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Just me, living my life. A round-earther and curious technophile. Sharing a bit of life along the #Minnesota- #NorthDakota border. Amplifying a variety of interesting and passionate people.

#Vikings fan, #skol, #MNUFC, #sunsets, outdoors, #lakelife, #UpNorth #fishing, #iceFishing, #winter, #lakeLife, hobby #hacker, #hamradio, #mnastodon, former #Microsoft, dad to #actuallyautistic adult.


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lolgop, to random
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Furious about the 19th century abortion ban Republicans forced on Arizona.

Here are three things we can do and share with everyone we know:

  1. Join a Vote Surge Sunday to get as many voters as possible ready for November.


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@lolgop i would donate more often to worthy causes like this were it not for privacy vulns like these:

"By donating to PAC for America’s Future, you agree that... your name, mailing address, occupation, and employer may be reported to the Arizona Secretary of State for disclosure to the public."

ElleGray, to random
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this is mars’s moon phobos eclipsing the sun. this is what passes for a total solar eclipse there. second-rate planet. just sad

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@ElleGray Sort of redefines "3rd World".

lapcatsoftware, to random
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Best day of my life

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@lapcatsoftware Not a bad haul.

darren, to random
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One of the best things about going on a long roadtrip is arriving back home after a long roadtrip.

darren, (edited ) to random
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On a windy day in , spinning turbine blades bend in the breeze.

darren, to missouri
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Henbit cloaks a field today north of KC, .

Flipboard, (edited ) to fediverse
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Barack Obama's Threads accounts is now available to follow in the fediverse if your server allows — find it here: @barackobama

#Federation #Fediverse #Threads
#ActivityPub #MastodonMigration #Politics #USPolitics #BarackObama

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Glad to follow on c.im


darren, to random
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from my window last Saturday. Very high winds had kicked up dust, which refracted sunlight in an odd way

Juan_Kinda_Guy, to random
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@Juan_Kinda_Guy Wonderful eclipse shots.

darren, to missouri
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That. Was. Incredible!

darren, to random
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Blue skies in Cape.

bibliosicario, to random
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Sun this morning before being bothered by the moon and getting all eclipsed and shit.

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@bibliosicario Come on. We all know its just a big fly on your lens.

darren, to random
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We made it to Cape Girardeau, MO. Lots of traffic coming in. The skies are clear with thin high altitude clouds. It should be good viewing here if conditions hold.

darren, to stlouis
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While chasing the moon, we were able to enjoy the Henri Matisse exhibit at St Louis Art Museum. I could spend days at SLAM.

Mrfunkedude, to random
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Back in 2017 my girlfriend and I took my daughter and two of my girlfriends god-children with us to Oregon to see the 2017 eclipse.

We spent the night in the field of farm that was renting out spots to view the eclipse.

Here's a video of the eclipse seen through a lens specifically made for eclipse's. You can hear how completely in awe I was of how beautiful it was.

A white halo surrounds a black hole in a black sky.

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@Mrfunkedude We saw the 2017 in Nebraska. This kids were blown away, as was I.
Today we are on a long road trip, in Missouri, hoping for clear skies tomorrow. Wish us luck!

darren, to RSS
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I started heavily using Feeder for feeds a couple of years ago. Prior to that I had used RSS but stopped for some reason. Feeder has become one of the top apps I use on my phone, according to Android. I spend at least an hour a day in Feeder. RSS lets me selectively consume news from sources I choose to follow. Instead of manually traveling to 50 news websites a day, or subjecting myself to Google News, I just check my RSS feeds whenever I want news.
I also follow bloggers whose opinions I care about, but who post infrequently. I don't have to manually go to their website to check on them. When they post, Feeder lets me know

If a site doesn't offer an RSS feed, screw 'em. I just don't follow them.

RSS is empowering. Some feeds suck but those get pruned out, and better feeds take their place.

RSS is such a useful and proven thing. It blows my mind that more people around me simply don't know about it or don't use it.

Be your own algorithm.


darren, to random
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We are making plans to chase the moon, and maybe see some relations along the way.
There's nothing I enjoy more than a road trip.

dansup, to fediverse
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Working on https://pubkit.net so I can use it to test https://loops.video federation

PubKit will make ActivityPub development much easier 😎

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@dansup Looking forward to this! Great URL.

CWSmith, to twitter
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One thing.

While I know a lot of people can't stand even the mention of X/Twitter, I still regularly go there. I am working on projects and such where the current community is based on that site. While I hope to figure out how to get many to migrate away from all centralized servers, not just X, I have to go where to communities and information are.


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@CWSmith I hear you. I use bird.makeup to follow a few X accounts through Mastodon that I dont have to interact with. But I understand X is still important for certain communities.

matthew, to Minnesota
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Happy #Easter and Transgender Day of Visibility from #Minnesota.

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Love the flag.

kcarp, to random
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Random question that just popped into my mind.

How would insurance work if Godzilla actually existed?

Would it just be insanely high premiums in Tokyo making them economically noncompetitive or would it be more of a national flood insurance type of situation?

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@kcarp I think that would be excluded from coverage in an "Act of God(zilla)" clause.

Sharonbw, to random
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After a particularly vexing phone call from one of my sisters, I'm starting a new drinking game: every time her name shows up on my caller ID, I'm pouring a big glass of wine. 🍷

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@Sharonbw Post when she calls so we can all play along!

darren, to Minnesota
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So, came out to the lake after being away for a week and found this squatter sleeping in my living room.
Not sure how to deal with a bat. I'd hate to toss him out in the cold... its only about 2 C.

Any suggestions?

#bats #Minnesota #lakeLife #mnastodon #batstodon

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@jrod3737 Mn DNR does have a lot of info on #bats. Good idea.


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Minn DNR says: "It is unlawful to possess or transport injured wildlife for greater than 24 hours unless permitted to do so."

Got a call back from a pest control guy who will grab it with a glove and kill it for $200. Meh.

Current plan, if rescue folks cant help very soon, is to catch it and release it outside. It will likely die in the cold unless it remembers how to get back in.

My spouse says its not allowed to stay.
I like #bats, so I wish I had better options for it.

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Final update. I took the bat down, placed it in a box. Then a Batworld.org called me back. They have no rescuers near me, but were ready to arrange free transport to the nearest rescuer. We determined together, though, that this bat had died hanging. So no need for transport. An uneventful end to the whole affair, but #TIL about bat rescue.


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