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Why does the photo of the poster they chose look like, uh, that?



I’d have a swanky apartment in a cool city and a beachside open concept home to flee to when I felt even the slightest bit chilly.

All my friends would live within 15 min walking distance and I’d have a rooftop garden where I grow some of the nicest tomatoes and peppers you’ve ever had.


$40 for a DLC is fairly ridiculous, $35 isn’t much better.

That’s more than half the price of the base game! Is the DLC going to have more than half a base game’s worth of content?


Sure, but they don’t have more than half the base game’s worth of content and time in em.

An especially daunting task with Elden Ring, which is huge.

I worry that this kind of price point will become acceptable if this does well and I simply don’t think that is okay. $40 is far too much for DLC.


I’m not sure how you can be so confident in the amount of content in the DLC from only a small teaser trailer.

If they add more than half the base game in it, this is decent value, but that seems like an absurdly unprecedented effort.

I’ll agree that From Software hasn’t missed with a DLC yet, but this $40 price tag is eyewatering

How to report mod abuse?

Hello Admins! I’ve been recently banned because I broke down and called someone who had 70 downvotes and was already acting like a troll a “dipshit”. As punishment, I’ve been banned for 7 days from the site, and permabanned from the politics community. I feel like this was a little harsh, given the content that stays up...


I think this is one of the detriments of decentralized social media.

A return of the power mods of the forums of yore.

Is it annoying? Yeah. But just make another account or make one on another instance. It’s part of the cost of the benefits of the federated systems.

TheAlbatross, (edited )

I think that’s admirable, but I also think you may be making a mountain out of a molehill, sorry.

You’re not betraying your principles by circumventing bans handed out inappropriately.

While it would be nice to avoid arbitrary decisions in moderation, I think that would require a different system of handling such moderation or a vast restructuring of human culture to make such things anathema.

Edit: In a way, I think I prefer Jonas in Minnesota banning me from posting in c!coffee because he thinks my opinion on Godzilla 2000 is bad than a team of corporate employees deciding I can’t post about alternative services to their product. Jonas has to sleep. I can get my licks in if I’m patient 😌


On the whole, I agree with you, but I also see how dipshit here (sorry, couldn’t resist) would be upset by this kind of interaction.

Is it perfect? Naw. Is it preferable? Personally, I believe so.

TheAlbatross, (edited )

Commercial property isn’t zoned for use as housing, which can be a legal issue if you try to use it as your primary residence for some documentation.

In addition, the building codes for residential and commercial properties are different, I believe commercial properties don’t have to be as well insulated as residential and I’m sure there’s some other annoying tidbits that would rear their head as you tried to live in an office.

Edit: I don’t think living in a commercial property would be, like, the worst, but I’m remembering trying to fix an electrical issue at work and seeing the breaker box didn’t have any 40 Amp breakers. That’d make installing a fridge and other kitchen appliances tricky… but you could probably make do with a decent mini fridge and an induction hot plate.


When I say zoning, I’m referring to Zoning law.

Basically, municipalities create law to designate land use. This prevents someone from, say, building an industrial park next to a kindergarten, or restricts just how much commercial property can be built in an area. The other commenter makes a point about how living in a commercial property would give you poor access to services generally desired by residential properties, like schools and grocery stores. This is a consequence of zoning laws.

Zoning laws play a part in the housing crisis in a variety of ways!

I’m not sure if warmer climates solve all the issues with using commercial properties as residential as now you have to consider cooling as well.


Luv you! ♡

blasts you with a blackpowder propelled ball

Seriously, why is the USA supporting Israel?

The US is supporting Israel through what we can mostly all agree is a genocide of the Gazans. Clearly, Biden isn’t a genocidal maniac, yet he’s all in with unwavering support. Why are we doing this? There has to be a logical reason that isn’t just “we want Israel to kill everyone in Gaza and take their land a la...


This alliance allows the US to maintain a stronger foothold in the Middle East and exert hegemonic power via proxy.

This isn’t the only reason, of course, but it’s part of it.


I don’t think the US isn’t interested in the oil opportunities in the Middle East, but I think the US wants a foothold everywhere and anywhere across the globe to maintain its position as a global superpower.

TheAlbatross, (edited )

I’m pretty sure the text says that 144,000 Jews will be saved, which was an absurdly high number at the time and if you told John of Patmos that there are ≈2,400,000 Jews living in the United States alone, he’d bawk and ask “There’s HOW MANY Jews WHERE??”

Edit: it’s been a while since I’ve read Revelations, and it’s a buck wild fever dream of a text, but I think the 144k are only the batch of people initially saved and the rest face judgement after a 7 eyed and 7 horned ram takes the right of a gold and gem encrusted throne at which seats descendant-from-Heaven Jesus with a flaming sword protruding from his mouth.


Jews are not a uniform voting bloc, divided on many issues, Israel being one of them.

TheAlbatross, (edited )

I think this is a good observation, though I’m not exactly sure how it applies to my comment, unless you’re trying to imply that people as a whole, Jews included, are more divided on Israel today than in the 80’s because they have better access to information from more varied perspectives.

I’d say that sounds true.


It’s news when the democrats say there’s no appropriate time to critique democrats


You’ve had your head in the sand if you haven’t been hearing people complain about Biden for nearly 4 years.


The election industry is massive in the USA. The media is not really indicative of the conversations of the citizens, but they do know how to start reflecting these things when it’s time to sell it.


Some pig in Florida emptied his gun into a neighborhood because an acorn fell on his car and he got startled.

Ford rethinks EV strategy, is working on a smaller, cheaper EV platform (

For the last two years, a small “skunkworks” at the Ford Motor Company has been working on a low-cost electric vehicle platform, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley. Farley revealed the existence of this new platform during the automaker’s quarterly financial results call with investors on Tuesday evening. The company is...


We badly need a ten thousand dollar car in the US. The price of a new automobile has gotten batshit insane and I look enviously overseas to places that can get cheap, modern Chinese EVs.

American automakers are doing the country a disservice by not following suit.

Or, dammit, let me buy a fucking Chinese car.


Goddamn I want a $7k new car that’s fucking awesome

TheAlbatross, (edited )

Hey don’t be hasty if they keep up with this attitude, I sure am. Like sorry late stage capitalism sucks, quit asking if I got coke but thanks for REM

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