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Newag accused of deliberate train malfunctions for profit (

A group of hackers has discovered that the rail vehicle manufacturer Newag intentionally caused train malfunctions to secure contracts for their repair. According to Rzeczpospolita, this information comes from a group of hackers known as Dragon Sector, hired by railway companies in Poland and specializing in IT security on an...


Planted inside ALL of the trains?

Dam, they are some pretty epic hackers.


This is 100% about technology, it’s really interesting.


I learn so much from this channel, about things I never even knew I wanted to know about.

Already seen this one, it’s great. Good post for technology community, this vid is packed with history and science.


You could try and

I haven’t done much editing, but they are fairly popular and decent tools. They also come as an AppImage, which means they pretty much ‘just work.’

And gets a mention for transcoding.


I was at Concord Dawn last night…

I’m so fucked. I haven’t stayed up past like, 1am for years. I got home at 4am.

The circadian rhythm part of my brain is so pissed off. I will not achieve anything today.

It's funny how google pretends the music on YouTube isn't straight up piracy and everyone just goes along with it

Most people have extremely weird ideas of what’s considered piracy and what isn’t. Downloading a video game rom is piracy, but if you pay money to some Chinese retailer for an SD card containing the roms, that’s somehow not piracy. Exploiting the free trial on a streaming site by using prepaid visa cards is somehow not...


I was under the assumption that Youtube had to pay artists for their music being on there? Is that not what is happening?

And if not, how has Youtube not been cease and desisted/sued into absolute oblivion?


Live music isn’t what I’m referring to though, it’s the ripped and uploaded albums


So does that mean albums ripped and uploaded to Youtube do result in royalties being paid to the artists?

What about in the case where there are no ads?


5 links later, here are the actual rules (apparently):…/ip_21_1682

And I would just like to say, that the term ‘AI’ is a marketing term; all the generative models are just complex digital Galton Boards. Put thing in, different thing comes out. But if you leave them alone, nothing happens. Is that really intelligence, or is that just data transformation?

I’m far more concerned about the things that do things when you leave them alone… Drones, Boston Robotics, that kind of thing.


Virtual/Simulated Intelligence. That’s a far better term. I’m going to start using that.


Is there some way to mesh this with pixelfed?


I want to back this guy for that reason, but also… steps have regulations for a reason. The spacing, relative height, angles, it’s all exceptionally important.

If anything, this highlights the absurdity that some dude can build this in his free time for next to nothing, while the council takes 20 years and $20k and 20 board meetings.


Godot is definitely a major highlight. I would love to start using it, but I have too many other things to learn first


Unless everyone is a clone, inequality is enevitable and also not intrinsically bad


This is an extremely valid and important question, I am so glad you asked it. Upvoted. Twice.

Tomato soup is definitely the bad one. It sucks in general.

I would also avoid anything with ‘chowder’ in the name. Idk, just never sat right with me.

The broccoli cream soup @lesnout27 mentioned is a definite winner. And any soup that incorporates coconut as a cream or flavour.

Generally I think you would aim for lighter soups, rather than heavy and hearty with tons of solid veges and meat. And it must be compatible with dipping garlic bread.


Woman Enters MRI Machine With a Gun,

(Gets Shot in the Butt)

She been a dumbass since a teen, you know she dat one,

(Face like a mutt)


In that situation, the best thing to do is agree with them and then start telling them about how voting is a way for the goverment to track you and/or … plant … fucking alien brocolli seeds in your brain or something, so never ever vote


We’re lucky she didn’t merge with the gun into a super soldier!


Baregrep is really great for parsing tons of logs

Notepad++ for syntax highlighting, don’t even need to read the words, just look at the patterns of colours to understand the logs

WinMerge for comparing files between folders, I use it often to compare code between deployment versions


It’s personal preference, but basically edge limits that increase over time, like at 15 you’re looking at ±6 months, at 20 it might be + or - 1 or 2 years. At 30 you’re probably at looking at 5 years either side of 30.

Once you hit 500 the attraction window is so large it becomes mostly irrelevant, and you’re judging more on aristocrical lineage and/or aristocrical diet.

It’s only a few more years til 1000 (which usually turns out to be a very dull party with no surprise guests) and by that point you’re lucky to find anyone attractive.

There’s obviously the old ‘hurr durr he’s over 2000 so he must be gay now’ stereotype, but as far as I can tell, attraction isn’t cyclical.

Hope that helps!


Do you want to know how old I am, or which aristocrats I’ve eaten 😘


You might like this one too where I gave an explanation on what happens at parties:

Does `cp -v` print out the file name when it starts copying it or when it's done?

So if I had a cp -v operation fail, is the last file name it printed out the last successful file copy, or is it the failed partially copied file? If you had to ensure all files are copied correctly without overwriting anything, would deleting the last filename that was printed from the destination folder delete the partially...


All hail the rsync!

We thank the rsync for it’s unwavering reliability.



started to feel more confident about spending, it could push up inflation

Wait… I thought it was the opposite?

More spending means more demand means more production, which means costs go down… so inflation goes down?

But saving means less spending, means less income for business, means costs go up due to demand going down so inflation would rise?

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