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All the people who are not choosing to chill with a usually calm intelligent mammal because “snakes will get out of your way” apparently don’t know shit about black mambas:

Skittish and often unpredictable, the black mamba is agile and can move quickly. In the wild, black mambas seldom tolerate humans approaching more closely than about 40 metres (130 ft)

When confronted, it is likely to engage in a threat display

During the threat display, any sudden movement by the intruder may provoke the snake into performing a series of rapid strikes, leading to severe envenomation

Give me a big strong dude intelligent enough to leave you alone after you’re demonstrated that you’re not a threat any day!


Almost half as venomous as the Liberal Party politicians, even!


Maybe, but that would work with the Silverback too 🤷

Regardless, 24 hours locked in a bathroom could be its own kind of hell tbh…


As long as you’re careful about displaying submissive body language and not getting too close, the worst thing that could happen is probably that he gets to snack on fruit and ignores you 🤷

Probably have to REALLY know what you’re doing though lol


Try finding a door that can withstand a gorilla tho

The gorilla won’t even care that you’re there as long as you don’t get too close and act too aggressively. It’s definitely not going to hunt you down and break down the door to get to you unless its family is in there too or something like that.

Also, as I pointed out to the other one, being locked in a bathroom for 24 hours is its own kind of hell for some of us.

Besides, one of the snakes might be hiding in that bathroom and you won’t know until it’s too late. Silverback gorillas, on the other hand, are not known for stealth.


What a bizarre stock photo choice too! Someone had a lot of fun with that 😄


Slightly less pithy, though. Let’s compromise and go with “rapist scum”.

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

When no juice hits your eye 'cuz you married a great guy, that’s amore!

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

Ffs! This is the OPPOSITE of what they should be doing!

There’s a lot of illegal immigration because doing it legally can take many years and tens of thousands of dollars. Even if your life is literally in danger in your home country or “safe intermediary” or whatever nonsense the racist Trump administration came up with!

Making it harder to even APPLY for asylum and easy for ICE thugs quickly deport those that don’t live up to the new standards are going to cause two things:

1: A shitload of refugees being killed, persecuted and otherwise abused in their country of origin or elsewhere in the region because they got turned away

2: MORE illegal immigration as doing it legally becomes harder without the conditions people are fleeing from (a huge chunk of which are at the very least indirectly caused by US meddling) being resolved.


Yup. DNC is, as always, laser focused on the tiny sliver of the electorate between the most conservative Democrats and the least conservative Republicans while completely disregarding the tens of millions of ideologically disenfranchised potential voters to the left of them. Same as they’ve done since 1992.

It produces ridiculously narrow (considering that the alternatives are always idiots, obviously corrupt, or both) presidential victories and congressional majorities at the best of times, but this time I’m afraid it’s going to cost them the presidency.

And, despite the propaganda from them and their blindly loyal party soldiers, if that happens, it will be THEIR fault, not the fault of the voters who they simultaneously alienate and take for granted.


I was going to order an “obnoxious complaining about other people having fun wrong” meme, but you just used the last one.


Guac on your mom still costs extra, though.


That’s was such a fo3 copout. The dumbest.


They fixed it in the Tale of Two Wastelands megamod though, amongst many other things.

ToTW with DLC is the only good way to replay 3 and a damn fine way of replaying NV too if you ask me. Even if you don’t!

Edit: oops, seems it was Broken Steel that fixed that part. I stand by the rest, though.


Just dotting the Ts and crossing the Is, but were you being sarcastic?


I know, I was going along with the “asking the obvious” joke lol. It was pretty easy to guess even without the /s, impossible not to for anyone familiar with that lol


He can’t be arsed to care at all, frankly.

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

Doesn’t help your case that you keep (almost) calling the show STD, though 😛


Gives a whole new meaning to "doing the neutron dance "!

FACT SHEET: President Biden Cancels Student Debt for more than 150,000 Student Loan Borrowers Ahead of Schedule | The White House (

Today, President Biden announced the approval of $1.2 billion in student debt cancellation for almost 153,000 borrowers currently enrolled in the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) repayment plan. The Biden-Harris Administration has now approved nearly $138 billion in student debt cancellation for almost 3.9 million borrowers...


Then again, there’s quite a bit of leeway between no interest and several hundred percent in interest and fees over decades.

Ron DeSantis ally Chris Rufo has close ties with ‘dissident right’ magazine (

Chris Rufo, a rightwing culture-war celebrity and close Ron DeSantis ally, has maintained a close relationship with IM-1776, a “dissident right” magazine that regularly showers praise on dictators and authoritarians, puffs racist ideologues, and attacks liberal democracy....


He’s the main guy behind rebranding Critical Race Theory as a vague scary thing children are taught, so it would definitely be in his wheelhouse…


Demagogue politician: “government is shit!”

Idiots vote for him and he proceeds to be awful at the government job he was elected for, mostly on purpose

Demagogue: “See? Government is shit!”

Demagogue gets reelected forever

Aileen Cannon Might Actually Get Herself Kicked Off the Trump Classified Docs Case (

The recent news about possible Russian space nukes reminds us that we live in a very insecure world. That is why perhaps none of Donald Trump’s four criminal cases is more troubling than the federal prosecution brought by special counsel Jack Smith for mishandling classified documents. Unfortunately, the judge handling the...


No nukes, no biohazards, no unleashed dogs.


Nah, I’m pretty sure that biohazards and loose dogs are mandatory there.


The parasite class includes the welfare class

Not all of the poor people are working class

That’s what people who work for the parasite class keep saying to get us to fight each other in stead of them. Don’t fall for their tricks.

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