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Self proclaimed frog expert

Full time dwarf

italian (ew)

she/they i think maybe dunno not sure im such a mess

i love faking being good at programming

protogen af

call me cute and ill be yours

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dont forget to remove background walls. bombs are very good for this

Voice Ruler (pawb.social)

A screenshot of a tweet from @zumo_zd, which reads “I like it when this happens”. The attached image is a drawn mock-up of an IMDb-style page of “Popular Voice Actor Man, known for Lord Darkness Edgeman from Blood Dying and Screaming”. On his list of roles, this casting is listed, but he is also listed as voicing...

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oh my god they are just little fellas, goofy little goobers, smol little blorbos. i love them

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oh thats soooooo baaaaaaddddd. it would reaaaaaaallllly suck if someone did this to me

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ooohhh nooooo. whatever will i do nowwwww

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