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You can't make this shit up

MothraCultist avatar

nice publicity for kbin tho :3

pootriarch, avatar

this political stuff is a mess that i hadn't been aware of when i jumped into this ecosystem. the two fortunate things are

  • that tankie stuff is stuff i don't see in /all, and if they're just unreasonably disappearing content, i wouldn't have known what was missing; and
  • i arrived in an instance whose admin's main and self-proclaimed myopia is being a swiftie, which completely lacks the global thermonuclear war of tankie, though the incoming could eventually be a different tune

i'll definitely be watching for this though, and wonder if it will become like masto where they actively try to funnel all noobs into their instance

HappyMeatbag, avatar

This shitshow just gets funnier every day. I’m SO glad I got out of there!

LlamaSutra, avatar

I’m getting 8-10 year old accounts that haven’t commented for months jumping on any post I make where I mention Lemmy. So far, Lemmy is apparently a place for “CCP apologists” and “tankies”.

I’ve yet to run into any of these individuals. Sounds like some people at Reddit are not so happy.


Yeah, I got a bad taste of crazy tankie stuff on my first venture into Lemmy when I decided to check it out. Luckily I've not seen much extremist rhetoric once I joined. I do see where it's scaring off a lot of people from reddit, that said, I've seen lots of people promoting non-communist instances specifically, as well as the idea of federating/defederating as an antidote.


If you recall, reddit used to have that as well. There was a time (5+ years ago I think?) when communities dedicated to teen porn and upskirts and legit hate groups were regularly on /r/all before they all got banned. It comes with the public forums/community aspect. In a big diverse forum where there are communities you like and connect with there are bound to be those tou don't like...and then some you really don't like.

neo, avatar

they looked at lemmygrad

LlamaSutra, avatar

It’s literally one section of a very wide website/community. It’s like looking at /r/conservative and then thinking all of Reddit is a right wing cesspool


I mean I like the lemmy-verse, but the main devs behind Lemmy are totally tankies. It's the reason why a lot of people are hesitant in joining

This is the main developer (one of the only two developers) - if the avatar wasn't enough, have a look at the "essays" repo in his account...

133arc585, avatar

What specifically bothers you about his essays? Are you bothered purely by the topics, or by the actual content?


Good try, dessalines, but I ain't biting 😉

LlamaSutra, avatar

Just seems kind of silly to avoid a whole platform over the personal ideology of the creator. No one seems to have any problem with some of the extreme anti-human ideologies that a lot of social media ceos have.


look at any thread over there about the Russia-Ukraine'll turn a lot of people off for sure


Exactly because we made the mistake once, in more naive times, we don't want to make it again...

No one seems to have any problem with some of the extreme anti-human ideologies that a lot of social media ceos have.

That's patently untrue

LlamaSutra, avatar

That’s patently untrue

Yeah you’re right there unfortunately. The ideologue in me got to my fingers first 😀


No worries 😆


The devs run and The admins on both remove anything which is negative about china in any way, even if completely truthful like the genocide they are commiting against the uygurs and about the imminent succession crisis, for "orientalism," something not even listed as a rule, and yet openly criticise the US government. They allow content approving of the uygur genocide. A person coming in to join-lemmy will see as their first instance. Some of the other major instances have defederated against both if not only lemmygrad.


streisand effect is imminent. reddit is absolutely not immune to it. the admins are idiots for this


This is so deeply pathetic on the part of reddit tbh. CEO's gotta power grab i guess.

finthechat avatar

The real question we should be asking ourselves is did Spez rape and murder a girl in 1990?

I made this comment on Reddit and it was summarily removed by some brain dead moderator who was probably in kindergarten when this meme was popular.


twitter moment

gsa avatar

Or should I say, reddit moment


Now we just need to wait for the Digg moment!

Blue_Jersey, avatar


This behavior generates backlashes, People will be interested more in the alternative and the talk about Reddit alternatives will be more active

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What a wild ride. I was the only user to post on that subreddit asking for help with registering on kbin before it was banned.

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Well, glad you made it at any rate!


What exactly is the difference between kbin and lemmy?


kbin is PHP, lemmy is Rust.


