being a human

@QasimRashid@mastodon.social avatar

March is Women’s History Month.

A reminder that after no fault divorce was finally legalized in 1970, female suicide rates dropped 20%.🤯

The "strong 1950s family unit" GOP is nostalgic about ignores record high female suicide, suffocating domestic violence, & zero female financial autonomy.

Or maybe that’s the GOP’s goal.😐

@LilPecan@mastodon.social avatar

@QasimRashid No maybe about it.

@macnchez@mastodon.social avatar

@QasimRashid also, intimate violence decreased by 30% and a 10% decrease in women being murder by their partners. These statistics are definitely worth nothing. https://users.nber.org/~jwolfers/papers/bargaining_in_the_shadow_of_the_law.pdf

@sjvn@mastodon.social avatar

This video sums up nicely what would really happen to the Republican Civil War wet dream.


@enmodo@mastodon.social avatar

@sjvn perfect.

As ever their claim about why the Second Amendment exists is completely bogus. It is there, at the behest of the Southern slave states, so they could raise a militia to take down any uprising by slaves and indentured workers in rebellion. If slavery hadn't been fully embraced by the Constitution via the 3/5 compromise then the rationale for the Second Amendment was completely absent.

The modern day take is completely ass about face.

Liberals should join the national guard.

@macnchez@mastodon.social avatar

@sjvn let’s be real here though- these people have been fed so much fear and scary shit on Fox News over the last 20 years, what do you really expect? They’ve been groomed into this and will be used to fight civilians, not the government. Totally misses the point and making fun of them definitely doesn’t help. It riles them up and gets them angrier. It’s sick really… they’re not in their right minds.

@danhon@dan.mastohon.com avatar

They're here.



Oh, and subscribe for when the stickers are out.

(You want the stickers.)

Made with @Ffangohr with a lot of fun.

@lzg@mastodon.social avatar

@danhon i feel like “don’t explain capitalism to me” is going to be in my recents forever

@timrichards@aus.social avatar

@danhon @Ffangohr @joannaholman Could we add "Do not complain about the paywalled link"?

@NanoRaptor@bitbang.social avatar

Microsoft Excel

@serpentroots@hachyderm.io avatar

@NanoRaptor Kelly Rowland had insane VBA skills.

@futurebird@sauropods.win avatar

@NanoRaptor wish a mf WOULD

@gedeonm@mastodon.social avatar
@2du@mastodon.social avatar

@thejikz @gedeonm your thoughts on this matter are impressive and relatable 🫡👍😂

@virtualbri@mastodon.online avatar

@gedeonm Show me some people who take real pride in the littlest of things. Very cool.

@vicgrinberg@mastodon.social avatar

I made it to Restaurant Ernst in Berlin today - folks, everything I heard about it got topped by the real experience.

I will not call it best because there is no way to compare Vermeer to Van Gogh or El Greco to Mucha, they are too different - but it's definitely among my absolute recommendations.

I had the full menu (their only option) + the non-alcoholic pairing. Wanna come along?

(P.S. Folks, remember, I block ruthlessly if you poop on my party.)

@yaenntz@don.linxx.net avatar

@vicgrinberg thank you for sharing! 😋

@mina@berlin.social avatar


Wow! What a menu!

If I read you correctly, they aim to highlight the special qualities of each main ingredient, rather then decomposing it.

I reckon, this is a great way to honour the people actually providing us with the basic ingredients.

Once I finished my move to Berlin and am financially solvent, this is a place I what to dine.

@VeryBadLlama@mas.to avatar

dear diary, it has been 437 days since my husband disappeared under mysterious circumstances. alas, I am unable to inform the police, for I am a mere woman.

@grumble209@techhub.social avatar

@VeryBadLlama Let's call it the "Marry Your Victim" law.


@VeryBadLlama This is the sort of man who has a soundproof basement.

@erictopol@mstdn.social avatar
@frankcat@mstdn.social avatar

@erictopol Pretty much the practice of indigenous populations - when the old folks couldn’t walk - you left them in the snow. Medical Darwinism at its best. 97% of deaths are in the over 65’s and realistically what value do they contribute to the economy?

@justafrog@mstdn.social avatar

@erictopol Thanks for not mincing words and speaking the simple truth.

