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Hot take I get the whole no text on flags thing but the words on CAs flag make it more visually appealing.

Unrelated but I’d be interested in seeing a full rendition of state flags with a unifying design feature like a stripe on the left or bottom side (symbolizing American state hood).

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To each their own. I think the CA flag (and just flags in general) are more appealing and interesting without text, as anything that you can put as overt text can instead be represented with a symbol or image that fits better with the flag's design. But again, that's just me.

I've seen unifying redesigns like that. I recall seeing a couple on Reddit where every flag had a star.

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Should we continue to celebrate an extinct animal on our flag?


Specifically, a hunted by humans into extinction animal?

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Yeah, both for being feared, delicious, and a good source for rendered fat. They were slaughtered in great numbers by missionaries. They were killed for fun in spectacle Bull vs. Bear fights. They were all killed.

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Going along with my Maryland design on my redesigns of The List of Flags that Must Never Be Touched™, here's my take on the California flag! It's mainly just simplifying things, mostly because I prefer this more bare-bones look and dislike text on flags, but also to keep it consistent with my other flag designs. I think just having red on white gives the flag a really satisfying aesthetic compared to the actual flag.


Now I want to see one with a bear bones look

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