Angola, Tuvalu or Papua New Guinea.

ken_cleanairsystems, avatar

I like the flag of Sweden because of its simple design but somewhat unusual color combination.

I can’t think of a national flag I like nearly as much as the flag of the Isle of Man or the city of Zheleznogorsk, though.


Unironically the USA

loputozirak, avatar

scotland flag is really great


Nepal, because of its irregular shape. If we bend the meaning of “national” to include autonomous territories, then Isle of Man.


Probably not that unique, but mine is the Canadian flag. The red and white with the maple leaf is just so pleasant to look at! Also, due to the simple two color design, they have implemented it beautifully in their governmental branding and stuff. Simply gorgeous!

FireTower, avatar

They really did knock it out of the park with that one. Simple, readable, and iconic. It’s got a symbol that can be used to evoke the nation. The color scheme isn’t overused by other flags. 10/10.

HootinNHollerin, avatar

Namibia or Seychelles

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

As you can probably guess from the image I gave this post, my favorite is the flag of Bhutan. The yellow & orange create a distinctive & satisfying background, and the dragon in the center makes for a strong focal point that doesn't clash with the background due to its simple color palette.

A close second would probably be the flag of South Africa. The pattern and colors here are just really nice, dunno what else to say.

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