GottaLaff, (edited )
@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

EDITED, added more.

Via Angry Staffer:

I hope folks understand how big this DOJ 60 day window not applying to Trump is.

That means that DOJ is willing to try these cases into September, October, and early November.

It makes the SCOTUS delay much less daunting, and raises the likelihood of pre-election conviction.

@mister_shade02X2@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff Thank you so much for bringing us some of the words of the hangers-on at the other site. Next best thing to them finally migrating here.

@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

@mister_shade02X2 You're so welcome

@Toastie@journa.host avatar

Facts about car culture:

Car weight has risen by 34% since 1980.

Bigger cars safer for their occupants endanger anything smaller, a phenomenon known as “crash incompatibility.”

For every life saved by a driver switching from car to SUV or pickup, 4.3 other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are killed.

An SUV is 28% more likely than a regular car to kill another car’s occupants.

An SUV going 24 mph would have twice the impact as a sedan on a pedestrian’s brain.


@Strandjunker@mstdn.social avatar

The fact that I know more about Fani Willis’ and Nathan Wade’s relationship than I do about the crimes committed by Ginni Thomas and Clarence Thomas shows exactly what is terribly wrong with today’s political mainstream media.

@Pourroy@mstdn.social avatar

@Strandjunker Exactly!

@normalguy@mstdn.social avatar

@Strandjunker You got the Mastodon Award of the Day! 🏆

@davidaugust@mastodon.online avatar

I feel like the United States would benefit from having a government agency that worked to control and prevent diseases.

@Daojoan@mastodon.social avatar

@davidaugust damn commie

@CindyWeinstein@zirk.us avatar
@theropologist@beige.party avatar

It does wear a body down, being constantly at the mercy of so many motherfuckers.

@Jaden3@mastodon.social avatar

@theropologist shit dat true 👍🏾

@asbestos@toot.community avatar


That's why it's nice to be away from people.

scudery, (edited ) French
@scudery@piaille.fr avatar

Faut calmer le jeu.
Après le message de @LegalizeBrain , tout ça est monté en mayonnaise, aussi je propose une réponse claire et définitive.

C'est qui qu'a le swouait à Gabin ?

@oschwand@mamot.fr avatar

@niavy @LegalizeBrain @Cinquante_et_1 @jaztrophysicist @scudery après, le fait qu’il ne reste que quelques branches d’un fil sur des lunettes me semble parfaitement approprié !

@robb@social.lol avatar

⭐ RsS iS dEaD LOL https://rss-is-dead.lol/

"Explore RSS feeds in your network."

Glorious. Pop your Mastodon username in, get a big list of everyone's feeds. Excellent use of the .lol TLD as well.

📌 https://rknight.me/links/rss-is-dead-lol/

@sarajw@front-end.social avatar

@robb oh wow. Super cool!

When I have some free time I'll temporarily unprivate my following list and slurp up a bunch of feeds, thank you!

@alexstandiford@fosstodon.org avatar

@robb I love the heading font on this site. Pretty cool that they stretched the font and it still looks that good.

@luckytran@med-mastodon.com avatar

It’s official: The CDC has weakened its COVID isolation guidelines, in a move that goes against the science, encourages disease spread, and prioritizes corporate interests, making it easier for bosses to exploit workers.

Link: https://wapo.st/49zV8ZZ

@Infoseepage@mastodon.social avatar

@luckytran Stay home and away from other people until you test negative on two consecutive days is easy to follow and actionable.

@currentbias@open-source-eschaton.net avatar

@Infoseepage @luckytran the FDA recommends 48 hours between tests

@flexghost@mastodon.social avatar


Tonight’s theme is:

( •ˇ‸ˇ•) 💔 IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME 💔 (•᷄∩•᷅ )

🎵 Post songs you used to listen to non-stop but haven’t listened to for a longlong time along with what you’re drinking 🎶

You asked me to come down and watch the parade
To march down the street like the Duracell bunny
With a wink and a wave from the cavalcade...

🍷 Elliott Smith - Rose Parade + Handle of Vodka and OJ🍸

Post often • share • make some friends

Video with still image of Elliott smith from either or just sitting there being sad until he... you know

@cherylgk@mastodon.social avatar

@flexghost Piano Man (and many other songs by Billy Joel) -- I listened to a lot in the 80s, but seldom do now. And I'm drinking Zevia stevia-sweetened ginger ale and also coffee.

