Sometimes eggs crack when you boil them due to built up pressure, if you prick the shell first with a small pin prick it relieves the pressure (but the hole isn’t big enough for water to get into the egg).

Teotihuacan ancient culture affected by megathrust earthquakes during the early Epiclassic Period (Mexico) [open access] (

Abstract: Teotihuacan was one of the thriving cultures in the Mesoamerica pre-Hispanic times, located in the Central Valley of Mexico. The city-state was a dominant centre point during the Classic period and its influence affected other contemporaneous cultures. Around the year 550 CE, a continuous decrease in urban population...


it’s basically the “reuse” part of reduce, reuse, recycle.


I never knew I was russian until lemmy informed me that due to the voting math I am. I did get into making kefir during the pandemic, but I’m still working on embracing my newly discovered heritage.

Biden vows G7 response, ‘ironclad’ US support for Israel after Iran attacks (

US President Joe Biden has condemned Iranian attacks on military facilities in Israel, pledging a coordinated Group of Seven (G7) diplomatic response while highlighting the United States’s help in taking down “nearly all” of the attacking drones and missiles....


Related to bargaining, I read the wiki article on Iran’s nuclear program the other day and was surprised at how hard they are trying to do their nuclear program “by the book” while the US keeps blocking everyone else from agreeing that they’re entitled as long as they follow the guidelines (paris agreement etc).


I’m a fan of the concept of foot voting and think the fed should be responsible for ensuring their population is reasonably mobile.

Back when state governments were relatively new there was an interesting push and pull where people would move into and out of governed spaces depending on whether they offered more benefit than they took away. Many state projects had to resort to force (slavery, kidnapping, etc) to keep a population. Obviously there’s no real “outside” of governed spaces anymore, but it’s interesting to contemplate how that choice (or lack of) impacts statecraft and the state/citizen relationship.

Founder effects identify languages of the earliest Americans (open access) (

Abstract: The known languages of the Americas comprise nearly half of the world's language families and a wide range of structural types, a level of diversity that required considerable time to develop. This paper proposes a model of settlement and expansion designed to integrate current linguistic analysis with other...


I’m always impressed with the creative ways scholars who study ancient times synthesize various types of evidence to give us clues into the past


I feel like their decisions will at least be transparent and practical, but we’ll see! Maybe they’ll turn out to have priorities we don’t understand or they won’t be utilitarians at all (I feel like fiction usually imagines them maximizing/minimizing stuff).


I worked at a place (not cars) that offered a rent to own option and I always made sure I explained exactly how much more it would cost to do that option and that they should check with their bank/credit union to see if they could get a better rate. Technically the rental company was a separate company but the two people who ran it sat directly behind me and they never said anything.


Despite the awful tone and clickbait the writer obviously has some idea of why people aren’t stoked. An estimated 60% of millennials and gen z moved home in 2022/2023 according to a Bloomberg poll.

It’s a matter of wages vs costs. Working just doesn’t get you what it did when boomers were young adults. You can’t pay for college by mowing lawns in the summer. You can’t buy a starter home and start a family. Work starts to feel a lot more pointless and is literally less rewarding in a cost/benefit analysis when all it can allow you to do is maintain a shitty holding pattern.

I miss people looking like humans.

Everywhere online now, every movie, every home video, has been passed through so many filters that people don’t look human any more. Nobody has any lines in their face, their teeth are florescent white, their eyes are filled in and have no veins. Nobody ever looks tired, or natural. Add to the mix the fact that everyone is...


It would be interesting to look at generational differences in what people consider a splurge at the grocery store nowadays. Things like chips that didn’t used to be luxury priced cost $5-$6 dollars a bag now. I’ve always considered items more than about $4 (for individual items) to be expensive.

Things that I ate regularly that have drifted into “splurge” territory for me in the last few years:
-Veggie italian sausage
-Naked juice/bolthouse juice
-chocolate chips
-pineapple juice
-potato bread
-salad dressing
-cottage cheese


Oops deleted my reply, I actually feel that ending paragraph is kind of disingenuous, they do a poll asking what categories people plan to splurge on, a lot of people say groceries including gen z, then they throw in a single anecdote about protein shakes from a gen z respondent and then talk about how the liquid death valuation went up which isn’t clearly connected to gen z purchasing habits to me.


Oh good another economist swearing things are good because they’re using 2022 as a reference (@ that dumb thanksgiving anecdote). It baffles me that they’re baffled.


I always imagine it going:

Uni admin: “They’re approving kids for how much?! Well fuck $3000 a semester, let’s triple it!”

And now universities depend on that increased revenue and there’s no simple way to roll it back.


Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of the ‘love conquers all” direction we went with the last one. Hope they fold in some more inspired nineties postmodern sci fi elements/themes


Hundreds of years of infighting


If any of this recognizably lasts 1000 years I’ll have a better opinion of it, ancient egypt is still smirking at us

New evidence for prehistoric ploughing in Europe - Humanities and Social Sciences Communications [Open access] (

Abstract: For the past four decades, the ‘Secondary Products Revolution’ model, i.e., the exploitation of animal resources that do not involve killing the animal, such as the production of milk and wool and the use of animals for physical labour has been the object of heated discussion between Neolithic scholars. According...

Genomic analyses correspond with deep persistence of peoples of Blackfoot Confederacy from glacial times [Open access] (

Abstract: Mutually beneficial partnerships between genomics researchers and North American Indigenous Nations are rare yet becoming more common. Here, we present one such partnership that provides insight into the peopling of the Americas and furnishes another line of evidence that can be used to further treaty and Indigenous...

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