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I rewrote a Powershell script in Python for my teammates who use Macbooks.

Now I still love writing scripts in Python, but to say I've been spoiled by Powershell is a massive understatement.

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Every so often, I need to chase down some aspect of email validation (, , , ...). This involves a number of records and queries, but I may forget just which ones. So here's a quick /DNS cheatsheet:

jschauma, avatar

Brief summary of the different records following in this thread.

Longer explanation in my video lectures here:

fEmber, to sysadmin

​:heart_trans:​ Request for IT assistance ​:heart_trans:​

Hi friends! Our SysAdmins are still blocked by a network issue that prevents our migration to the new servers. We are running out of ideas and would appreciate any possible support. If you have or know someone who has experience with IPv6 networks, then please contact me or another member of our staff. We would earnestly appreciate any help or advice!

The problem, as I understand it, is that traffic fails to pass through our OPNSense firewall. We have a /48 block allocated on the WAN side, and want to expose a public IP from the LAN. See this reply for a longer description and some discussion.

Boosts appreciated! 💙
CC: @Amelia and @puppygirlhornypost

mwl, to FreeBSD avatar

Looking for a way to run a single command as user "www" on #FreeBSD.

Roundcube uses doveadm to compute password hashes, but the www user defaults to the nologin shell and /nonexistent home directory. I really, REALLY don't want to change that.

Anyone have something clever to let me run just this one command as www? #sysadmin

[edit to add: Roundcube is a web app. It runs as user www. I can't have another run the command as www: www needs to execute the process. www can't run sudo or doas without the sort of something that would let www run doveadm.]

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2.5 Admins 190: twitterz

A backdoor has been found in xz-utils, OpenZFS improves ZVOL performance on Linux, Twitter devs fail at regex, and adding SATA ports to a home NAS.

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Cleaning up my HD get some storage space back and I'd like a script that goes through and removes the node_modules folder whenever the files in the parent folder haven't been touched in a month or more. Inactive project? No need for node_modules, just reinstall if it's ever worked on again.

mez, avatar

Actually starting to wonder if there’s anything wrong with this idea. I’d scope it to a couple project directories for safety and speed. Seems like returning to an old project would want npm ci instead of npm install

Sanity check me, Mastodon, what else am I missing?

ainmosni, to homelab avatar

So, a question for all , , , people.

I want to setup a netboot setup that boots into a menu of a lot of OS installers. How would you set that up? Right now, the only thing that seems to do what I want is iVentoy, but I was wondering if I have other options.

luigi, to devops avatar

Hey folks that work with #infrastructure #devops #sysadmin
I want to seek new resources to read about our area, I really like learning new technologies, some study cases, architectures, post mortem, cloud and etc...

Can you recommend me some cool blogs or some topic list? :)

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"Enterprise software" ist auch nur ein Synonym für "Zeitverschwendung durch Lizenzprobleme"

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me, to Ansible avatar

I really wish module devs would make up their minds about how to pass stuff to it. So like the packages module? Pass it a list of packages, super easy

  • foo
  • bar
  • baz
    state: present

But say you want to create a bunch of directories? Well, sucks for you - the file module doesn't work that way:
path: "{{item}}"
owner: larted
group: luser
mode: "0755"
state: directory

  • "/haha"
  • "/fuck"
  • "/consistency"

And these are both BUILTIN modules. Seriously folks, make up your fucking minds. Shit like this makes being a pointlessly difficult.

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2.5 Admins 189: Too Much Glass

Glassdoor seemingly doesn’t understand its raison d’etre, Telegram wants to cheap out on sending verification codes, law enforcement makes YouTube give them details of everyone who watched certain videos, and tuning a low end VPS to host a blog.

cschrader, to philadelphia avatar

I’ve been here for a while, but I never actually did an post.

I live in , and work in with a background in , , , , and . These days, I spend a lot of time with , , and . I’m part of a nonprofit working to preserve safe greenspace in .

stefano, to sysadmin avatar

Interesting tool to check your own e-mail server:

SadKitten, to sysadmin French avatar

Demande d'utilisateur récente : avoir un répondeur d'absence sur son mail qui envoie une réponse auto à tous les mails
Réponse des admins : non
Pourquoi on a dit non à votre avis ?

EighthLayer, to workersrights avatar

I could get used to 4-day weekends. Back to work tomorrow. Ugh. 😐

bortzmeyer, to sysadmin French avatar

(19/35) Upgrading xz-libs (5.6.1-r1 -> 5.6.1-r2)

EighthLayer, to workersrights avatar

I fucking hate being on call for work. My whole evening just ruined. Now it’s too late and I’m too tired to really do anything, but I’m not mentally ready to go to bed. FFS. 😡

#Work #IT #SysAdmin

goodthinking, to sysadmin avatar

…located and removed two instances of Diddy from conference room screensaver deck…

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tech, to tech avatar
philpem, to email avatar

There's a special place in hell for Spamhaus deciding to return a "spam" response for all queries from DigitalOcean droplets. Stunning to do this right before the easter holiday with zero announcement or notice. @spamhaus
#email #sysadmin

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