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Razer Naga pro seemingly completely dead. Any suggestions or am I out of luck?

I went to turn on my PC this morning and my mouse wasn’t responding. I checked that it was plugged in, and it was, but the mouse’s lights weren’t coming on and Synapse didn’t detect anything. I plugged in the wireless receiver and my computer detected that, but it still didn’t affect the mouse itself. I tested the cord...

Someone keeps trying to access my MS account (

Like the title says, I’ve got yesterday an email with a code to access my Microsoft account and that made me suspicious because I wasn’t trying to login to my account. When I looked at the login attempts I saw that someone else was trying to access my account, I changed my password, activated TFA. Thinking of going through...

Under what SPECIFIC feature (in e.g. Firefox and Chrome) is this automatic obfuscation implemented when printing a PDF? And how to remove it from the file? (

I think some banks utilize some feature built in PDF Readers to PREVENT printing of “SENSITIVE” information in a PDF, by blocking parts with black bars....

PCIe slots and compatibility (

I recently bought this motherboard, based on descriptions on and B&H’s website. Both sites claim the board has 5 PCIe x16 slots (2x version 4, and 3x version 3). But I have the board in front of me, and while it certainly has full length slots, most of the pins are missing in all but one of them. Closer...

How does this harddisk work? (

So I opened this harddisk because it was not spinning and it kept on making a click sound. This is an old harddisk , so I understand that the technology has changed. But I can’t seem to find the read head parking area which most tutorials show or explain. So my question is, which is the resting position of this read head? Also...

How to remove "Creative Cloud Files" folder from Windows Explorer (

I had already uninstalled Creative Cloud but its zombie folder was still there. (Win11/64bit/most recent updates.) Looked for hours, tried tons, nothing would work. Maybe for you Adobe’s unPinCCF tool would work, or using regedit to set System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree to 0 would - but not for me....

Android phone receiving SMS late/out of order from iPhones

This started a few days ago. I’ve been getting texts from friends with iPhones in the wrong order, and seemingly they are getting mine late. So I texted a friend whose grandmother was in the hospital yesterday, and her conversation with me looked like this. These texts from her arrived around a minute apart each. I think the...

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