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Wire Cutter Bayonet (1910s) (lemmy.world)

During WW1 it became obvious that troops need a relatively compact mean to cut the barbed wire obstacles. Sapper tools were not issued widely and overcoming barbed wires was a disastrous part of any offensive causing numerous casualties. So Russia developed a special wire cutting device which was attached to the “experimental...

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I’ll do you one better, a plausibly intoxicated Ms paint drawing of how it could work.


World’s First Polymer Pistol - TKB-023 (1963) (lemmy.world)

The popular belief is that the first polymer pistol was HK VP-70. It is true and not at the same time. If we are talking about a production model, then yes, HK VP70 is the first one (introduced in 1970). However, if you are asking the first ever made working polymer pistol, then the answer is Russian TKB-023 (ТКБ-023), which...

Actual Propaganda - FEDOR (2017) (lemmy.world)

Seven years ago a video went viral of a prototype Russian robot, the ‘FODOR’, dual weilding Glock pistols. For those of us not paying attention at home this technology is notably absent from the war in Ukraine. This is a subtle nod to the fact that the idea of humanoid robots fighting wars is stupid....

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I’m not sure either but it seems wholesome and it’s related to my earlier post so I updated anyways.


gmr_leon, to games
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Which video games have been trapped on a hardware platform (console/handheld/headset/etc.) that you wish would be ported well?

I was reading about Oculus accounts that haven't been assimilated into Meta accounts being erased, & it got me thinking about games trapped on hardware platforms again. What are some of the games you wish would have good ports across different hardware?


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Infamous Second Son looked like a fun game probably will never play it.

Duel Magazine MP40/I for Tacticool Reloads (1942) (lemmy.world)

This submachine gun has a distinctive enlarged magazine housing that takes two MP-40 magazines and allows switching between those in a matter of pressing a latch in front of the magwell and sliding the two side by side oriented magazines left or right. The idea was to have an ability to faster resume firing when the magazine was...

FireTower, (edited )
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Precision is more so achieved with tight tolerances rather than barrel length. Theoretically you could have a barrel too short to even stabilize a bullet but other than that length isn’t tied to precision.

Perhaps when you include human or ergonomic factors a long barrel could be better utilized for accuracy than a short one. But if you had two otherwise identical rifles held in a vise with different barrel lengths you shouldn’t see any appreciable difference.

Also I don’t think precision was a factor they were concerned with for the purposes of their test.

TLDR: Short barrels being less accurate is a video game balancing thing.

Video on the topic:


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When barrels get worn out they do so at the muzzle and breech ends first. Or if the crown of your barrel was damaged that also could have lead to poor grouping.

If either of those were the case removing some of your barrel should’ve given you better groups. That’s not to say barrel harmonics aren’t real though.

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I would’ve guess you’d charge into the battle aiming, scabbard off, and screaming.

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One day you notice a gray hair, the next you notice a gray jay.

Rain Proof Flintlock (1775) (lemmy.world)

[The] J.G. Dachtine 16 gauge flintlock gun with a simple solution – its entire lock is hidden under a hinged cover. To open the cover for loading the priming charge and cocking the hammer, the shooter must press the button on the right side of the receiver, and then snap the cover closed to waterproof the action....

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I believe there’s a few tricks people use/used to prevent normal flintlocks from having reliability issues in the rain, such as using fabric covers. I think it’s just a lot of work, at this time this is all by hand mind you, that will only be of benefit if it is raining for a design like this.

But this example is clearly something made for someone of means, given the engravings.

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Just now realizing for the first time slrpk.net doesn’t stand for “slurp k . net”

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In the article they mentioned it was meant to be able to be used by para troopers and fit in armored vehicles. Along with plans of replacing their MGs to match the new ammo.

I don’t have a solid date on this but it seems the English language sources suggest shortly before the collapse of the USSR and then it wasn’t looked at again.

The cartridge reminds me of the new 6.8x51 or .277 Fury in concept.

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