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Mars. Simple, it's the closest and best candidate for exploration (and hopefully more!) in my lifetime.

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i feel the same way!


There is so much to love about Mars. I would also like to add that its absolutely gorgeous from orbit AND the surface. Sure Jupiter looks great from Orbit, but I doubt we will ever take a cool photo from deep in the atmosphere. Its also distinct from the other planets when viewed with the naked eye from earth because of its very notable red tint.

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I think it's the prettiest planet. I love how it's sideways.

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Earth. It has this amazing self replicating stuff on it that seems to locally reverse entropy for a while using a system of absorbing energy from the sun. The stuff appears in a wide variety of forms and moves about and stuff. Haven't seen anything else like it in the universe. It's weird.


Plus, most of my stuff is there.

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I once viewed Neptune through a 60" telescope and the color was incredible. It was like a morpho butterfly 🦋 crossing a sunbeam in a dark forest.


My favorite planet is Jupyter. Jupyter and his moons are a wonderful sight to see with a telescope (same for Saturn).

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Apart from Earth, Venus. Recently starting watching loads of content about Venus, and I just find it so fascinating how despite having 90% the gravity and 95% the radius it is so different to Earth. It makes me really wonder about habitability, and how lucky it is how things are. I almost feel sad that Venus is the way that it is, and that's why it's so interesting.

I'm hoping we find out a lot more about Venus in our lifetimes.

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Agreed. We know so little about Venus compared to Mars despite it being slightly closer to us. That whole drama with the phosphene gas a few years back really revealed how much there is to learn there.

I also love that one of the serious ways scientists have proposed for colonizing Venus is to build cities that float in its clouds at the altitude where the atmospheric pressure / temperature are roughly the same as Earth's. It's simultaneously batshit insane and hoplessly romantic.

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Jupiter! It protects us from asteroids and makes such a beautiful sound

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oh wow i didn't know that it protects us from asteroids. the sound is hauntingly beautiful


Earth. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else because all my friends and family are here.

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Saturn and to get more specific, it's moons. Enceladus for example has been confirmed to have water on it (or technically inside of it) and the idea that there is a subterranean alien culture that's hiding us is crazy, but plausible.

Plus, dem rings though.

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Enceladus is wild. It has heat from tidal forces and likely has deep sea hydrothermal vents, which is a predominate theory for how life started on Earth. Probes have also detected traces of life supporting elements such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and recently phosphorus.

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I can think of one.

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haha nice..

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Can we choose no planet? I'm rather fond of the asteroids.

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i hope i won't have to meet any of them in my lifetime haha

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Don't worry. If it happens it'd be towards the end of your lifetime.

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Well, Earth is where I keep all my stuff, but there are some shiny rocks on Mars.


Earth, because I live here. Runner up is Venus, though. I think it’s a more viable (but still incredibly hard) solution for permanent colonization as it has similar gravity and size to Earth and a more substantial atmosphere. Like Mars, it would need incredibly massive reworking to create permanent settlements, but I think that will be somewhat “easier” to do on a planet with similar gravity.

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Also, floating cities are rad!

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