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TheFriar, (edited ) in Israel Responds to Hamas Crimes by Ordering Mass War Crimes in Gaza

Finally a measured and logical response. Living in NYC and browsing, I’ve only been hearing the most atrocious and absurd takes coming from the largely emotional jewish population attending protests in the city (where I’ve heard things such as, “if israel stops fighting, there will be no more israel. But if Palestine stops fighting, there will be peace.” Which is…fucking delusional) and the e-communists that make up (where it’s been all immature contrarianism and disgusting, true-to-form rape apologism like, “all of those israelis were going to be or have been conscripted [so the rape and torture is a-ok]!”)

Why can’t people be human first and allegiant to their political identity second? Hamas did something horrible—their anger and frustration are understandable, but their methods do not represent the people of Palestine nor are they justifiable. But Israel has been committing genocide. I understand that Jewish people he world over have been and are still the victims of deep-rooted antisemitism, and those roots spread far and wide and are sometimes hard to detect. But that does not serve as a justification for Israel’s actions, just like Hamas’ understandable anger does not make what they do and have done okay.

This is obviously a complicated issue…but that should mean everyone keeps their thoroughly binary opinions fuckin quiet because even the nuance of admitting there is justification for resistance (while pointing out that there is a largely secular Palestinian population, and that hamas is an Islamic group that was funded by israel in the 80s) while not approving of the methods on display here, while knowing israel is an occupying force that is committing genocide while using antisemitism as a shield against criticism (while also pointing out that antisemitism is in itself a nuanced issue that most people don’t understand)….and that’s barely scratching the surface while ignoring large parts of the issue…so, my point is…Jesus. I dunno. It’s fuckin complicated and people have been awful in jumping online to put their two cents in.


Where on are you seeing things like that? I admittedly mostly browse all, but the local feed is mostly art in my experience, though maybe I’ve just already blocked the stuff you’re talking about.


Elchapotraphouse, all the communist communities. The amount of insane shit flooding my timeline is fuckin bonkers. But it’s also probably my fault. I can’t help myself and when I see something gross and the comment section is equally awful…I jump in and say that just that. Their go-to rebuttal is “LIBRUL!!!” but just stop responding when I tell them I’m an anarchist. Which goes to show just how contrarian heir opinions truly are. It’s adolescent rebellion against “NoRmALz!” and it ends there.


Ah, that is not a community on It’s from That hasn’t defederated from them is certainly not great, imo, but the stuff coming from that instance isn’t representative of itself. Fwiw, you can block the community to clear up your feed if it’s really causing issues. And in update 19 for Lemmy, they’re purportedly bringing in the ability to block entire instances.


The problem here is that people often conflate Israel and Judaism as one and the same, when that’s absolutely not the case. You can have problems with how Israel operates as a nation without being antisemitic. It’s hard to have any nuanced conversations about Israel and Palestine if you don’t grok this.

memfree, in How Rupert Murdoch Destroyed the News

Fox news started in 1996. Before that, such drek was limited to tabloids and AM radio. To be clear, Rush Limbaugh started HIS show in 1984, and he just the most refined version of right wing hate to date – there were more before him. The strange thing to me is how by putting it all on TV, Fox got the general public move from largely ignoring lie-filled vitriol to embracing it as truth.

zzzzz, in Six BBC Reporters Taken Off Air for Liking, Posting Pro-Palestine Tweets


Binthinkin, in Why Are People Frightened That Kids Will Learn About Sex?

Control through guilt and shame. Humans without knowledge become emotional. Keep them stupid (emotional), easier to control. Or so the story goes…

Important to note they don’t teach emotional control either, just prayer. It’s just a shit system honestly.

Im14abeer, in UAW President Shawn Fain: “It Is Long Past Time to Stand Up for the Working Class”

I’m with the strikers and those still working, but Fain can shove his bible thumping justifications up his ass. The UAW is a secular institution, demands should be based on facts. I don’t need to see anymore of his grandma’s book of fairy tales to know what workers deserve. Fain should leave his personal faith out of the struggle. Pretty insensitive to the multitude of Muslim employees not to mention those of other or no faith.

Ethereal87, avatar

Sorry, but this feels unnecessarily hostile towards religion. If you hadn’t read his full remarks, I would encourage you to do so (and if you did, apologies but this is the internet and we all usually read just the headlines/blurbs!)

He outlines really well why they’re striking and what they need to fight for. He’s clear to draw from the Bible for his own personal inspiration to why he does what he’s doing and leaning on two passages out of the Bible about having faith and the old “camel through the eye of a needle” quote. The faith he talks about though is a faith in their fellow workers and doing what is right, driving towards the overall mission towards a better life for the members. I thought he was very clear in that regard and not excluding/being insensitive towards non-Christians.

It was supplemental to the message he wanted to tell about this being the time to stand up and to have faith in their mission. It didn’t come off as instructive in what to do as your comment lead me to assume.

StrayCatFrump, in Over 60 People Indicted on RICO Charges in Atlanta, Allegedly Promoting 'Anarchist Ideas' - UNICORN RIOT

Definitely what the RICO Act was sold to us as being designed for. /s

Fuck the police. Fuck the state.

sapient_cogbag, in Over 60 People Indicted on RICO Charges in Atlanta, Allegedly Promoting 'Anarchist Ideas' - UNICORN RIOT avatar

Promoting anarchist ideas! The horror! (/s)

Tugboater203, in While Canadians Struggle, Energy Corporations Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank
Tugboater203 avatar

People need to see that this is being done to us on purpose.

