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VMware may be getting rid of Skyline

I received the below message. It states Skyline Advisor Pro can’t be activated after 4/1. This doesn’t look good for the Skyline program. I’ve been using it for a long time and between log assist and the recommendations, i’ve found it very helpful. I have the Dell integration in place but I haven’t really used it much....

What do you use to track BMCs/KVMs/IPMI?

I manage hundreds of servers at work. They each have a BMC (remote power on/off, reset, KVM, etc) and we need to use those features frequently. I’ve been using a Google Docs spreadsheet to track their URLs, what each box is used for, specs, etc but it feels like a dynamic web app would be better for this purpose. Does anyone...

How often do you make a back up?

I was wondering how often does one choose to make and keep back ups. I know that “It depends on your business needs”, but that is rather vague and unsatisfying, so I was hoping to hear some heuristics from the community. Like say I had a workstation/desktop that is acting as a server at a shop (taking inventory / sales...

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