New GitHub user and extension developer claims Twitch’s website has malware

Twitch is a dangerous website, the extension probably won't be back. They could still easily target you at any time and you are just lucky they are sending ads. After some time of using the extension twitch will react and become even more toxic.

Twitch even has a network sniffer in its source code (among other things), its so much worse than just ads, some of these experiments are basically malware/pup that no-one would install on their device willingly, these instances aren't just left over code from some library they are deliberately crafted experiments that are present in the active code path.


“website bad, javascript bad”

“Oh, do you have any proof?”

“Just read the code! Can’t be bothered to back up my claims”

Yeah, call me when you actually care about backing up the misinformation you spout.

MoogleMaestro avatar

Until there's evidence there's basically no reason to treat this as news.


So twitch collects analytics? What a surprise

Aatube avatar

That’s not what they meant.


And, is that true?

Aatube avatar

No idea.

BlackEco, avatar

MostlyJustBored’s account is 3 weeks old with no history. We should take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

SnotFlickerman, avatar

Or we could take a look at the javascript ourselves, like they say to do?

Everyone’s asking for a writeup, but like… there’s not any other JS programmers who could take a look and verify?

Nobody wants to trust this guy, but also nobody wants to do the legwork to verify it.

i_ben_fine, avatar

They want the writeup, because the claims are too vague to falsify.

BlackEco, avatar

Most JS shipping on the web is minified, with variables renamed to random names, you can’t just open it and search for maliciousFunction.

Also their claim of Twitch doing network sniffing in a browser should be impossible unless Twitch has found and is actively exploiting a security flaw in modern web browsers.


Technically, twitch could sniff all the traffic exchanged with their user. It would be pointless as they already know the content of the transmission, though

h3ndrik, (edited )

Yeah, that’s why I asked in the first place. I’m zero interested in the credibility of that person. Just somebody check if it’s factual. I’m not a Javascript-person but I bet there are debugging-tools and de-minifiers available. Or just someone press Ctrl+Shift+I and look at the inspector.

Edit: Nevermind. Maybe the credibility of an account sometimes is enough.


Their reason for not going into any details or provide any evidence is that it might be a government plot and they’d get into trouble for sharing it. Sounds like bullshit to me TBH. Just someone looking for attention.

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