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Fun fact 1 - I run one of the biggest independent scifi communities on the Internet.

Fun fact 2 - I'm doing author interviews on

Fun fact 3 - I'm the perfect vehicle for author exposure.

Interested in being interviewed on DM me - I'll explain how it works.

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New installment of my science fiction in translation series with Rachel S. Cordasco -- today we head east of the Iron Curtain to 1960s Romania with Vladimir Colin’s “The Contact” (1966).

The original collection that the story appeared in. A huge fossil looms over a building?

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J'ai lu Quantika de Laurence Suhner, dans la douleur !
De très bonnes idées, mais c'est bourré de poncifs ! Elle a poncé toute la SF ! Trois gros volumes à supporter son style, qui peut passer du lyrique au désuet entre deux vulgaritées. Pesant aussi les flash-back à répétition qui sont parfois des répétitions des précédents....
Et c'est téléphoné, tu saisis le truc 5 chapitres avant la "révélation" voir avant le tome suivant !
Et c'est gavé de stéréotypes sexistes...

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@brunus j'ai essayé comme ça, mais quand je rajoute de l'eau, je trouve que le fond a beaucoup trop infusé, et avec la plupart des thés il a mauvais goût, même dilué.

Comme quoi, il y a plus d'une manière de boire du thé 🙂

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@matthieu Les feuiiles vertes que tu vois dans ma tasse c'est du thé au jasmin assez parfumé, celui là ça ne me gène pas de le boir limite amère losqu'il a trop infusé. J'en ai de bien plus léger dont j'apprécie le goût subtile.
Et j'adore voir les feuilles de thé dans ma tasse...c'est très chinois ça aussi. 🙏

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Jonathan Fast (1948-) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Boris Vallejo. 1979; R, Bruno Elettori, 1980


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@Richard For my recommendations, check out my site! that's where I write-up my views on SF. I have not read any of Fast's, or his more famous dad, work.

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@Richard The best places to start on my site if you're not a regular visitor.

My 2023 in review:

My 2022 in review:

Both of these posts provide a rundown of all my recent reviews, review series, projects, etc.

All my reviews are organized by rating and review here:

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Theodore L. Thomas (1920-2005) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Hoot von Zitzewitz, 1965; R, Kelly Freas, 1959

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What is 'Fallout?' Physicist breaks down the science of the sci-fi show and the horrifying reality of nuclear radiation (

The world ends on Oct. 23, 2077, in a series of radioactive explosions—at least in the world of "Fallout," a post-apocalyptic video game series that has now been adapted into a blockbuster TV show on Amazon's Prime Video.

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Nein, nicht der Captain in den Eiswüsten des Ganymed...

(Ed Valigursky, 1958)

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I missed a SF-related birthday! Artist Gene Szafran (1941-2011) was born on April 11th. List of covers:

L, 1971; R, 1971


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E. R. James (1920-2012) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Ken McIntyre, 1954; R, uncredited, 1962


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Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' is getting a 2nd theatrical release for its 10th anniversary #scifi

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@AnnaAnthro I wanted to like that movie so much, because I am a romantic at heart, but bleh.

They solve the agriculture crisis at home anyway making the whole plot story meh, which would be okay if they played their cars right, and the thought that anything could survive getting near to a black hole is stupid beyond belief.

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Hej to mój pierwszy wpis! Zostałem zachęcony przez @mija 💗
Chce Wam dziś przybliżyć twórczość Janusza A. Zajdla, bardzo utalentowanego pisarza SFI, wizjonera, który pisał w nurcie fanastyki socjologicznej, czyli tego co akurat mnie interesuję. Snuł wizje świata, społeczeństwa w odległej przyszłości, starsi czytelnicy napewno zauwazą aluzje do PRLu i jego krytyke. Zapewne ówcześni czytelnicy odczytywali jego proze głównie przez pryzmat zniewolenia totalitarnego w latach 80. Ale! Zajdel pozostawił bardzo ciekawe wizje przyszłego świata, które już się sprawdzają - niestety. Zresztą o nim i jego powieściach przeczytacie wiele na wikipedii. Ja mam "na koncie": Paradyzje - bardzo ciekawa wizja życia w ułudzie, ukrywania prawdy o istocie. rzeczywistości wspaniałego świata; Cylinder van Troffa oraz Limes Inferior - chyba sztandarowa jego powieść, wspaniała, pięknie napisana i prorocza, gdzie ludziom przyznaje sie punkty (coś wam to mówi??)

Dziękuje za uwage, jeśli przeczytałeś ten post daj znać.

#zajdel #scifi #ksiazki

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@xmsz @mija świetna powieść, koalang mnie zafascynował jako dzieciaka

warto do takich postów dodawać grupę @ksiazki

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Reading for the Locus Awards? Try the novelette "The Year Without Sunshine" by Naomi Kritzer! It is on the Locus Recommended Reading List and is a finalist for the Hugo and Nebula Awards! Click on the link here!

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Just noticed this new review of my novella, Silence of the Song Trees, and was thrilled that the reader picked up on how much more could be explored in this world. I have another novella (half-written) and a novel planned that occur on Lenglood.😊

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New Free Scifi Audiobook – Call of the Void - Happy to announce a new free scifi audiobook - Call of the Void! I'm sure you know that Call of the Void is my first short story. It's so exciting to bring it to life as an audio, ASMR-enabled adventure for readers of all ages.

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What ship does she captain? And what does she use her ship for?

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@mpax Alexandra "Lex" Franco is captain of the TSS Grace Hopper, which ships "perfectly legitimate" cargo to various half-forgotten, outlying star systems (aka the Backwoods).

And she's currently seriously pissed at whoever neglected to seal the leak in the artificial gravity coolant system. It's hell to get that shit out of your hair.

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She captains a colony on Mars, with specialties in mineralogy and smelting, heading up a new mining operation.

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John M. Ford (1957-2006) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, uncredited (Jim Burns?), 1991; R, Howard Koslow, 1983


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Apparently there's a Project Hail Mary movie in the works with Ryan Gosling starring on it and I'm kinda hyped

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📖 Neue Lektüre: Mit nur wenigen, aber gekonnten Sätzen eröffnet das dystopische Panorama ihres Romans (2003):

"Es lässt ihm ein jähes Entsetzen durch die Glieder fahren, dass es keine offizielle Zeit mehr gibt. Niemand weiss, wie spät es ist."

Mehr braucht es nicht, um auf die Welt einzustimmen, in die sie uns einführt.

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Are there any novels/short stories/film/tv/etc. which feature a "hive mind" that doesn't involve "a complete loss (or lack) of individuality, identity, and personhood"? Maybe it'd be better to simply call it a collective mind.

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@zyd Alastair Reynolds's Conjoiners are close to what you're asking for, but it's been a while since I read any of the books, so I don't remember exactly what they were like (but I did enjoy them)

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Arguably "The Archive" in EXULTANT by Stephen Baxter


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