Windows 10 installer not starting, instead tries to load a non-working installation

I installed Windows 10 on a colleague's PC, but after she accidentally connected the monitor to the motherboard instead of the graphics card, it started missing winload.exe (interrupted some update maybe?). So I bought the USB stick with the Windows installer to work, but now it instead just tries to load the installation...

Windows 12? Microsoft quietly hints at next-gen Windows (

At the Build 2023 developer conference, Microsoft hinted at several thrilling updates for Windows 11. However, one of the most intriguing teasers could be the first to confirm that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new iteration of Windows – potentially Windows 12. During one of the keynotes, the audience’s attention was...

Anything to replicate Opera's Easy Files? It allowed you to upload images, notably anything in your clipboard, easily as shown in the photo attached. I need something like this for windows (or firefox)

I hate having to save shit to my laptop when sites won't let me paste instead of upload. Alternative anything that lets you access clipboard from windows file explorer could work too...

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