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Kind of curious to see how far I could get with booting on $5 worth of DIY hardware.

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⚡Lavapipe CPU-Based Vulkan Driver Implements Ray-Tracing Pipelines | Phoronix

「 Mesa's Lavapipe driver as a software (CPU-based) implementation of the Vulkan API has now implemented support for ray-tracing pipelines 」

#Raytracing #Vulkan #Linux #Opensource

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New post - Touchpad vs Mouse - KDE on Wayland

I figured out a way to automatically enable or disable my laptop touchpad when my mouse is disconnected or connected!
#Howto #Linux #OpenSUSE

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XOrg Server 21.1.13 and #Xwayland 23.2.6 are out to address a double-free issue in some circumstances, which led to X server crashes. Please update your systems to these versions as soon as possible

#Linux #OpenSource

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Hell yes for version 2.9. Colours! Tabular output! It's a good day to be running

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Windows 11 is NOT an operating system, but ad-ware and spyware.

  1. It now includes ads on your desktop

  2. It has an A.I. to watch everything you do and type out.

Perhaps, considering, Linux is not such the crazy idea you may have once though it was? After wall, it does not incorporate ad-ware, spyware, or A.I. onto your desktop.

I game, work, bank, stream, shop, chat, and more, and I use, Linux.

#Windows11 #Microsoft #Linux

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#MedievalDynasty is pretty fun. I bought it ages ago, died when winter came, and mostly forgot about it.
Not sure why I fired it up again, but may have seen something on YouTube about the new map a while ago.
It's improved a lot, and works under #Linux which is a near must for me these days.
Lots to wrap my poor brain around, but I'm having fun, even if I don't have loads of time for it.
Following a couple of YouTubers has been very helpful.

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I've made this wallpapers for my phone and pc :pp, what do you think? :DD (im not an artist so there are some things that are, hmm, weird)
#postmarketos #linux #wallpaper #gnome

A wallpaper of a room with a desk, two shelfs and a window, there are 2 versions, day and night

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Despite working in IT I am quite ignorant when it comes hardware/electronics.
Today's project: trying to figure out why that sbc I put batocera Linux on doesn't want to run it's fan.

I still haven't actually come to a conclusion. The Le Potato sbc has a different gpio layout than the raspberry, and batocera is weirdly different from anything I am used to.

In the end I learned that not connecting one of the cables to its pin lets the fan spin on full power. And that's OK for now.

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A good time to be a Linux users. -- Microsoft is adding ads onto the desktop in Windows 11.

#Windows11 #Windows #Microsoft #Linux


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KDE releases Frameworks 6.1.0 with new features and crucial bug fixes for better stability, improving Qt libraries with new functionalities.

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I hope it gets more people to just say "no" and move to

can be so frustrating.


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Linus is a bit devious 😬

"'Kconfig: add some hidden tabs on purpose

[…] showed breakage in some third-party kernel config parsing tool.

[…] let's make sure it gets fixed. Because if you can't parse tabs as whitespace, you should not be parsing the kernel Kconfig files.

In fact, let's make such breakage more obvious than some esoteric ftrace record size option. If you can't parse tabs, you can't have page sizes."'

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Frameworks 6.1 Released Ahead of the KDE Plasma 6.1 Desktop Environment with Numerous Improvements and Fixes


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Containers I run
See groups born from OCI
I, Kubernetes

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Suggestion: Make a distro called LATE¹ and nerds everywhere can always be "running late". 😜

¹ Suggest your backronym! Mine is "Linux a Terminal Edition"

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Force Kill Process using Top, Kill, Pkill, Killall, and Xkill Commands

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Interesting statement. But is it true?

"What does it say for the future of open source if foundations will just take it and give it a home? That is tragic for open source innovation. I will tell you, if that were to happen, there'll be no more open source companies in Silicon Valley."

Foundation is leading fight against fauxpen source @theregister @sjvn

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We are joined by @jorge for an update on the world of what used to be called immutable Linux. Jorge doesn’t really like that word. He prefers “composable” Linux. Whatever you want to call it, we’re talking about an image-based approach to desktop Linux – built with cloud native technologies – that allows you to build and deploy anything from the ultimate developer workstation to a basic Chromebook-like experience for a non-technical relative.

#linux #podcast #opensource

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Zum Wochenende: Artikelvorschläge

Sagt der Community, worüber bei uns geschrieben werden soll. Welche Themen interessieren euch und was könnt ihr selbst beitragen?

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ProtonUp-Qt 2.9.2 is here! Fixes game crash issues and improves user interface for a smoother gaming experience on Steam.

Solus, to linux avatar

Heya folks, sync this week is going to be delayed by a day so the team can get KDE Frameworks 6.1 in the repository. Frameworks 6.1 contains many bug fixes, and we want to get those fixes to users as quick as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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