I've joined both in hopes of seeing which one thrives the most in terms of users in the niche communities that made Reddit worth visiting for me, personally. So far, they seem largely similar. Points to Lemmy for having an Android app ready to go. Kbin has one in early, early beta that is (according to the GitHub) lacking in certain functionality.


You should be able to participate in any community from either though, right?


From my understanding, you can interact between the different platforms. They are a little different in their approach, and I don't fully "get" kbin just yet, but you can post to and interact with Lemmy from a kbin account.

matt, avatar

They're just different softwares that communicate over ActivityPub. They're both link aggregators, so they'll be similar in functionality.

For an easy comparison using established names: One is Reddit, one is Digg, but they can communicate with each other and show each other the same content, and you can just pick which one you want to use.

There will be more differences than this, however I haven't really used kbin much to know what makes it different to Lemmy fully.

The Fediverse allows people to just choose the platforms they prefer, and then talk to everyone else on the Fediverse regardless, instead of having to create multiple accounts all over the place to talk to specific people.


Honestly I hope this implosion gives more people a push to move discussion somewhere that isn't monetized so heavily with awards, NFTs, and other crypto junk.


One nice thing about kbin is that it isn't run by pro genocide, North Korea loving Tankies.


Can you elaborate? Genuinely. I've seen this take a few times now.

jherazob, avatar

Here's a Mastodon thread with the basic facts, here's a post calling out pro-CCP moderation on Lemmy with screenshots and all, and finally here's a Raddle post with much, MUCH heavier accusations that I'm yet to fully confirm and which would make this even worse if true. Either way I'm considering Kbin more instead of Lemmy.

nLuLukna, avatar

Do remember that the OP is on which is NOT run by genocide denying tankies. It just runs their software and the tankies don't have any control over that code its explained well in the docs.


Yeah that's the beauty of federation! If you don't like the team that runs one Lemmy instance, you can just find a different instance to use.

jherazob, avatar

So am i

alyaza, avatar

and finally here’s a Raddle post with much, MUCH heavier accusations that I’m yet to fully confirm and which would make this even worse if true. Either way I’m considering Kbin more instead of Lemmy.

while i'm not sympathetic to lemmy's moderation i happen to know about raddle, and: it's probably worth noting that the person who runs raddle is a known, serial sockpuppeteer who has repeatedly, violently threatened and stalked users on reddit he doesn't like and used sockpuppets to troll and harass users on raddle itself. i would accordingly not consider him a particularly reliable narrator, and heavily doubt anything he has to say about anyone. he is just not a trustworthy figure in general.


I'm looking forward to using this platform going forward. Thanks for fucking up, Reddit.


This is exactly what happened when the folks behind the hostile takeover of freenode started banning people for talking about And we see precisely how well that went for freenode. This is what happens when business people make decisions.


Freenode went down the crapper? Dang. I used to use them a lot back when I didn’t know anything about Linux


Oh, yeah, it was this huge, frankly surreal, thing. The founder of Private Internet Access decided he wanted his own IRC network and bullied his way into being in charge, along with a team of cronies and yes-men.


Dang. You are just full of good news. That’s my VPN too!

neo, avatar

former freenode people migrated to not sure what to do about the vpn


Not renewing for sure!


Have they not heard of the Streisand Effect?

Avatarlue avatar

Yeah this is exactly why I'm here. Had never heard of it prior


17 year Reddit user. Wouldn’t have known about this site if it weren’t for their dumbass action.

Daleth avatar

Mate, same here.
I get more and more angry with Reddit's actions on the daily now too.


Yeh same here, would not have known about this except when I read about them banning the subreddit.

norbert avatar

12 year user, I wouldn't have known either. I'm excited and happy to have found what'll probably be the next big platform for a lot of us. The decentralized aspect is really appealing to me. I like that it's not a reddit clone as much as it is an actual protocol/platform for people to communicate via, if one instance goes away another can be spun up to take its place relatively quickly.

themadcodger avatar

And you can easily communicate with other platforms on the fediverse that aren't in the link aggregation world, Mastodon, Calckey, Peertube, etc

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