Cathay Cineplex at Parkway Parade to close on Aug 27 (

All I can say to that is, nooooooooo! As someone living in the east Parkway Parade is a nice mall to drop by, and it being Cathay means that English subtitles are the norm, not the exception, making certain movies easier to watch. Plus they never had many ads, unlike GV.

Rallies ‘not encouraged’ for Presidential Election, each candidate's campaign spending capped at S$812,822: ELD (

SINGAPORE — Rallies are “not encouraged” for the Presidential Election as they may be divisive and incongruent with the unifying role of Singapore's head of state, said the Elections Department (ELD) on Saturday (Aug 12) as it announced campaign guidelines for the upcoming poll.

Chee Soon Juan blasts 6 PAP ministers for their behaviour, says “S’pore’s political leadership is obviously not in a good place” (

"Worse, the direction it is taking us is just as troubling. When a country is ruled by one and the same party for nearly six decades – all this time without an effective opposition – is it any wonder that political decay begins to set in?" Dr Chee wrote in his post

Are Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan abusing the delivery of Ministerial Statements for their personal defence in Parliament? - The Online Citizen Asia (

Opinion: In a twist of irony, it seems that Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan could be abusing their positions by using ministerial statements in Parliament to personally defend themselves against allegations.

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