Jigsaw_You, to LLMs
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“So 2024 seems like the place where the rubber hits the road. If there are real use cases for , ones that save businesses money, perhaps will be on the path to . But if these tools come into widespread use and lead to bad publicity, lawsuits, and congressional hearings, with minimal productivity gains, the trough of disillusionment may be coming — and it might be very deep”


nadiaalbelushi, to tech
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Honestly, I had no idea DuckDuckGo had its own web browser lol. This article reminded me to try out DuckDuckGo's search engine again, and compare its search results with those of Google Search. I was actually surprised to find out that DuckDuckGo churned out way better search results. I'm definitely gonna use it instead of Google from now on.


#tech #technology #news #software #Google #internet #online #web #programming #computer #computers #browser #Chrome #Firefox

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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Xiaomi releases a smaller premium phone that EMBARRASSES similar offerings from Samsung and Apple. Here's a first look at the Xiaomi 14!

The main camera on this thing is pacing (and often outperforming) the main cameras on iPhones and Galaxy Ultras... 🤯

danie10, to bluesky
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Bluesky vs. Mastodon: Which Twitter Alternative Should You Choose?

Bluesky and Mastodon are two social media networks with an aim to provide a decentralized platform for users. As microblogging platforms, they also wanted to pitch themselves as a Twitter alternative (primarily) when they started.

Mastodon is one ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/bluesky-vs-mastodon-which-twitter-alternative-should-you-choose/

ben, to technology
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"Our investigation found that Instagram heavily demoted nongraphic images of war, deleted captions and hid comments without notification, erratically suppressed hashtags, and denied users the option to appeal when the company removed their comments, including ones about Israel and Palestine, as “spam.”" https://themarkup.org/automated-censorship/2024/02/25/demoted-deleted-and-denied-theres-more-than-just-shadowbanning-on-instagram?utm_source=werd.io&utm_campaign=mastodon&utm_channel=mastodon

msquebanh, to Korea
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Researchers at , in collaboration with University, have significantly improved the stability & efficiency of , offering in both & production. By developing a novel interlayer, they achieved exceptional performance in & devices, marking a step forward in .


msquebanh, (edited ) to China
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invent method to transform salty into fertile as Beijing pushes .

Researchers treat with crop stalks & plastic covering, reducing salt content by 36% & increasing crop yields by 30.5%.

ranks 3rd among countries with the most land, but about a 1/3 of it has potential for use with & better .


TechDesk, to tech
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“Is an attack on American soil imminent and will it lead to World War III? Did the judge in the E. Jean Carroll civil defamation trial take a $5 million bribe to convict Trump? According to some TikToks I saw, yes on both counts.” What happens when a writer for Fast Company spent a week getting his news exclusively from the popular app. https://flip.it/aKJZn-

localzuk, to politics
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One of the biggest flaws in modern technology is lack of diversity.

Not racial diversity. No.

I'm talking about class and wealth diversity.

How many working class people are involved in creating AIs? The answer is simple - not many. Simply because that's how our education systems work.

You can follow this lack of diversity back to government. Look at your representatives. Are they from the working class? Do they even understand working class people?

I doubt it.

danie10, to technology
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How to make Android use the DNS server of your choice: Not all DNS servers are created equally

DNS servers translate domain names into IP addresses. If they fail, you can’t access websites or find results in a search engine. Diagnosing whether the DNS server is causing problems can be tricky, but the fix is quick and easy. You can change your ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/how-to-make-android-use-the-dns-server-of-your-choice-not-all-dns-servers-are-created-equally/

#DNS #technology

danie10, to monitors
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You should buy dual monitors instead of an ultrawide for these 4 reasons

Single monitor setups once dominated most home and office spaces, but computer users looking to enhance their productivity have consistently turned to larger-screened workstations in recent years. For the most part, there are two main ways to add sc ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/you-should-buy-dual-monitors-instead-of-an-ultrawide-for-these-4-reasons/

#monitors #technology

to3k, to technology
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Researchers at the of adapted an internal to run on
is really a powerhouse on the subject of hydrogen 😉 Not everyone understands that not only make sense, but also conventional engines that actually burn hydrogen can be a solution to many problems. In addition, hydrogen is independent, because it can be produced (almost) everywhere.

themarkup, to technology
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The U.S.-Mexico border is rampant with that can seriously impact communities’ relationship to the world around them.

Understand more:

TheConversationUS, to technology
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These scientists are using radar from satellites to monitor troop movements in Ukraine and the destruction left behind by battles. And the results are devastating.

nightskyops, to Engineering
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metin, to animation
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christen, to technology
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"Most people in the global North see the ecological crisis as primarily a question of , while social movements across the recognize that it is primarily a question of justice."


FrankauLux, to technology French
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SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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Microsoft added a new "Generative Erase" feature to the Windows Photo app! Let's see how it compares against Google's Magic Eraser!


Even cooler, it seems the first devices to support the new eraser are Windows on ARM laptops and tablets!

#tech #technology #photo #ai #genai #google #microsoft #geek #video #comparison #windows11 #windowsonarm #bbtg #android #magiceraser #teampixel

ralb, to ai
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Jigsaw_You, to LLMs
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“Instead of training on ever larger databases, the focus should be on discovering a way for systems to understand the they input and output”


ben, to technology
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"The prospect of this data, including Near’s collection of location data from sensitive locations such as abortion clinics, being sold off in bankruptcy has raised alarms in Congress." As it should - although, of course, fire sales are not the only way this data gets sold and transferred. https://themarkup.org/privacy/2024/02/23/what-happens-to-your-sensitive-data-when-a-data-broker-goes-bankrupt?utm_source=werd.io&utm_campaign=mastodon&utm_channel=mastodon

ivanhoe, to Musicproduction
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Hey there, I'm Ivanhoe. I've lately been investing time in studying and also learning to play on my own.

I'm into all types of but my weak spot is in general. I also like , , and others.

Apart from that I love animals, I have two (Eos and Nyx) and I live in , .

I work in the field and I really like .

Nonilex, to lunar
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A -built lands on the for the first time in half a century.

The lander, named , was built by of Houston. Minutes after beginning its landing sequence at 6:11PM ET the spacecraft touched the ground, making it the first privately built spacecraft to land on the surface.


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