OC Does Liquid Hide Glue fill gaps?

I’m repairing a chair and the joints are a bit on the loose side. I was hoping to try Titebond liquid hide glue to put it back together for the long open time and to make future repairs easier. Does anyone know if hide glue fills gaps better than pva? I know epoxy is usually the go-to for gap filling but I’d rather give...

OC What should I use over a water based polyurethane stain to make my project shiny and smooth?

I am working on a project made of African mahogany. It’s a wall mount for our guitars that will stay indoors. I have a water based polyurethane stain. I’m going for a darker stain. I’ve put a layer on my test piece and it’s a nice color and spreads on well but it has no shine. From what I understand, more layers with...

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