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I had a great Sunday with my friend, Sarah! She came over earlier. We did mini home spa treatments. I did full skincare spoils for her because she doesn't treat herself to spa facial treatments & deserves some pampering. Afterwards, we went to the outdoors expo, at Juan de Fuca Rec.

Just got back home & am relaxing as my (beef stew) finishes simmering. I put it on slow cook before going to expo.

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Tasty - from

We got their 3 packs for $20 expo deal. 2 black pepper & 1 original. To share. Beef jerky is one of my fave snacks. I bring with me on many outdoor adventures.

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The Hawaii , famous for putting out fires with a single flyover, will find its new home at ’s in the fall.

The 60X36-metre Martin Mars will fly down the east coast of the Island before it arrives at the Airport for its final resting place.

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safely is easier in with a new bike repair station, tool loan and cycling programs on tap – and .

The Town of Sidney, in partnership with the , is offering four bike repair kits now available at the Sidney/ branch for up to a week at a time.

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