mynamesnotrick, (edited )

Meanwhile in the usa… Our very own real estate fraudster with 91 felony charges is the pick of 50% of the country to be president.

That was bizarre to type. I can’t believe this is reality.


Or the fact the other real estate fraudsters who admitted dont convict Trump of the crime we are also doing!

I can’t say nothing will happen to them as I thought, nothing would happen to Trump and here we are.

I also have a biy more respect for giving someone enough rope to hang themselves. If Trump would of been stopped before his presidency, due to all of the reason any previous candidate would of been disqualified. We wouldn’t be here either.


Or the fact the other real estate fraudsters who admitted dont convict Trump of the crime we are also doing!

I keep reading and rereading this “sentence” and I’ve come up empty. Can you clarify?


Sure! In summary the political process would of discarded Trump as a candidate before reaching office. For reference there was a politician who dropped from running because he had a weirdish yell played across the air.

Then you have Trump in office, having never divested from his companies, from day one Trump was in violation of a crime. Now here is where the rope comes into play. Trump was playing the gambit of not bring charged while in office which allowed him to believe he could keep delaying the clock.

Now due to his corruption, he has taken down the GOP, that party is slowly imploding, judges, politicians he has exposed the entire grossness of the system.

So short rope, no insurrection maybe… Long rope and it leave a wider wake of destruction. RNC downfall, GOP splitting up…


You didn’t even mention the raping

Zehzin, avatar

We’re taking about the rich, it’s implied


Well its a special case because his victim wasn’t underage.


He wasn’t caught for any of those.


'Nam wins again.


Trump has more felony charges than Biden has years of age


~50% of the voters*

PriorityMotif, avatar

30% of eligible voters didn’t vote in 2020 which had the highest turnout since 1900.


Is this what equal opportunity under the law looks like?


Wait, so in other countries… fraud has consequences?

…negative consequences?


I don’t support the death penalty, but I do support harsh punishment for this kind of massive scale fraud.


Completely agree, the death penalty isn’t necessary, but I am glad of the message this sends to some rich folk. Probably mostly Vietnamese ones, but still.


Can we make some kind of fried rice/stir fry with her butt meat


death penality is for weak countries


They do love their state murders in Asia

Zehzin, avatar

Vietnam, still undefeated


The French beg to differ

Zehzin, avatar

France lost to Vietnam though, that’s why there’s still a Vietnam and not L’Indochine Française or whatever they were gonna call it


I don’t know if this is sarcasm or if you consider six decades of being colonies as a win


Does it count as undefeated if they defeated themselves?

Zehzin, avatar

That averages as a tie.


I’m usually not fond of the death penalty, but these are the kind of people it should be reserved for.


Meh, could have just as easily seized her assets and prison forever

RoseTintedGlasses, avatar

iirc the death sentence is just being used as a motivation for her to return all the stuff she got from corruption and if she does it’ll be downgraded to life in prison

yrmyli, avatar

Dead panalty is cheaper option.


More of this.

Fidel_Cashflow, avatar

Finally some good fucking news!

Now if only we could do this to blackrock execs in burgerland

umbrella, avatar

sucks to be a criminal billionaire in a socialist-ish country

Sludgehammer, avatar

The 67-year-old chair of the real estate company Van Thinh Phat was formally charged with fraud amounting to $12.5 billion — nearly 3% of the country’s 2022 GDP.

Wow, when your fraud starts being measured in “percentage of GDP” you know you got too greedy.


According to prosecutors, over a period of three years from February 2019, she ordered her driver to withdraw 108 trillion Vietnamese dong, more than $4bn (£2.3bn) in cash from the bank, and store it in her basement.

That much cash, even if all of it was in Vietnam’s largest denomination banknotes, would weigh two tonnes.

From a BBC article


Dang, that’s a lotta dong.


Ha. Thoroughly nose exhaled. 10/10


That’s what she said


She likes dong even more than OPs mom


Let’s not be ridiculous, OP’s mom can handle a lot more dong.


Great for them! Happy for you Vietnam 🙂


Vietnam continues to win.

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