Minnesota is in the process of proposing a new state flag. Here are some proposals, circulating online. Many feature the North Star, a symbol of the state.

The current flag looks like this, which obviously needs changing: SoB Minnesota flag

There is a commission tasked with proposing a new design. A news article about it is available here: cbsnews.com/…/minnesota-house-bill-moves-forward-…

The top proposal, called “The North Star Flag”, seems to be a popular favorite.

I gathered these proposals from these two sites: newmnflag.org/designsvexillology.fandom.com/wiki/Minnesota


Number 10 is the clear winner here. Who wouldn’t want the pancake loon on their flag?


The fuck are the last two


Current flag is nice. Maybe take the spear out of the guy’s hand, but otherwise why not include images of the native population. Unless those dates have something to do with killing loads of indigenous Americans, in which case…maybe take them off as well.


The current flag is ahhh, pretty bad. Like its just awful looking, and the native american racism too.


Number two or four.

Really disappointed in lack of laser beams coming from the bird eyes.

Stovetop, (edited )

#4 is my choice. Very clean, it’s an easily recognizable design, and it seems more creative than just “Nordic cross with star” or whatever the abominations in the later half are.


Number five gets my vote. The light blue with a nice star and the swirls , it’s the perfect sign for a flag


The pattern is called Selburose and is a traditional pattern used in knitted mittens and sweaters from the area of Selbu located in Norway at the border to Sweden.

I thing #4 is by far the nicest flag


Obviously? Seems fine.

ornery_chemist, (edited )

Personally not a fan of Iceland-with-star, as most Scandihoovians here are of Swedish or Norwegian ancestry (in that order if I remember right, but don’t quote me), not Icelandic. I like the dichromatic Nordic cross better, but I prefer #1, with the non-wavy centered stars close behind. If I had to pick, I think I like center-star-with-green more than center-star-with-snowflake even though the former has too many colors—green = forest = Minnesota.

Edit: I apologize for my colorblind ass


Iceland has a red cross, not a green one, so it isn’t Iceland-with-star.

ornery_chemist, (edited )

I legitimately thought the cross above was red lol. Looking at it now it’s clearly green; my guess is my phone’s blue light filter last night and my colorblindness were factors.


1, 5, 4.

I like Nordic Crosses, and the star’s a good color in a good placement. If you want an snowflake star, 4 is the best version.

But 1 emphasizes the rivers!


Not a Minnesotan, but I like the Nordic crosses. Though I have to wonder why there’s no purple in, like, any of the proposals.


Oh look at the royal snob over here with his “why don’t they use purple” nonsense, like it doesn’t cost a year worth of grain and my eldest daughter’s hand in marriage.

@ManosTheHandsOfFate@lemmy.world avatar

Take it from a Coloradan, get yourself a nice, clean flag design and the merch will sell itself.


I vote for , the 4yr old’s rendition of a Lovecraftian horror.

kapx132, (edited )

Is Minesota trying to become Nordic?

@Jaettehjort@lemmy.world avatar

Minnesota does have an unusually large population with Nordic ancestry. I guess that is the reason for the Nordic cross designs



I cannot see the name Minnesota without hearing the Norwegian family from the start of Deadwood: “We’re going hooome, too Minnesooootaaaahh”


Minnesotan here. #4 from the top has my vote hands down. Nice clean flag, not too complicated.

@kersploosh@sh.itjust.works avatar

Not a Minnesotan but I agree, #4 is the best.


So just the big fancy star? Or the Nordic Cross?

@kersploosh@sh.itjust.works avatar

By #4 I mean the yellow and white star that looks like a quilt block.


Got it! Thanks!


Minnesota native here - definitely agree, that’s a great design. Plenty of potential for it to become an iconic flag.

@FireTower@lemmy.world avatar

Non-minnesotan but I agree on #4 it also allows it to be reproduced on other mediums like buttons and patches easily.


Needs a loon with red stars for eyes

kersploosh, (edited )
@kersploosh@sh.itjust.works avatar
@Jaettehjort@lemmy.world avatar

Here you go!

Laser Minnesota loon


Every other option is now the wrong option.

kersploosh, (edited )
@kersploosh@sh.itjust.works avatar


This comment section has gone full https://lemmy.antemeridiem.xyz/c/vexillologyjerk and I’m loving it.


This has double the lasers, just to stick it to nz who passed up a great deaign

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