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I know some things.

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Reddit fumbing their own policies and implementations? Never happened before.

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I just counted all my upvotes and it matches my rep now.

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I'd say reduce the limit to 600 for verified accounts and unverified to 60 and new accounts to 30.
The world will be a better place.

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Verstappen: What happened mate?
Checo: I didnt see you coming. You got a very good run.
Verstappen: Oh. Ok. Not intentional?
Checo: No.

Checo: Turn 3 tho.
Verstappen: Oh, my mum is calling.

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Example. One of the better subreddits has a "few" rules.

The rules are too long for a post here.... so you get a small image.

Just no. Upvote and downvote is all you need.

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Nobody wants to listen.

When it happens it's basically overnight. Like stretching a rubberband that you pull and pull and think it's fine. Then you pull just a little bit too hard and it snaps. It will be impossible to put it together again.

We are no more than a few years, maybe a decade away from the hottest countries being completely unlivable. We are talking about 2+ Billion people that needs to move in a very short time. It's coming and coming quickly. We're not ready. Billions will die.

"The planet will be fine, it's us humans that are fucked." /Slightly paraphrased George Carlin.

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USA has a political law system. And they accept it. Just as they seem to accept crumbling infrastructure, police violence, over use and drug dependency.

Citizens of the US are being robbed blind, and made docile by fastfood, violence and sex. Divided by fake societal divisions and fear. They can't organize and fight back. The few who try are summarily destroyed.

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Fediverse gives me hope there is still life left in and on the Internet.

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RIF was always a very very good app. Probably the best app I have used on android.

What "third generation" Trek is worth watching?

I started with Star Trek after watching the Star Trek (2009) movie in college. After that I went wild watching everything I could since I was young with loads of time. I watched most of TOS, all of TNS, all of DS9, all of Voyager, all of Enterprise and all of the movies. I then stopped since I didn't have the time and wasn't...

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I pained myself through 2 seasons of Discovery hoping it would become better, but no. Just no. I'd go as far as stating it barely qualifies as Star Trek at all. As a generic TV show it even worse, bland and overall just flat. I didn't care about any of the characters and today I don't even recall 1 single characters name.

Picard is very uneven, but oh boy does it find it's footing. It's worth getting through S1 and S2 to get to the payoff in S3.

Other than those, Lower Desk is Trek through and through and through again. They.Nailed.It.

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Red Dwarf.
It's goofy. It's campy. It's sometimes terrible.
But it grows on you and by the time you are done through season 2 you love the show and only want more. And oh yes there is more, much more.

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The driest places on earth.

  1. Arica, Chile
  2. Al-Kufrah, Libya
  3. This thread
  4. Aswan, Egypt
  5. Luxor, Egypt
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Why would I want pushed content from Meta of all places? I don't want to see that.
And no, we don't need to grow the Fediverse that way. It's better to stay independent and develop organically and become the next big thing, not eaten by some overstuffed corporation not able to innovate.

Learn from history. Don't repeat it!

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You now have a monthly, lifetime subscription to the last thing you bought. Are you satisfied with your purchase?


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Shocking! A Chinese company lying, cheating and abusing users data. Impossible I say.
Oh wait. It's wholly expected.

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Against the rules:I know a few people with very nice cars I can hand cash to and get the car in less than an hour. Million dollars is just the start.

Within the rules: I'd buy crypto.

Homemade Thai Green Curry (more pictures in description.) (

In the fall of 2019 I was in Chippewa Falls, WI with a young coworker. We arrived early for out meeting and decided to get lunch. We found a Thai take-out place that looked busy and went in. We both ordered Pad Thai but I asked if I could have just a little of their green curry to taste. I hadn’t had green curry for years. I...

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Looks amazing!
However, you'll get a lot more flavor out of your spices using a mortar and pestle. Beat those spices and greens into a paste!

Are there any good jobs out there where you can show up, do your work, and then just leave when it's done?

The arbitrary 8.5-9 hour workday drives me nuts, because a lot of the time, I really only have 3 or 4 hours worth of work to do. I generally work quickly and I value my time. Can I make a decent living doing something that gives me this kind of flexibility?

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You'd be surprised how many jobs just requires you to sit in a chair all day looking busy.

I do my dayjob, in an office with the screen not visible to anyone else, and when there is no work to do I go ahead and do some of my independent work. I look busy as heck all 8 workhours. I get no extra reqests to "help out", or last minute critical whatever.
I make 2.5-3x my job salary.

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