JesseoftheNorth, in “Conservatism” Conserves Nothing

“Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.” Francis Wilhoit

HappyMeatbag, in As Cruel As It’s Possible To Be avatar

This article is one of the best explanations of the inhumane right-wing mindset that I’ve ever read. Outstanding.

davehtaylor, in There Should Not Be “Religious Exemptions” To Laws


There’s a massive fucking difference between “usually we don’t allow weapons here, but Sikhs wearing a kirpan is fine” and “we’re giving you carte blanche to discriminate because you claim your faith demands it”, and exemptions almost universally exist because of the latter. If we as a society have decided that discrimination is wrong, then you don’t get to claim “But I really need to discriminate because God demands it.” You either abide, or you don’t get to open the business/school/whatever.

And that goes especially for people like public servants and medical professionals. If your faith says that you can’t serve all people equally, then find a new fucking job.


A bigger problem is the “religious” exemption from vaccines.


We have that covered in my country.

You can refuse to be vaccinate. No need to justify; your choice, you’re cool.


If you opt for not vaccinate your children, then your children can not go to school. Any school. And although you can homeschool, nevertheless you are required to have your children enroled at your local school, in order for them to have formal evaluations and follow ups. But because the children are not vaccinated they don’t meet the requirements to enroll at a school, as they pose a threat to other children by possibly carrying diseases with high contagion risk.

And if your children don’t go to school, you’re criminally responsible for it, as it is considered gross negligence.


And getting a medical exemption is a very hard task, as the medical professional attesting it is mandated by law to prove why a child or individual can not be vaccinated. If demonstrated false, if gets very ugly for the physician.

Religious exemptions don’t go very far here. Even JWs can’t do a thing if one is carried to an hospital in a life or death situation and doctors need to admnister blood or plasma: saving a life comes first. And if they refuse life saving procedures, they do it at their own responsability and are required to sign a term of responsability.

The logic here, boiled down, is: do whatever you want with your life, as long you do not trample others.

And it works.

raccoona_nongrata, avatar


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  • cnnrduncan,

    Plenty of Christian groups pull that shit too - just look at the food company Sanitarium and how they avoid paying their fair share of taxes simply because they spend money on “advancing religion”


    But tax evasion is part of my deeply held beliefs as a Scientologist!

    Gormadt, in Star Trek Gave Us a Utopian Vision of an Egalitarian, Postcapitalist Future avatar

    A welcome dream of the future

    I hope we can someday get there

    But damn do we have a lot of work to do


    Unless we kill all the greed, which I personally don’t see happening, we will never break the chains and reach this reality.

    Another thing I like about Star Trek is the breakdown of religious belief that we are not created equal and everyone is emboldened to someone else to live.

    I really hope humanity can reach this pinnacle, but until we quit living for the almighty dollar, we won’t. We are the Ferengi from the show.


    To be fair even in trek - there’s a world war 3 that’s driven by pure greed before humanity decides it’s enough. And the climax of the greed and that war starts in 2026… so we might be on the course to the utopia … but not before suffering some more.


    That’s the part that hurts. So much death necessary to move forward. I realize that’s the nature of society as we know it, but it would be nice if we could avoid all the senseless deaths to achieve it

    ConsciousCode, in Donald Trump Being Prosecuted for His Crimes Is Good, Actually

    People arguing he shouldn’t be prosecuted is wild, like we’ve been so cowed into submission by this dumpster fire of an electoral system that we’re afraid to prosecute high treason because otherwise the treasonist might win


    Isn’t it funny how anti-liberal reactionaries sound the same on the right and the left?

    baggins, avatar

    We have/had the same issues here in UK with Boris Johnson and the like.

    The fan clubs of these scumbags are so removed from reality, it’s painful.


    Too many people seem to want to “win” at any cost. What they feel they’re winning, I couldn’t begin to guess. The rich jerks are still going to be rich, the poor ones poor, and you all get to live in a fascist hell hole.

    And it’s not like that type isn’t known for turning on their own team too, so in the end, almost everyone loses. What percentage benefited from any of these authoritarian regimes? If it was ever over 10% is be pretty surprised. It’s a pyramid scheme that takes lives.


    This is what happens when the population integrates politics into their individual identities.

    Our government has just become the largest, most expensive game of football and there are only two teams.

    Rentlar, in ‘It’s like I’m worthless’: hospitals dump patients on the street in Kentucky

    Yeah, like the guy was saying the way they were walking people out and leaving them just off the property is like how you’d leave a bag of trash out on the curb in New York.

    Such inhumane treatment of patients, and it’s awful they are sending patients to missions ill-equipped to deal with the medical issues that should be addressed and cared for at the institution they’re being moved out of.

    If that is what the US medical system calls proper healthcare, hospitals would be better off investing in garbage trucks over ambulances.

    MadgePickles, in Disney Is Purging Content to Avoid Paying Workers and Evade Taxes avatar

    "Disney claims it needs to destroy the content to cut costs on platforms that aren’t making money, but experts say the company is overstating the value of its content — which could ultimately help the company pocket a higher tax break.

    In May, Disney told regulators that it will incur $1.5 billion in losses as part of its content purge. Disney’s chief financial officer, Christine McCarthy, told investors Disney was making “excellent progress on our cost-cutting initiatives,” on its May earnings call, including “removing certain content from our streaming platforms.”

    How can it be both?


    They are portraying it as a loss in assets, while the other is a gain in revenue.

    It’s still bullshit to portray it as an asset loss because it is not destroyed, but that appears to be what they are saying.

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