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Logging back into #FFXIV , some people on my friends list I don't recognize, so I guess they're people who have changed their names. Now it's going to be awkward if I see them around because I won't know who they are. x)

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Hi buddies! On April 14th, I am organising a meetup in Materia!

Location: @michcia's Materia house, Ravana Lavender Beds, Ward 16 - 43.

Time: 4PM CEST; other timezones:,2643743,5,308&h=12&date=2024-4-10&sln=16-18&hf=1

Activities: I'm very :sprout: still so I don't know much to do yet! I got some suggestions that we can have some fun in PvP, or we could just chill at a campfire and marvel at how cool DC travel is :)

Let me know if you're planning to come or if anything's unclear!

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This game has a really bad controller UI. I can't get used to it. :drake_dislike:

#FFXIV #Gaming #VideoGames #Xbox

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Everyone’s mad that they released Alpinaud’s outfit and I kind of get it, who’s trying to scope that fit (for 12 real US dollars of money). Release something somebody wears that’s kinda weird, like the Crystal Exarch robes, Emet Selch’s, uh, thing, or Estinein’s pants

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Now that I'm on a new instance, I guess I should do an .

I'm Anna, lesbian extraordinaire. I made a lot of plugins for FFXIV, I made Heliosphere (a website+plugin for FFXIV mods), I've made a pastebin... Just a lot of stuff that's caught my interest.

I use a lot of and . I like to read and on my ereader. I like TTRPGs, video games (), some TV and movies, almost all music, and my girlfriend.

I'm very left-leaning, and I believe everyone should have rights - equitable rights at that. (How is this a lefty thing to say and not just normal, basic compassion?) If you are bigoted in any way, I want nothing to do with you.

I don't know. I think I'm pretty average. If I get safe vibes from you, I'll probably approve your follow request.

TLDR: idk am gorl

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commission done for zahra zaweii

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New instance, new #introduction ! I missed emoji reacts too much to remain on vanilla Mastodon, so here I am giving Glitch a go :blobfoxlaughsweat:

I'm a 30something ace nerd that likes #gaming, #books, and #cats! I have a Siamese kitty named Minnie who frequently appears in my posts and I love her to pieces. :blobfoxcatsnuggle:

I'm a big fan of games in general, including but not limited to #FFXIV, #GenshinImpact, #HonkaiStarRail, farming sims, and others! I have also been known to take up #knitting from time to time, and at my day job I poke at computers and make them do things.

Nice to meet you! Let's be friends :blobfoxheartcute:

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Wisdom of Nym: Taking a look at the Final Fantasy XVI x Final Fantasy XIV crossover

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Final Fantasy XIV’s April 12 live letter promises more Dawntrail patch details

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The Stream Team: Chris is getting his hands on Final Fantasy XIV's greatest rewards ever - join him live at 2p EDT!

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How come in the Dawntrail music video they hand this lil baby child the driest, neatly neatest, artisinally folded taco, like can we get some authentic food to Japan quickly, and in foil please

izumifujihara, to FFXIV avatar

Any other Vtubers or content creators on here play FFXIV? Would any of you be willing to do a collab with a somewhat experienced (somewhat clueless player)?

aetios, to FFXIV avatar

new pld glam is done, i think

ultimaxero, to FFXIV avatar

I have finally finished the mindless grind of getting Clive's gear on all 28 of my characters 🥺It's just so good

It especially slays on male Au Ra, it's totally OOC for Adriano but here he is in his new glam


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My friend Tia Dawn on Bluesky is a master gposer and she inspired me so I made some of my own


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to whom it may concern


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I loved being a sprout 🌱 and was sad when it was violently taken from me

But now that I'm playing with so many actual new player sprouts I can see that it's no longer me 😂🤣

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Did the event despite not knowing anything about 16. I dressed up in my best dark knight outfit to match. Clive didn't impress me with his personality, but the gameplay in the trial was pretty fun! Helps that the dodge timing was pretty forgiving. I don't love the outfit, I'm sure I'll find a use for pieces of it. But the action the dogge mount does is so cute it's all worthwhile!

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Time to dust off the old now that the collaboration has started. I won't miss out on these rewards.

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i set up an Action Layer specifically for the Air Force One GATE at the Gold Saucer, with gyro for mouse aim and R1 set to mouse click because that's way more accurate than aiming with a thumbstick

is it excessive? probably. could I just use my mouse for AF1 instead? yes

totally worth tho

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Final Fantasy XIV players report being banned on Xbox for advertising their free companies (guilds)

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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV isn’t easier, but it also is

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So I knew academically that you could dye weapons but I didn’t like actually TRY it until recently and ???💜💜💜!!! #ffxiv #gaming #videogames #finalfantasy

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