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My hair ends up dripping wet after every ride. :blobfoxgoogly:

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104 seconds of plank
11 minutes of yoga for runners
30 minutes of HIIT
20 minutes of strength training
23km of (16°C)

Then, a quick shower, and biked to today’s site, spent two hours in a comfortable server room (quite cool to normal types), broke for lunch, then spent two hours pulling fibre outside, couldn't figure out why I was dying, biked home, and saw that there was a Humidex of 38°C.

Oh. No wonder.

Can it be winter now please and thank you?


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I often see abled urbanists leaping on the words of any disabled person who says that they can get along without a car, but not being as eager to boost efforts of disabled people pointing out inaccessible infrastructure that often prevents them from dumping cars.

Don't be that person - be as willing to boost (and work for) calls for accessibility as you are to boost disabled people who happen to cycle.

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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1367

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Bicycling grew more in Chicago than in any other major American city in the last five years

"According to an analysis sponsored by CDOT, bicycling has grown more in Chicago than in any other major American city in the last five years. The study showed a 119% increase in biking between fall 2019 and spring 2023, marking the largest jump among the country’s 10 largest cities."

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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1366

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Last Sunday, I hung out at the Hartwells Locks in . I counted over 100 people with a bike crossing the locks in 20 minutes. That is >300 an hour.

Lots of people with e-bikes now and several people struggling getting the bike on to the locks. This definitely needs improvement.

Lots of older folks, clearly touring for the morning or the day, so happy to see that. Our pathways allow for great routes with little interference from car traffic.

A person in a blue shirt cycling on a bike (that appears a bit too small). Another person is looking away with his arms crossed. An historic lockmaster's house is seen in the background.
Three people are crossing locks at a canal. the old winch system is visible. One person has a a basket on the front and a milk crate at the back. The other two cyclists are walking their bike too, in shirts and T shirts. Lots of green in the background.
Over a dozen people with bicycles are visible in a a setting of trees and locks at the Rideau canal. Several people are waiting to cross, while others just crossed and are regrouping.

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Buying a gravel bike last summer is changing how I ride somewhat. I used to pretty much never do "routes", to go out just purely to ride some particular route through. I've always been an A->B or leisure rider, cruising around town for hours. These days I more and more go out also to do a route I've done many times again, trying to get better results on it.

What next, tight cycling wear and a road bike? :P Is this my midlife crisis?

Broke a record today on a nice route I've rode few times this year, up the hills of Herttoniemi, then through Viikki and Pasila to Hermannin rantatie using the fabulous new cycling "baana's". A new average speed record for 20km of 24.96km/h (beating 24.44km/h over 21.77km to Kontula and back), with a max speed of 44.19km/h (going down along Viikintie).

Hopefully tomorrows service fixes the clicking noise that happens currently a few times per rotation. The last thing that hasn't been checked/changed is the bottom bracket, which will be replaced tomorrow. Embarrassing overtaking other cyclists 😅

#cycling #midlifecrisis?

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Little improvements like this make such a big difference. I think this is my favourite new little link in the Hamilton cycling network. Nothing fancy. Just a short extension to the well-used Cootes Drive multi-use path to get you into downtown Dundas.
#cycling #BikeTooter

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Calbike has another call to action for CA residents (if you aren't a CA resident, please boost it to reach someone who is): @bikenite

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"Study Shows Majority Would Opt for Active Transportation with Dedicated Bike Lanes"

"Notably, 68% of respondents indicated that their frequency of bike trips would increase if dedicated infrastructure were available, while 62% pointed out the lack of safe infrastructure for active transportation in their cities."

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City of Thousand Oaks: Happy National Biking Month

Did you know May is National Bike Month? ✨🚴‍♂️ Celebrate this month by planning a safe bike route with your neighbors to get your children to and from school. Learn more by visiting!

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awesome to see some scientific validation of what you hoped was true

NPR: "Like to bike? Your knees will thank you and you may live longer, too"

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Today's roundup of news from many places from Biking In LA. (Instead of "blind", read "many drivers have extreme cognitive dissonance as to how badly drivers drive"):

#Cycling #BikeTooter

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I'm working on one of my bikes and it seems my spanner wrench is too... Conventional. A 13 is too small and a 14 too big?!

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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1365

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Furious commuters stuck behind benefits claiming grandma as she blocks traffic by cycling at 2.5mph for 5 hours!"

How the Telegrope might report this amazing story. Made my day:

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La route des Rives, au pied des Dents du Midi.

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“I’m wondering if something subliminal has happened after reading Bicycling Monterey. I’ve been riding the Rock Island Greenway Trail for the last week and a half. Just a wonderful and beautiful ride! It’s not Monterey, California, but a real gem for Peoria, Illinois.”—Richard Coers

More comments from bike advocates:

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