IveyJanette, (edited )
@IveyJanette@mastodon.social avatar

@flexghost I start singing along with the backup singers on the chorus. Complete with finger pointing. Drinking Coke Zero before bedtime. https://youtu.be/ZQEuVKDJx1I?si=GkDohCQtTxYXssSd

Teri_Kanefield, (edited )
@Teri_Kanefield@mastodon.social avatar

If you will all please forgive me, I am about to do a "Brag About The Kids" moment.

My stepdaughter (who is now finishing her third year at Harvard Law School) made this video while bored during the pandemic:

Me, my husband, and her shirtless younger brother make a brief appearance at the end.

@RockerDoc@mastodon.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield Awesome work! Please send her my kudos.

If she visits the Middle East Restaurant, where I worked when I was in college, ask her to say “Hi” to Nabil.

And if she ever needs an audio engineer/filmmaker/editor/ERDoc, I’m her man.

@Catawu@mastodon.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield whew! Ok, I thought you’d pulled it all together remarkably well to do the dance!

@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

Via David Cay Johnston

& Co. intend to force a despite our Constitution expressly forbidding any establishment of religion.

Jews, Muslims, agnostics, atheists, and actual Christians should be horrified by words below from a retired general who has shown his disloyalty to America..👇🏼

Trump’s former (& future?) nat sec adviser Mike Flynn: “If we are going to have one nation under God which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God and one religion under God”

@lin11c@toad.social avatar

Lot's of gullible subjects in Amerikka. Maybe because Amerikkka is mired in advertising, we are very susceptible to brainwashing? Hard to figure out how so many people have gone literally insane.


@GottaLaff Okay, how about making Judaism or Islam our national religion, Mike?

@Daojoan@mastodon.social avatar

The only place you’ll get this configuration of dudes living together is prison.

So I guess that’s good news for Andrew.

@iju@mastodon.social avatar


Based on personal experiences and experiences of my friends, the fourth person in that gag ends up being the housekeeper: either paid or otherwise.

@omegahaxors@mastodon.social avatar

@Daojoan "and you will become a predator" My cracka, you were always a predator.

@TheBreadmonkey@beige.party avatar

Sad to hear they're discontinuing work on the Apple car

@villares@ciberlandia.pt avatar
@Roundcat@mastodon.social avatar

@TheBreadmonkey Cat: “Is that worm driving an apple, or is the nip finally kicking in?”

@lzg@mastodon.social avatar

i did The Thing I had been avoiding for weeks and it was embarrassingly easy. please clap.

@lzg@mastodon.social avatar

@thejikz hell yeah

@seachanger@alaskan.social avatar

@lzg same tho sub years for weeks

@taylorlorenz@mastodon.social avatar

Thank u Will. And yes, this is how conspiracy theories and smear campaigns work! It’s exhausting to be targeted in this way just for doing my job.

@doomy@mastodon.social avatar

@taylorlorenz Appreciated. I think my continued worry is that the thesis hinges on the fact that people will see LOTT as outright dumb based on the interview, and I'm just not confident that is true especially in light of Trump. Maybe that is comparing apples to oranges, though?

@nazokiyoubinbou@mastodon.social avatar

@taylorlorenz True for anything on the Inter- ... anything period actually. Fox does this all the time. I remember in particular the way the "Killary" crapola managed to fool so many people including someone who used to be a good friend I thought was smarter than that. Such thing spread all over and everyone took them seriously.

Memetic thinking is a seriously powerful tool with humans I guess.

@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

Okay just a little experiment I'm gonna link a couple songs, can you listen to a bit of it, and give me a couple adjectives about how it makes you feel?


@zakalwe@plasmatrap.com avatar

@RickiTarr I've always found the Moonlight Sonata — the first movement, at least — peaceful, meditative, restful. Almost minimalist in places, with sometimes just one note every other measure penciling out the melody.

Second movement, honestly, doesn't do much for me.

@rothko@beige.party avatar

@RickiTarr i find that piece annoying AF. especially toward the end where he trots out all the different instruments. yes, mike, you can play 87 different instruments, that's very clever, but do you play any of them well? not so much.

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