Is it possible to use OpenGL recordings with SimpleScreenRecorder without using Steam?

I like recording my gameplays as a hobby, especially since I watched some youtubers recording theirs. But I have some issues on Lubuntu:

  • OBS is too heavy for my hardware, which is a Mac Mini 2016. Everytime I tried to do some recordings, video appeared heavily stuttered.

  • Ffmpeg is very lightweight, and I was experimenting with it, but for some reason video appears faster and ahead from audio, out of sync.

  • SSR (SimpleScreenRecorder) is the best option for me. But sometimes there are dropped frames. Not too many, although enough to be noticeable at some times.

Now, my issue with SSR is that I want to use the OpenGL option to see how good or bad it is. The problem is that there is no information on internet except for Steam. And when I want to execute the command ssr-glinject [program], a segmentation fault appears.

What can I do?

Pantherina, avatar

Try GPU Screen Recorder, available as flatpak. You need to install it as system app but that is the default anyways. Works really well.

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