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#CNA joined the voyage led by four traditional wooden fishing trawlers & accompanied by 100 small boats to witness the coalition's activities.

It was the biggest-ever display of #maritime #solidarity for #Filipino #fisherfolk & their #FishingRights in the West #Philippine Sea – what Manila calls the portion of the #SouthChinaSea that is within its exclusive economic zone #EEZ

#AsianMastodon #TootSEA #AsiaPacific #SouthEastAsia #protest #flotilla #geopolitics

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The passenger station & depot will function as assembly, repair, maintenance & operational center for long-delayed & anticipated – of its kind in the southern metropolis.

Currently, only & are developing in . The country's only currently operational route is the Cat Linh – Ha Dong line in the capital city.

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Vietnam's parliament elected police minister To Lam as the state president on Wednesday, in a move analysts see as a "stepping stone" for Lam to bid later for the position of chief of the ruling Communist Party, the country's top job. #asiapacific #politics #vietnam #tolam #southeastasia

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How to identify a South-East Asian - say Pookie and see how they react

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Charismatic Sapphire Shen is passionate about her career. The 31 yr old resident describes her work as an art form that can enhance a person’s facial features to accentuate an outfit and look & boost their self-confidence.

For more than a decade, Shen has lived with , a chronic that mostly affects women & afflicts an estimated 7,000 people in Hong Kong and 5 million worldwide.

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has become a hotspot for global & investment, with country's electrical & electronics export seeing a sharp increase of 54.2%. However, the surge of electronics & semiconductor investment in Malaysia is sharply contrasted with low ; only 6% of all are , the majority in the public sector.

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The push is being led by the , Bahlil Lahadalia, who faces allegations of self-dealing & in the revocation & reissuance of , according to reporting by outlet Tempo. The proposed handouts are more of the same, critics say: payback to religious orgs for their support of President Joko Widodo’s preferred candidate in February’s election.

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FYI - Widodo recently met with Elon Musk to talk business. Musk wants to build battery plant in Indonesia & more. Widodo will sell out - keep aware of developments concerning Musk's exploitive interests - across .

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in the capital have trade Vu Minh Tien, according to , an international that campaigns for in Vietnam.

Tien is head of policy & legal affairs at the General Confederation of Labor and director of the Institute for & Trade , the group said.

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Several cars, motorbikes & even homes were buried under a as it invaded the Mui Ne site in coastal Province on Tuesday.

often take place in the beach & City areas whenever it rains heavily. The previous occasion happened in October 2023, when a sand flood invaded the neighborhood & the coastal road of Commune in Phan Thiet City, impeding traffic.

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The alarm raised following the death of 9-year-old Virun Roeurn and the urgent activity that followed is a testament to the strength of Cambodia’s disease tracking system, and to its importance within a global biosurveillance system.

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'Covid test kits in high demand in Singapore - an estimated 25,900 Covid-19 cases were recorded from May 5 to 11, only 13,700 cases recorded in the previous week. Predominant variants circulating in Singapore are those belonging to KP.1 and KP.2.'
Article credit: @vietnamenglish

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The United Nations' human rights chief says he is "deeply alarmed" by a resurgence of violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state and has warned of further "atrocities."

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Indonesia’s Ibu volcano spectacularly erupts forcing nearby villages to evacuate | Indonesia | The Guardian

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Lawrence Wong was sworn in as the fourth prime minister of Singapore on Wednesday evening, leading a trade-dependent nation he warned would face turbulence from worsening geopolitical tensions.

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Singapore's next leader Lawrence Wong is a U.S.-trained economist who oversaw the country's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic — and is a pretty good blues guitarist.

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Incoming Singaporean Prime Minister Lawrence Wong picked Trade Minister Gan Kim Yong as his deputy, keeping the Cabinet of outgoing leader Lee Hsien Loong largely intact.

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The city-state will have a new PM this week. Will Lawrence Wong ensure Singapore remains the sleek, cool and prosperous metropolis of "Crazy Rich Asians"?

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Johor state in Malaysia is suggesting its economic and petrochemical hubs as potential locations for a special zone in collaboration with neighboring Singapore, envisioning itself as the "Shenzhen of Southeast Asia," according to a report in the Star.

Dozens killed in cold lava mudslides on Indonesian island of Sumatra (

Heavy rains triggered flash floods and caused torrents of cold lava and mud to flow down a volcano’s slopes on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, killing at least 41 people and leaving more than a dozen others missing, officials have said. Monsoon rains and a major mudslide from a cold lava flow on Mount Marapi caused a river to...

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This one is made from solid titanium implanted with chips that will not only hang clothes for you but will do your math homework

(About us400)

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Myanmar's junta has turned down a request by former Cambodian leader Hun Sen for talks with democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been detained since a 2021 coup.

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