Well, I'm not sure this is what you're looking for but Tabletop Simulator is a board game simulator that has a diverse category of games in its workshop mod. I'm sure a lot of the games can be played with 5 players.


I came here to say exactly this. My favorite games for 5+ players are Codenames and Sushi Go Party Edition.


7 Days to die

Outtatime, avatar

Ready or not.

Not sure if it’s on sale but it’s awesome


I am ready… Can you tell me now?


Phasmophobia is the best. Unfortunately only for four players total.


Where do you guys find people to play with?

I really love co-op games but I don’t have many gamer friends and playing with randos who quit mid-game or constantly throw out insults isn’t much fun…


Friends from college mostly.

RebekahWSD, avatar

Stardew Valley I think is up to 5 (the host and 4?), if not then Sunhaven I’m fairly certain it’s up to 8, if y’all like farming sim things.


Civilisation V if you have a lot of time on your hands.


Tower Unite this is the game my friends and spend the most time in casually, it has so many mini games and it’s just weird too.

Stern, avatar

Of those on sale-


Killing Floor (And 2)

Torchlight 2


Human Fall Flat

Powerwash Simulator


Torchlight 2 may have been around for a while now, but it's still a great game.


We have been playing Insurgency Sandstorm, I believe it’s up to 8 players coop


What about games that you can drop in and play with others. I know dead by daylight, matchmaking is easy for strangers to play together online. There’s got to be more games like that.

str82L, avatar

Talisman Digital Edition


Lethal company + more company mod. Ready or not. May ruin some friendships…


Ultimate Chicken Horse


Great game but sadly has a max of 4 players

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