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#TIL Klemmbrettmafia 😬

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Today I learned that can use electric fields to propel their silk strands through the air, allowing for longer flights than wind alone would provide.

I was stunned and amazed.

And then I remembered that spiders have been evolving for more than three-hundred million years. Their super-powers should come as no surprise to anyone.

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Lorenzo Lamas, le rebelle à moto et à l'implacable chevelure, a un tout petit rôle non parlant dans Grease (pour lequel il s'était teint en blond)

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Some #http oddity 🤔

#TIL 301 redirects can make the request change from POST to GET, depending on the client. 308 make sure a redirected POST stays a POST.

And, to be complete, you can replace POST in the previous paragraph by any non-GET operation (PUT, etc)

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In 2018, a biologist wrote a paper based on the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Threshold" (one of the silliest episodes in Star Trek history) and submitted it to 10 open-access journals to expose their predatory practices:

"charging authors publication fees without providing the editorial services associated with legitimate journals, such as careful peer review and vetting of the paper's claims."

Four accepted the paper and one published it.

sandro, to til avatar

#TIL: You want to declarative configure your firefox but you have no idea what all those settings in about:config are and the web is not helpful?

You can just copy ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/prefs.js to a temporary directory, change the setting in the Firefox UI and then diff the two files and voila, you got the key and value to write into your #NixOS config.

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#TIL that there were two airports so close to each other but located on different sides of the Israeli–Jordanian border that a commercial pilot mistakenly landed in #Aqaba, #Jordan 🇯🇴 instead of #Eilat, #Israel 🇮🇱 in November 1986. At that time, both countries were technically at war with each other.

#aviation #avgeek

niconiconi, to til

Heavy water absorbs infrared instead of red light, so if you spend billions of dollars to fill a swimming pool with heavy water, it would look transparent and no longer be blue.

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#til with nginx i can add 'sub_filter' to inject html. just did this with plume (i am sorry, i don't think this mostly abandoned project should stay on production deployments much longer. it does not feel right, as sad as it is)

swan_tower, to til avatar

that Sanora Babb's research on Dust Bowl camps was shared without her knowledge or permission, to John Steinbeck, whose novel The Grapes of Wrath made it to the shelves before her Whose Names Are Unknown . . . and as a result, hers was shelved and not published until 2004.

stolenprivacy, to til German avatar

Die Verbindungen der GLS Bank zur

Die GLS Bank hat enge historische und ideelle Verbindungen zur Anthroposophie, auch wenn sie sich selbst nicht als "anthroposophische Bank" bezeichnet.

Anthroposophische Wurzeln

Die GLS Bank wurde 1974 von dem Anthroposophen Wilhelm Ernst Barkhoff gegründet.

Barkhoff wollte mit der Gründung der Bank anthroposophische Werte wie Nachhaltigkeit und ethisches Wirtschaften in die Praxis umsetzen.

Anthroposophische Mitarbeiter und Kunden

Viele Mitarbeiter und Kunden der GLS Bank haben einen anthroposophischen Hintergrund.

Anthroposophen schätzen die Bank wegen ihrer Ausrichtung auf ethische Geldanlagen und Nachhaltigkeit.

Finanzierung anthroposophischer Projekte

Die GLS Bank finanziert seit langem anthroposophische Einrichtungen wie Schulen, Altenheime und landwirtschaftliche Betriebe.

Es besteht eine enge Zusammenarbeit und Verbindung zu vielen anthroposophischen Initiativen und Unternehmen.

Obwohl die GLS Bank offen für alle Kunden ist, hat sie durch ihre Gründungsgeschichte und Ausrichtung deutliche Bezüge zur Anthroposophie. Diese Verbindungen prägen die Bank bis heute.

Skivling, to til avatar

the verb mate ā-moa which means "to be exterminated, disappear, lost forever", or just simply "extinction".
mate itself just means 'dead', among other things (

This is cool that the language adapted from a social/ecological thing (moa becoming extinct), and created a verb to explain it. So becoming dead like the moa is being dead forever, mate ā-moa. They probably didn't have a concept for it.

cheeaun, to til avatar

Intl.NumberFormat with compact notation doesn't work for thousands in German language.

E.g.: 10000 → 10.000 instead of "10 Tsd.". But, 10000000 → "10 Mio."

I guess "Tsd." doesn't really compact it much unlike English's "10K" 🤷‍♂️

Relevant research:
> "Tsd does not occur in the CLDR data"

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This is my biggest fear.

otheorange_tag, avatar

@lowqualityfacts I never thought that the silver lining was for weight #TIL

LektoratWengorz, to til German avatar

: 1929 wurde in die internationale Vereinigung der Puppenspieler und Figurentheater-Interessierten (UNIMA) gegründet, und die Lektorin findet, ihr solltet das ebenfalls wissen.

shaft, to til French avatar

la majorité des câbles sous-marins reliant le Japon à la côte Ouest des USA arrivent en Oregon.

Instinctivement, j'aurai dit qu'ils atterrissaient pour la plupart en Californie (il y en a aussi).

2 : En Californie, 3 câbles atterrissent (c'est le bon terme d'ailleurs ? 🤔) dans la baie de Morro. Les gens ayant joué à Cyberpunk 2077 (ou les anciennes personnes ayant joué à Cyberpunk 2020 à l'époque) reconnaîtront l'endroit où ce trouve l'emblématique ville de la franchise

ayo, to til avatar

The word “stan” is in the dictionary because of Eminem’s song “Stan”

tantramar, to random avatar

Yes, I understand that shoving a Q-Tip far enough into your ear that it makes you cough is a bad thing™. It’s still really satisfying.

This has been Oversharing with Chris.

vaughnsc, avatar

@tantramar Your ear has a gag reflex? Unheard of! #TIL

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#TIL of a handy SQL statement to put a table in another schema from where it was last:




mmoya, to php

A filter to prepend Hello world! to /etc/passwd, source

foo, to til avatar

#TIL there was no 39th US state. When the Dakotas were admitted on November 2, 1889, President Harrison shuffled both states' Act of Admission papers and didn't look at which one he was signing first, to not give either state preference.

Though there were numerous 39-star American flags produced, since the splitting of Dakota came pretty late in the admission process.

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@vieuxrenard hat im Rahmen seines damaligen Zivildienstes den Rettungssanitäter beim DRK gemacht.😅

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TIL some penguin colonies have more penguins than Amsterdam has inhabitants living there.

#til #penguin

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#TIL Un vélo a 4 roues, un moteur thermique et 1 à 2 tonnes d'acier.

Si j'en crois le fait qu'en 2 passages devant le carrefour au bout de ma rue, dont la voie d'en face est un sens interdit sauf pour les vélos et les bus : 1 "vélo" empruntant cette voie à chaque passage. Ce n'était pas des bus : pas assez de place dedans

stefan, to til avatar

#TIL that in 1929, JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, gifted his work's copyright to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

"Through this gift, Peter Pan’s magic made an unprecedented leap from the realm of fiction into reality and the hospital began to receive royalties every time a production of the play was on, as well as from the sale of Peter Pan books and other products."

#history #literature #books #bookstodon #PeterPan #philanthropy

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