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No Rest for the Wicked, le nouveau jeu de Moon Studios, est désormais disponible en Accès Anticipé.

📢 Sortie EA
🎮 Steam
🌍 @wickedgame

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🔥 Allez, On part défendre son train et on récolte des ressources ! Trackline Express est désormais disponible, et ça semble très chouette et totalement barré !

📢 Sortie
🎮 Steam, Switch
🇨🇭 @FabienWeibel

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🌇 Évoluez à travers les ruines d'une ancienne cité aujourd'hui désertée dans RADIOSOL, un titre atmosphérique et narratif unique.

📢 Annonce
📅 2024
🎮 Steam
🇷🇺 @TripletConcept_

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🍻 Marre de jouer les mercenaires ? Passez derrière le comptoir et endossez le rôle de vos rêves dans Wartales - The Tavern Opens!, un DLC centré sur la gestion d'une taverne !

📢 Sortie
🎮 Steam, GOG
🇫🇷 @shirogames

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What was your first online PvP experience? For me, it was C&C Tiberian Sun, on a 56k modem some time in 1999. After that I had a long gap until Splinter Cell double Agent in 2006!

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This week I have been back screwing around with and it has changed substantially since the last time I spent much time playing it. I talk about some of the various things that I have learned and some of the interesting cultural norms.

Return to Fallout 76

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Si eres fan del ZX Spectrum no puedes perderte Movie, una aventura gráfica que te hará sentir como un director de cine.

Resuelve los misterios, elige los planos y crea tu propia película


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Good morning and happy Thursday to everyone here in the today!

Let's talk about what our days have in store for us today as well as what we all might have planned for the weekend ahead.

It's work stuff as always here, with some database stuff I need to do as well that will take quite a few hours most likely.

Today is also the Early Access release of No Rest For The Wicked so I'm hoping to be able to check that game out.

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Memoriapolis is an incredibly ambitious city builder, and a project I find immensely fascinating. Wishlisted, obviously.

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At night I tried to play with smoke and fire Niagara Fluids in Unreal Engine 5. It became clear that I don't need it yet. So I created a fire the old fashioned way, sprite animation of fire and smoke, sparks and distortion


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New Video just went up. Check it out!

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👊 Ça tabasse sévère dans Moon Samurai, un titre d'action et aventure en pixel-art aux animations ultra-léchées !

📢 Kickstarter
📅 2025
🎮 Steam, Switch, Xbox, PS4/5
🇦🇲 @NunchakuGames

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #videogames

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More catalogued on the site 🎶📚

"Four Ways of Hearing Video Game Music" explores the different ways the same piece of music can be heard:

🎵 Background

🎵 Aesthetic hearing

🎵 Ludic hearing

🎵 Semiotic hearing


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🔓 Plongez dans l'univers post-apo de Rauniot, un Point'n'Click se déroulant dans le nord de la Finlande ...

📢 Sortie
🎮 Steam, GOG
🇫🇮 @ActNormalGames

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🐸 Vous avez probablement déjà croisé sa route ces dernières années, mais voici que SCHiM se dote enfin d'un trailer annonçant sa venue prochaine !

📢 Date de sortie
📅 18 juillet
🎮 Steam, PS4/5, Switch, Xbox
🇳🇱 @Ewoud3D

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #videogames

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If you're looking for a relaxing gardening experience, look no further! We've been checking out Stillalive Games' Garden Life on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

One for those in need of inclusive, chill vibes. And peonies.

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...specific parameters like the life count or the number of coins. The Xploder already has cheat codes for a lot of Game Boy games. The number of codes depends on the game.
For example Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle only has one cheat code for unlimited lifes because the game has no more values to manipulate. 🐰
Games like Super Mario Land have more codes due to the fact that values like the ♥ life, 🟡 coin and ⏳ time count can be manipulated.

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🔫 Un nouveau trailer pour RetroSpace, un Immersiv-Sim où l'on incarnera "Le Concierge™", tout ça enrobé dans une savoureuse ambiance rétro-futuriste !

📢 Trailer
📅 2024
🎮 Steam
🇭🇺 @RetroSpaceGame/@VargaBank

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Little Kitty, Big City – Release Date Reveal

#videoGames #gaming #gamingNews

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Incredible. Why do we even have other video games.

PixelBandits, to VideoGames avatar

OK so it's like 16 years old, but I still say this is one of Bethesda''s greatest little game extras. A fully functional lunchbox!

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While I am personally against the idea of achievements, I recognize that some of you play for that reason primarily, so this might be interesting news for you:

“While playing the game, you can earn PlayStation Trophies just like on PlayStation consoles. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC shares the same Trophy set as the game on PlayStation 5 consoles. In addition, the PC version also has full support for Achievements on Steam and the Epic Games Store.”

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Vigor got a store page

"Outlive the apocalypse! Dive into intense Encounters and extract the most valuable spoils the Outlands have to offer! Loot, shoot, and build to become the absolute Outlander and explore the landscape of a post-war Norway in Vigor."

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