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Sci-Fi adventure game devlog📌

Today my dealing with the Unreal Engine 5 - a prototype of an ultrasonic energy weapon with control of the power of a directed energy beam. I'm not an effects master, so it doesn't matter at this stage. The stronger the impact of the projectile, the more energy it needs

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Though mostly light-hearted, has been known to delve into true horror. This Sunday, your weekly monster movie watch party will be featuring just such a film.

SON OF GODZILLA (1967), featuring perhaps the single most terrifying creature ever put to foam rubber; Minilla.

Against all reason and good taste, this film is still available on Tubi, or you can download from

There's also a subbed version:

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"There is only one way to get the attention of the Jedi. Slaughter of the innocent. Mercilessly and without compromise".

All shot practically using figures and miniatures only digitally added element was the light saber beam.


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Interesting choice. I can think of a few other people who have some Trek experience that might be able to produce a Star Trek film, but ok.

I'm sure up at the top there's totally different chiefs in charge of TV versus film and they don't interact with each other at all and don't want to. It's a bummer.

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@virtualbri I am not a fan of prequels. Why does the Star Trek franchise continue to make prequels for an audience that is interested in futurism and exploration??

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Summer is almost here, and so are our

Got suggestions for what we should read? Let us know!

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In Our Stars (The Doomed Earth, Book 1) is Jack Campbell's new series, separate from his Lost Fleet novels (which are a staple of my summer reading list).

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For all the wonderful writers contributing to this shared-world anthology, it really reads like so many extra yards of the Jerry Cornelius novels. The best writing is by Hilary Bailey, who turned a lovely sentence.

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One year ago today I posted this miniature Yoda photo I created all shot using practical effects, miniatures, figures and some sticks from the garden.

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What’s the best sci-fi universe you’ve ever explored in a book? Why did it stand out?

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Was all geared up for another viewing of Gene Roddenberry’s only to discover it has vanished from

As has

Just after adding an extra charge for the “privilege” of ad-free viewing

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I’m am so geeked for this. Apple+ adaptation of “Time Bandits” will start streaming in July:

#montypython #scifi #timebandits

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I'm not feeling well today, but I have a rule, every day I learn something new in Unreal Engine, so I played with the materials, this is a forest for me, in which I get lost very quickly, but the topic is interesting. My goal is to make energy weapon like in the series Beacon 23


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I like the rebellious spirit of this essay very much!

My own thoughts on the fake salvation narrative of the cult of techno-transcendentalism:

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Terry Bisson's #scifi "They're made out of meat" seems apt:

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Oliviero Berni's cover art detail for the 1982 edition of John Brunner's Polymath (variant title: Castaways' World) (1963)
#scifi #sciencefiction #art #artist

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Lindsay Gutteridge (1923-2007) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Chris Foss, 1973; R, Vincent Di Fate, 1974


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Robert Crane (1908-1990) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Ed Emshwiller, 1955; R, Richard Powers, 1954


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Gardner F. Fox (1911-1986) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Gray Morrow, 1966; R, Jeff Jones, 1969


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'A Matter For Men' anticipates what is needed to more a population to war. Its warning is needed now more than ever.

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One year ago today I posted this Alien Derelict photo I created using practical effects, figures and miniature sets.

#alien #lv426 #scifi #spaceship #photography #movies #70sscifi #miniatures #miniaturephotography #actionfigurephotography #xenomorph #nostromo #creativephotographer


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Job Requirement.
Journey level bioreactor cultivator.
Responsibilities include sewage, sanitation, water cycle, on call for contamination and containment incidents.

Prior experience with municipal scale infrastructure installations is helpful but not required for the right candidate. Familiarity with engineeered biological soil cultures and bioactive remediation to graduate level is a requirement.
Reports to Habitation Duty Officer.

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Here's a good one: Phantom Menace Theatrical versus 4K release.

Does the digital noise reduction hammer the details, especially in faces? Is the new color shift to blue better? You decide

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Folks it is 8pm Eastern and that means there's only one hour left until , the weekly monster movie watch party!

This week we're watching THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1961), a Roger Corman grand guignol featuring the very mobile face of Vincent Price!

If you'd like to join us, the flick's free on Tubi or you can download from right over here:

Be there or bisected!

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