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(ULPT) Keeping a KPI bank

If your job has key performance indicators (KPI) but makes you report them (for some reason) always under report a little. Add the extras to the next day (so that no metric goes too stale) and keep any extras for the following. If you ever have a lazy day you still have a few extra things to report to keep your average high and...

ULPT: If you get paid annual leave and you're definitely going to quit your job soon, ask for a large pay rise first. When you quit, your accumulated annual leave will be paid out at the higher rate

I had 6 weeks of annual leave saved up. Im changing to a job that pays significantly more than my current salary. When my boss asked me what it would take to stay, I asked for a salary increase of 35% which he begrudingly gave me. Then I quit. This equated to an entitlement payout of about $10,700 instead of $8000 on my previous...

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